Union no more!

Transcript of speech at Union No More demonstration outside Scottish Parliament 31 August 2021.

This demonstration is in many ways a first.

It is – or it is intended to be – the first such gathering which is entirely focused on the constitutional issue.

It is meant to be free of policy agendas, ideologies, partisan loyalties, personal grievances and piggy-backing causes the better to concentrate the minds of our elected representatives on the urgent need for action to rescue Scotland from the scourge of British Nationalism.

It is the first such event which targets its message at the Scottish Government rather than the British political elite. Why talk to Boris Johnson? Why make demands of Westminster? They can’t do what’s required even if they were willing. Suppose they did grant Britannia’s gracious consent for a referendum, does anybody seriously believe they would cooperate with a free and fair exercise of our right of self-determination?

No! If Scotland’s independence is to be restored this will be by the actions of Scotland’s Government working through Scotland’s Parliament to facilitate the right of Scotland’s people to determine Scotland’s constitutional status and Scotland’s preferred form of government.

It is the first demonstration in support of a demand that the SNP/Scottish Government, even at this late hour, rethink its entire approach to the constitutional issue. We are not merely demanding a referendum at an early date we are insisting that it must be the right referendum. A plebiscite that is free, fair and impeccably democratic. A referendum which is entirely made and managed in Scotland. A referendum which produces a clear decision and not merely a result which can be interpreted by the British state in whatever way suits its purposes.

It is a first too in the sense that we are not asking, we’re telling. We’re not politely listening to the soothing reassurances and jam-tomorrow promises and ‘never closer’ nonsense of our own political elite. It is our turn to speak!

We are not writing any blank cheques for the SNP/Scottish Government in the way that the No vote in 2014 gave the British political elite licence to do with Scotland as it pleased.

We are not gathering in numbers which Nicola Sturgeon can then claim as support for whatever she chooses to do. We are gathering only in support of Scotland’s cause. The cause of ending the Union and restoring Scotland’s independence. Nothing else!

Ours is the voice of dissent. It is the voice which says we are not content.

We are not content to accept excuses for inaction!

We are not content to accept delay which leaves Scotland exposed to the predations of an alien political culture!

We are not content that the sovereignty of Scotland’s people be compromised by being traded for the lying promises of the British political elite!

We are not content that Scotland’s Parliament remain subordinate to the parliament of England-as-Britain!

We are not content that the Scottish Government continue to accept and legitimise the superiority of a parliament with no democratic legitimacy over the Parliament that is actually elected by the people of Scotland!

We are not content with the Union!

Ours is the voice of dissent.

Let’s see if we can make that voice heard in a way the SNP/Scottish Government cannot ignore as it has for seven long wearying years!

Let’s see if we can be the game-changer!

Let’s see if we can set Scotland on a new course! A course that will take us to the dissolution of the Union and restoration of Scotland’s independence!

The White Rose is Rising!

#UnionNoMore #WhiteRoseRising

11 thoughts on “Union no more!

  1. It was a pleasure to be part of the gathering at Holyrood yesterday. Seven years is overlong to wait for action from the governing party in Edinburgh. i will not attempt to comment on your speech other than to endorse it fully; and now will promote the movement to Dissolution of the Union. I know you will be considering next actions and Holyrood must be made aware that this was not a one of event.
    The cooperation with NowScotland and fellow speakers assisted greatly in my opinion, and that of my fellow members of Pensioners For Independence Edinburgh and Lothian. #UNIONNOMORE.

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    1. I think the best word to describe yesterday’s gathering is ‘heartening’. It certainly lifted my spirits in a way that cannot be entirely attributed to it being an opportunity to meet old friends and fellow fechters for Scotland’s cause. There was something in the air, Daniel. A glimpse, perhaps, of the old spirit of the Yes movement. Time has not been kind to that spirit. But it still glints there amidst the dross of factionalism and tribalism.

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      1. Was unable to attend yesterday.
        But is this idea going to be repeated either on a weekly, or monthly basis, outside the Parliament?

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  2. The right kind of referendum, that’s the crux of the matter . Let’s hope there are enough SNP members with the ambition to move the party in the direction of such a plebiscite . With the defection of so many activists to Alba , change of direction doesn’t seem a likely prospect . The SNP seems bound in the iron grip of a cult of the leader . May the scent of that small white rose permeate the air of Holyrood and enter the nostrils of our politicians .

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  3. Thank you. I saw some footage – it looked like fun. And there is a report in the patriotic rag this morning.

    When searching through which of my representatives I should write to about this, I discovered that because I live in NE Fife, only one independence supporting MSP represents me. So Mike Ruskell got the following:

    “Dear Mark Ruskell,

    “You may have noticed today on your way into the new session of Parliament, a demonstration outside in support of White Rose Rising.

    “White Rose Rising is a nonpartisan campaign to persuade members of the Scottish Parliament to hold a referendum on the constitutional issue, and to press upon them the urgency of doing so.

    “It would be sheer folly however to repeat the same process as was agreed upon by Mr Salmond and Mr Cameron for the 2014 referendum. The question on the ballot should thus not be the same as the question on the ballot in 2014, but should be something like:

    “Do you want to dissolve the Union?

    “This question forces those in support of the Union to put forward a positive case, while it assumes that the default condition of nationhood is independence.

    “A positive answer to the question would then require the Scottish Parliament to initiate the process of restoring Scotland’s sovereignty and to enter immediately into negotiations with Westminster.

    “I urge you to find out more about this position and to give it serious consideration”

    I have not received a reply and do not really expect one.

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  4. Well done on inspiring so many Yessers to get gather at our Parliament yesterday!
    Sorry I shook your hand rather than bump elbows – it’s been a while since I’ve been out.
    In fact, that is the largest gathering I’ve been at since Covid started!
    It was heartening to see so many indy supporters. I think it shows the appetite is still there, despite the attempts of the political class to dampen our enthusiasm.

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