Vote with your windows!

Today is the day the Saltire Strikes Back! In order to counter Boris Johnson’s declared intention that as the world’s eyes turn to Scotland for COP26 they should see only Union flags, White Rose Rising is today asking everyone who calls Scotland home to put a Saltire in their window. Let the world see Scotland as a proud, assertive nation not content to be the annexed territory of England-as-Britain. Let the world glimpse the Scotland we aspire to rather than the Scotland that has been made less than it might be by three centuries of anti-democratic political union with England.

The Saltire Strikes Back campaign was conceived as an action which could gain mass participation and be highly visible. Unlike marches and rallies it requires negligible investment of effort, time or money. All we ask it that from the start of COP26 on Sunday 31 October and at least for its duration every independence supporter publicly display a Saltire. Boris Johnson has stated that he wants COP26 branded with the emblem of British nationalism – the Union flag. The Saltire Strikes Back aims to thwart that effort by flooding the nation with Saltires.

The Saltire Strikes Back is also a revolt against the ‘unionjackery’ in supermarkets with goods being plastered with Union flags. It is also a revolt against Britification in general – attempts to eradicate Scotland’s distinctive political culture as for example in the recent listing of the Scottish Parliament under section 129 of the British Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (SOCP 2005 s129).

Everybody can participate. White Rose Rising recognises no factions and acknowledges no tribes. To be part of The Saltire Strikes Back action is to proclaim support for nothing other than Scotland’s cause – the end of the Union and restoration of independence.

It is hoped that this action will bring the Yes movement together in a show of strength which will give politicians pause for thought.

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13 thoughts on “Vote with your windows!

  1. ‘Saltiry’ is the word.

    I’m seriously obsessed about Bavarian cheese packaging featuring a German flag rather than a Bavarian flag. Honest…


    1. Bavaria doesn’t seek to be anything other than part of the Germanic federation!
      A distinct part, true.
      Tho, there has been some who would want it to become Independent, as it was from Naploen’s time to the late 19th Century. But is still mainly German.

      Scotland is a totally different country from England.
      We are s’possed to be part of a shared, and “Equal” Union with England, but actually, we are treated with utter disdain by England, as shown by Brexit.
      And we seek to be our own country once again.
      Comparisons with anywhere in Germany, (or Spain for that matter), or any other place, is meaningless!

      As for Bavarian flags, they are very, very prominent on one of Germany’s most famous car makers. That little logo you see on the BMW, is basically, the Bavarian flag!


  2. Have put a large Saltire on one of my windows!
    In the Glasgow Cross, area, there has been quite a few large Saltires displayed for a good few years, now.
    I hope many more, appear in this area.

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  3. This all smacks of the ineffectual tokenism that the opponents of the SNP in Indy ranks accuse the party of when they make statements in Westminster and Holyrood that are broadcast nationwide, and publish documents that are seen by millions.

    While laudable, and worth doing generally rather than just during COP26, a few saltires in a few windows (as, lets face it, very few people in pertinent areas will participate) for a few foreign dignitaries to perhaps see is unlikely to advance the cause of independence very far when looked at in the context of the big picture. Or is it just when the SNP are involved that it becomes tokenism?

    Bash on though. Every little helps, as they say.


    1. It is not about “bashing SNP”, but simply making a statement about our country’s identity.
      We are all very aware that a flag on a window will not by itself get us Independence.
      Yeah, it might well be a bit of “tokenism”, but the difference between ordinary folks doing their own wee bit of “tokenism” and the likes of the MPs in House of Commons, and MSPs at Edinburgh, is they have the powers to do something, and have chosen not to use it.
      We are trying to at least encourage them to use the power they have, for to date, they haven’t done very much with their positions, either at Westminster, or at Edinburgh.

      As for being critical of SNP, you will have noticed, that Peter is also just as critical of ALBA, when he wants to be.
      We might not always agree with his viewpoints at times, but he doesn’t be critical of either SNP or ALBA for the mere sake of it.
      But being critical of either, is not being against either, but as noted, trying to encourage them to further the cause of Independence, and with SNP, we recognize, they are essential to that cause.
      For whether we like it or not, that is the present political reality.


      1. Oh I’m well aware Peter is as critical of Alba as he is of the SNP. Peter is critical of just about everybody. That’s a given 🙂 .

        But you state SNP parliamentarians “have the powers to do something, and have chosen not to use it” and that “we are trying to at least encourage them to use the power they have, for to date, they haven’t done very much with their positions, either at Westminster, or at Edinburgh”. What powers?

        As I’ve said more often than I should have to, the SNP have to ensure any move towards Indy succeeds. Failure is not an option. I’ve not heard any guaranteed, cast iron mechanisms for achieving it from the SNP’s critics. Just mechanisms that choose to ignore possible legal and constitutional obstacles. Such obstacles do nor preclude ultimate victory, but they do make it more unlikely.

        I would really like to know what it is you think they should be doing with the powers you believe they have. One recent criticism was that it was appalling the SNP Westminster group did not meet weekly to “discuss independence”, as if it was some sort of interest club, like train spotters or birdwatchers. Again, just tokenism, but still used as a club to beat the SNP with.


        1. You’ve not heard any guaranteed, cast iron mechanisms for achieving it from the SNP. The appropriate mechanism has been set out repeatedly by myself and others over a period of several years. The colonised mind cannot comprehend any mechanism that isn’t approved by the British state. The problem is that the British state will never approve any mechanism that might work.

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  4. Fair enough Peter, but your preferred mechanism still requires people to vote for Indy, and that was pretty unlikely prior to 2020.


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