Do you recognise the above image? Do you remember it? It’s the original Yes logo before the SNP bastardised it and burdened it with ideological baggage only tangentially and tenuously related to the central constitutional issue. Have you ever really looked at it? Have you thought about what it means? Have you considered what it symbolises? Had you noticed that the letters are connected? Do you see the significance of that?

Think about it.

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6 thoughts on “Yes

  1. Still have my badges and other merch. I don’t want to use the SNP-endorsed logo in case it turns out it belongs to them and not to the Yes movement.


  2. Still have my YES posters on all my windows
    They stay there ’till we are Independent..
    Might keep there, even then!
    I’ve seen YES posters on other windows in Glasgow, and a number Saltires, too.

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