I choose science

At present, an individual’s claim to either of the two sexes – with attendant sex-based rights – is founded on scientific criteria – including, but not limited to, the presence of the Y chromosome. The SNP+SGP/Scottish Government propose to dispense with all scientific criteria and make sex a matter of personal choice.

We know, because the science tells us, that sex cannot possibly be a matter of personal choice – not least because sex is determined prior to development of the capacity to make and express informed choices. The SNP+SGP/Scottish Government proposes to get around the problem of legislating an impossibility by making it illegal to point out or refer to the impossibility.

The ‘reforms’ being proposed by SNP+SGP/Scottish Government will place upon me a legal obligation to accept – or at least refrain from openly denying – that the impossible is possible. The law will prohibit me from referencing the science which indicates beyond even unreasonable doubt that sex is predetermined, and requires that I reference only the law which says that sex is a matter of personal choice.

Effectively, the SNP+SGP/Scottish Government proposes to outlaw my rationality.

In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it. Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality was tacitly denied by their philosophy.

1984, George Orwell.

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four.


Freedom is the freedom to say that there are only two sexes; that they are mutually exclusive and predetermined and cannot be a matter of personal choice.

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24 thoughts on “I choose science

  1. The requirements for the 2004 GRA are not based on chomosomes – it’s based on gender dyspohoria, which is a psycological condition.

    If you choose science, that’s the science.

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    1. When you learn to spell these terms then you can talk to me about science. For the moment, try to get your fat, vacant head around the fact that I wasn’t talking about the 2004 Gra but the ‘reforms’ being proposed by SNP+SGP/Scottish Government.

      And that is it for today. You get to waste no more of my time.

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    2. Lord: self-ID, which this Bill herald, is not – absolutely not – based on body dysphoria because it specifically excludes a medical diagnosis. Even the body dysphoria, if a person claims that, becomes self-ID-ed, so, Peter is right. The science is absent.

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  2. The 2004 GRA is redundant anyway, Peter, despite Lord’s assertions because everything in it has been achieved via other separate legislation, such as same-sex marriage. It needs to be repealed post haste. It is being used as a springboard by Stonewall and all its tentacles, to introduce ever-more wayout concepts of human sexuality, such as ‘queer’. Queer theory specifically precludes any obstacles to any form of human sexuality, even where it involves those unable to give consent – children, underage teens, reluctant women (and men), animals. Right now, all of these categories are the subjects of extreme porn. Once self-ID has been achieved, the laws of consent will be next on the agenda. It is a pity that so many are so resistant to understanding the ‘bad actor’ hypothesis and the mission creep of this malignant ideology.

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  3. Your government has been infiltrated, infected with Marxist ideology. Such a proposal is insane. Chromosomes determine sex not governments.


    1. I’m not a Marxist, although there is much about Marxism to admire, but this is not Marxism per se. It is a form of ‘cultural Marxism’ that does bear much relevance to actual Marxism. That the SNP was infiltrated – in early 2015 – is indisputable, and it was by former Labour far left cultural warriors, albeit many young people, in the SNP, fell for this garbage, too. They are now in positions of authority in the party. The other source of this ideology is the civil service, where several prominent members are cultural warriors, too. They very naturally fell in beside the traditional foot draggers of earlier times and a marriage made in Heaven was formed. It only needed the Greens to bring the wedding cake and join the celebrations. To hell with the electorate who had elected them all, and an even bigger to hell with the membership.


        1. Do you think so? I often find it quite eerily prescient, although I am not and have never been a Marxist. Cultural Marxism, I find, has no such prescience at all and is of the cul-de-sac. The problem with Marxism is that the people who follow it without understanding it limitations, always open the door to the right. It never fails.

          Peter: I think I have left a reply in the wrong blog piece. Apologies.


    2. I choose grammar and proper sentence construction. No-one was claiming that chromosomes choose governments.


      1. I personally like run on sentences that elucidate and are not denied because of sentence construction.


  4. I’m always amazed how people with no background in science are so vociferous in citing it to justify their unscientific views. Here is a selection of actual science that counters these opinions masquerading as “science”.

    “Girls born with XY chromosomes are genetically boys but for a variety of reasons – mutations in genes that determine sexual development – the male characteristics are never expressed. They live their lives as girls and then women, and a few can even give birth. Our research, which is the first nationwide survey in the world, shows that this group is up to 50% larger than previously assumed. How these girls discover the facts and talk openly about their situation also varies greatly,” explains Claus Højbjerg Gravholt, who led the study and is Clinical Professor in the Department of Clinical Medicine of Aarhus University”.

    Then there’s XXY (Klinefelters) who develop both male and female secondary sexual characteristics.

    “Common physical features may include tall stature, reduced muscle tone, small testes (hypogonadism), delayed pubertal development and lack of secondary male sex characteristics such as decreased facial and body hair. Increased breast growth (gynecomastia) may occur later in puberty without appropriate biological care”.

    And then;
    “Intersex is a general term used for a variety of situations in which a person is born with reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t fit the boxes of “female” or “male.” Sometimes doctors do surgeries on intersex babies and children to make their bodies fit binary ideas of “male” or “female”. Doctors always assign intersex babies a legal sex (male or female, in most states), but, just like with non-intersex people, that doesn’t mean that’s the gender identity they’ll grow up to have”.

    This is just a small selection from a great mass of real science disproving the “opinions” being espoused by the opponents of the GRA. But hey, what do scientists know about science? Who are they to gainsay the ignorance, prejudice and fearmongering of the politically motivated on the blogosphere.

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    1. You would do well, were you intellectually capable, to put a little effort into understanding the concerns being expressed by others. It is clear from the material you copy and paste that you comprehend nothing of those concerns.

      I now return to ignoring your trolling pish.

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  5. Back in the day, when I hung on every word of the blether from Bath, I tended towards the arguments you espouse on this subject. However, a letter from an heterosexual male pensioner in the National made me question it. I looked into it and leaned on my over 40 years of college and working in laboratories to see what the real picture was.

    It soon became clear the anti-GRA “scientific” arguments were, at best, pseudoscience, at worst, malicious. Similarly the fears over women’s safety were “truthy” rather than fact. That is, scare mongering. As to feelings of “manliness” or “womanliness” being somehow diminished, that is just ephemeral insecurity. How someone you don’t know (from a tiny minority) identifying as a particular sex/gender (essentially semantics given the science) you disagree with becomes a personal tragedy is baffling. It would vanish within weeks, if not days, of the GRA coming into force as it became clear it was not impacting on them at all. And as to you being jailed for espousing a belief …. utter, as you say, pish. You would only run the risk of prosecution if you harrassed an individual or made them fear for their safety. You’re just scaremongering again.

    What we have here is science and fact butting up against pseudoscience and ignorance from the anti-transgender rights lobby. It’s hard to break down the Alf Garnett “stands to reason dunnit”/Trumpian “its true, everyone says so” mind-set. Especially when it is politically motivated. But I chose science and fact over prejudice, fear and insecurity.

    I’ll vacate your blog for the time being now, leaving you to foam and splutter as is your want. Just another blogger, determined to hunker down in their own echo chamber.

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    1. All those accounts – verifiable from court records – of trans identified males sexually assaulting women and children in public loos (and other public spaces, taking away female prizes and sports scholarships, etc.) are all ‘truthy’. If only they were, Bungo. Unfortunately, they are very true.


  6. Have come across him before, Peter. He oozes loathing of females, is a follower of Nietzsche and believes that females and trans identified men should battle it out for supremacy and the rest should stand back and enjoy the spectacle. He would argue that black is white, and, if you agree with him, it becomes grey, then any colour he chooses. He always lets you know how smart a cookie he is, too, which, of course, means that he has doubts. I may be wrong, but I rather think he has a trans identified person in his family, so some of that is understandable, I suppose. Entirely wrong, but understandable. I also think that this must be the first time in the history of the human race that, because your child tells you he or she is something that he or she patently is not, you have to rush to validate his or her over-indulged stupidity.

    Gender dysphoria is extremely rare, and most of the male trans lobby is driven by sexual desires rather than anything else. A young science post graduate was recently dismissed from his post for stating that, in all the work he had done for his PhD, he could find no evidence of any activity in either the bodies or brains of trans identified people to suggest that they were anything other than the sex they were born, despite repeated experiments and examinations. MBP is on about intersex people, who are not trans, and who are a special category. All examinations of self-declared trans people have shown no abnormalities as he claims. Men who would pass for beauty queens are, generally speaking, homosexual trans identified males or heterosexual trans identified males who have extensive plastic surgery on their coupons and other bits. He also claimed that all life is male and develops into female later, but all life is initially female before it starts on its journey to male or female in the early stages of foetal development.

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    1. I would dispute the gender dysphoria is rare. I think it is part of the confusion of puberty. What is rare is for the ‘normal’ dysphoria to be such as to require intervention.

      The story of halitosis is illuminating. There is no such medical condition. It was invented by Listerene’s marketing team. Despite the fact that it was a non-existent thing, within a very short time millions of people were suffering from halitosis and seeing a Listerene-based intervention.

      The point is that nothing does more to promote the increased incidence of a condition than giving it a name. I might also cite the concept of ‘political correctness’. It refers to the commonplace tension between progressive and reactionary forces in society. But as soon as it was given a name it became a phenomenon in its own right. One aspect of a complex social process was isolated, abstracted and criticised as if it was a major defining characteristic.

      Something similar may be happening with gender dysphoria.


      1. Peter: both body and gender dysphoria are rare in the general population, but I take your point that either is far from rare in teenagers. Indeed, it does appear to be part and parcel of growing up. However, the Swedes have done long and intensive studies, and they have recently banned hormone blockers and surgery for under 18s because their studies have shown that most teens grow out of their body/gender dysphoria if left alone, given support. Some will go on to become homosexual/lesbian, a few will transition, and most will grow up to become heterosexual adults.


    2. Sorry, despite my previous statement, I have to reply to this utter shit.

      “follower of Nietzsche”; “oozes loathing of women”; “believes that females and trans identified men should battle it out for supremacy”; “has a trans identified person in his family”; “claimed that all life is male and develops into female later”. All utterly baseless, ad hominem bullshit.

      Is this what the “allegedly” pro-indy blogosphere has descended to? Where anyone that has the temerity to disagree with you just gets lies made up about them? The more damning the better. If anything, it says more about your own mind-sets than mine.

      For the record, I’ve never read a word of Nietzsche, do not loathe women, do not believe women and trans men should “battle it out for supremacy” (I mean …. really????), do not have a trans person in my family and have known human foetus’s start off female since I learned it at school.

      I could give lorncal the benefit off the doubt and assume they have mixed me up with someone else, but I fear it is just sheer malice on their part. So I’ll now leave you to your rather fetid echo chamber having been reminded why I left it to fester to itself months ago.

      PS I mentioned my background in science (over 40 years in Biology) to show I wasn’t ignorant of the subject. As I said before, I chose real science over the Alf Garnett (sic) “stands to reason dunnit” school of pseudoscience.


  7. Very predictable, but unamusing.

    As scot blogoids seem to be very interested in it, and haven’t red it, but are very against it (thats both reactionary, and ignorant), here’s the GRA, if you can be bothered:


    Here’s the but that’s partanant Peter’s chromosome pedantry:


    2004 was 18 years ago btw.

    btw, if you really are concerned about getting raped in public loos (??? wtf), you better think about banning homos, because there is a whole load more of them than trannies. Bull dykes like that Cherry MP might batter in your cubicle door! Eeek!!!!!!! No doubt she even has female chromosomes!!!!!


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