Move along! Nothing to see here!

Nicola Sturgeon has been exonerated. She has been absolved of any wrongdoing. She has been exculpated. She has been vindicated. She has been cleared of having breached the Ministerial Code. She has been acquitted. Allegations that Nicola Sturgeon behaved improperly have been declared to be unfounded.

Nicola Sturgeon is innocent.

So is Alex Salmond.

15 thoughts on “Move along! Nothing to see here!

  1. Hahaha, yip, and we all know how innocent Nicola thinks Alex is because she stills says he is guilty, quite often, on national TV even. I expect it’s one rule for him and another for her. The difference being of course that all the evidence in his case was heard by 12 totally independent people who decided he was not guilty. In Nicola’s case, oh yeah, not so independent people and lots of redactions and withheld information, all totally equal.

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  2. “Just because Alex Salmond was found innocent doesn’t mean he didn’t do it”
    Bet you now regret saying that Nocola because we will remember your words.

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