No heroes

You could have been my hero.
You could have been everything,
Instead of nothing at all.

11 thoughts on “No heroes

  1. The leader of Scotland says today to the EU ” well be back soon” when and how no one knows including Nicola Sturgeon, the woman who cried wolf to many times and to be honest I wouldn’t trust her with the keys to my home never mind my country. Scotland is the only nation within the whole of the UK state not to have got a single thing from voting No to brexit, every other country has gotten something out of Brexit even Gibraltar with an area of 6.7 km² and a population of 32,000 but I’m sorry the idea of Nicola Sturgeon for another 5yrs in may fills me with complete fear for my country. I’m sorry but I just don’t fell like saying happy new year because what is there to be happy about.

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    1. And so you have nothing positive to add to the Indy cause. So what good are you? All these kind of comments do is undermine the cause and “give succour” to its enemies. The day your contributions start helping the cause you claim to oppose while hindering the cause you claim to believe in, is the day you should stop “contributing”. Not so much “Wheesht for Indy” as ” Shut the f*ck up for Indy”.

      Happy New Year.


      1. I would argue that it is the Malcontents that have more in common with the nutters outside the hospital. They are both minorities who believe in conspiracy theories and make life unnecessarily difficult for those with the responsibility of delivering a desired outcome.

        The Malcontents are undermining the cause of independence just as the pandemic-deniers are undermining the NHS’ s attempts to defeat the virus. Every Malcontent is a like a “carrier” with the potential of “infecting” others with their soul destroying negativity. It’s time for them to “self-isolate” before they lay the entire Indy movement low.


      2. I can understand your frustration and want to lash out, but 6yrs of Sturgeon has told us one thing she no leader and she taken us all for granted and when it dawns on you, some how I think it never will, you’ll be one disappointed bunny. And to be honest Scotland is still in this union because of people like you are blinded to the fact that Sturgeon has stated more than once Scotland needs a legal route to Independence and she will not budge on a section 30 order then contradicts that statement with her government blocking Martin Keatings court case to seek if the SG needs consent from the UK.


      3. All empty rhetoric, 100%Yes, that neither rings true nor advances the cause of independence. You provide no facts to back up your assertions. Just the usual Malcontent witterings about opportunities that never existed in the real world, and the denial of the evidence of poll after poll showing Indy, the SNP and Sturgeon at record levels of popularity. Malcontents effectively hope their assertions of unpopularity will be self fulfilling prophecies; that by merely filling the blogosphere with their bile will destroy Sturgeon; even if it destroys any chance of their alleged goal of independence with her. For them, independence is of secondary importance …. if it is a goal at all. After all, their message can only undermine the cause. It cannot ever aid it.


  2. Dear Pony. All you’re doing is exactly what you’re accusing others of. Filling the air with malcontent witterings, hoping that the bile you’re spreading will mysteriously encourage others to vote for a proposition that you can only support by condemning those who have lost patience with the inaction of the SNP leadership and this ludicrous notion that the UK government can be shamed into granting an S30.. You are right when you say the polls are moving in the right direction, though I wonder how much Brexit and Johnson’s pathetic attempts to control Covid have contributed to that. It would be great if we could all move forward together, but for that to happen, we need to start moving. Set a date, define the May election as a plebiscite, give folk something to aim at. That will change the mood. Rhetoric won’t.

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    1. That post made no sense Weegie. It is the post of someone lost in the Malcontent echo chamber, enthralled to its High Priest and blind to the damage it is causing.

      If you took a step back from your position, had a wee think to yourself, and pondered “if I was a unionist and wanted to undermine Indy/SNP/Sturgeon, what would the best way to go be”, creating the Malcontent phenomenon would be the ideal answer. It’s existence is pure gold to them.

      If all you can do is criticise, whine and tell tales of gloom and doom, you are no use to the cause of independence. You are a threat to it, and a boon to its enemies.


      1. I’ve never understood your antipathy towards me Peter. Especially as I’ve pretty much nailed my colours to the same mast as you concerning the way forward. That is, an SNP majority at Holyrood followed within a few months by an Indyref. My only use for an S30 is as a last chance for the UK govt to get on board with it, with the referendum happening whether they say yay or nay.

        If I thought the Malcontents were offering me independence in my lifetime I would not have a problem with them. But they are not. All they are offering me is Sturgeon’s head on a plate which, at this stage, would destroy any chance of independence for decades to come. Were they to get their dream-come-true before May, SNP support would crumble and there would be a Unionist majority at Holyrood which, coupled with the “power grab” and the UK Deathstars in Edinburgh and Glasgow, could quite possibly kill independence for ever.

        Given the choice between trusting the SNP to deliver independence after gaining a majority at Holyrood (with most Scots supporting Indy for the first time ever) and the Malcontents suicidal campaign to “Get Sturgeon” no matter the blow to any chance of Indy it would be, I’ll take the former every time. You seem to believe that is delusion and fantasy. To me it is the only logical course. It is the only course that will, at worst, keep Indy on the agenda if not absolutely guarantee to deliver it.


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