A seasonal wish

To all of my friends,
In real life and here,
A seasonal wish,
That is quite sincere.
It's the day before Christmas,
And my heartfelt wish,
Is that your Christmas day,
Isn't totally pish.

7 thoughts on “A seasonal wish

  1. What is the definition of ‘pish’ though Peter.
    If my day is pish, but not pishier than someone elses pish day, does that mean their day isn’t pish and my pish day is the pishiest, or is that a load of pish?
    Anyway, merry not too pishy day to you.
    May yours flow clear, and not cloudy in 2021.

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  2. Same to you Mr P.A.Bell , may the festive season treat you well . Hard to imagine you EVER having a Silent Night . Here’s hoping 2012 is considerably less shite .

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