Yellow bricks

Independence is not “clearly in sight”. If it was, people such as myself would have no complaints. It is precisely because there is neither a plan for nor prospect of any meaningful action to restore Scotland’s independence that increasing numbers of SNP members and other Yes activists are growing more and more restive by the hour.

Finely polished sound-bites and well-worn platitudes won’t cut it with the politically aware Yes movement. If Nicola Sturgeon wants to persuade anybody other than her unquestioningly devoted acolytes then she will have to explain what it is that she intends to actually do about restoring Scotland’s independence. She will have to give us some reason to believe that she is prepared do do whatever is necessary. She must convince us that she has a grasp of the practicalities as well as the principle.

It is no longer enough for Nicola Sturgeon to point to the gleaming prize atop a distant hill. We need to see the path that will take us there. We have supplied her with the yellow bricks. Now we need to know whether she intends to build a road or a wall.

6 thoughts on “Yellow bricks

  1. Independence is in sight …I just wasn’t expecting a goal line clearance from OUR team captain

    Conference slogan: HOPE

    As in ‘Hope the British change their spots, play nicely and agree to a vote that would probably end their hegemony’.

    Centuries of history would make this seem very unlikely

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  2. Begs the question,. is there anyone in a position of political power in the SNP who does want Independence ?
    Certainly not the FM, Pete Wishart, Blackford or Swinney, so where are the true independence supporters? (apart from those knocking on doors and leafletting).

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    1. Nicola has supported an independent Scotland for ever when she was a young woman she will never change on that score.please get the facts right.

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  3. Totally underwhelmed by the conference , why were so many of the features of Hopin disabled ? The Hopin platform offers a full range of buttons including remit back and abstain but apparently delegates could only be trusted with Hobson’ s Choic, for or against . There is a chasm opening up between professional politicians/ acolytes and delegates . Now the policy making function of conference is to be insourced to that unknown quantity , a citizen’s assembly to be processed into that which the professional cadre deems appropriate . Democracy Is being being neutred for fear of revealing the hidden hand of plans held only by the top players . For the rest of us , the instruction is keep the faith and haud yer wheesht.

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