Thanks and sorry

Time once again to say a thank you to all who have been so generous as to donate to the upkeep of this site. It really is appreciated. Just as shares are. It’s all very gratifying and very encouraging. We need to support independent media in all the ways we can.

The apology goes to anybody who is waiting for a response from me either to a comment posted here or communication by some other means. Yesterday’s article provoked a surprising amount of interest and a flurry of messages. I’ll try to respond to all of them. But if it takes a while or if I miss something then I can only say sorry.

Peter A Bell

If you would like to support this site then the best way to do so is by sharing as widely as possible any articles that you find interesting, informative, thought-provoking or especially irritating. Having said that, a wee bit help with the running costs disnae go amiss.

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2 thoughts on “Thanks and sorry

  1. Re Dave Thomson the Deputy interim leader of AFI do you not find it puzzling that Tommy Sheridan’s ( solidarity ) has not thrown its hat into the ring . I suspect AFI is a front for Solidarity & Tommy’s waiting in the wings


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