Douglas Ross slammed for claiming SNP are ‘frothing at mouth’ over independence

So what? I don’t mean so what if The National proclaims that Dross has said something a bit offensive. And untrue. And stupid. I mean so what if Dross has said something stupid? Or untrue? Or a tad rude? Why should I care what he says? Why should I care what any British Nationalist politician says? Why is it felt necessary to report every gobbet of drivel that falls out of Dross’s head? Why would any importance be attached to the utterances of someone who has only the most tenuous and failing connection to Scotland?

Douglas Ross is the leader pro tem of a fringe party in Scotland. He is the glaickit face and whiney voice of one of the British parties that have been insinuated into Scotland’s democratic institutions. His aim is to become one of the British Nationalist MSPs squatting in the Scottish Parliament for the sole purpose of taking every opportunity this offers to demonstrate their contempt for Scotland’s Parliament and people. Why would I care what such a person has to say?

It’s not as if study of Dross’s clumsy utterances is going to tell me anything about the doings and plottings of the British Nationalists that I don’t already know. Or that I can’t figure out with little effort. His calumnious mouthings may be indicative of the British political elite’s disdain for Scotland and burning, bitter, mindless hatred of the SNP. But that is hardly a secret. And nothing this underling says is going to reveal what the British state’s immediate plans are because it is highly unlikely that someone so low on the British totem-pole would be privy to the back room machinations of Dom Cummings and Boris Johnson and Michael Gove and the rest. So, why would I have any interest in what this nonentity has to say?

It is difficult impossible to overstate how unimportant Douglas Ross is. Or to put it another way, it’s hard to underestimate his insignificance. He can’t do anything. He has neither power nor influence. He’s there only because the media won’t turn up for an empty podium. He only turns up because the media will be there.

Nobody is ever going to make a serious political choice on the basis of anything Dross says. He is a cipher. A nobody. Even supposing his British Nationalist masters were to succeed in their project to subsume Scotland in their new ‘Great Britain’ still Dross would be a nobody. If he had any position at all it would be as lackey to Alister “Union” Jack or whoever takes over as Governor General of the annexed territory once known as Scotland. He wouldn’t have risen even as far as he has if he had any potential to rise higher. The people for whom he is a pitiful proxy would not elevate anyone they thought might usurp their status.

Dross is of no consequence. Nothing he says is of any consequence. So why report his blather as if we should all be hanging on his every word? I suppose the idea is to rouse the ire of those who might be offended by his puerile insults. I have to say that anybody who is not yet inured to far worse than Dross’s “frothing at the mouth” remark probably shouldn’t be reading newspapers at all lest they have a fit of the vapours. They should definitely avoid Twitter as they would a crocodile-infested pond.

If indeed that is the purpose of reporting the drivellings of Dross it’s not much of a purpose. But then, is Dross worthy of anything more?

One thought on “Worthless!

  1. Yip , total waste of good air saying anything about yon – likewise I stopped reading WGD , continually reiterating the idiocies of the Tories is like dynamiting fish in a barrel – WE KNOW ALREADY ! Though at least Paul can be funny with it , still pretty pointless nonetheless


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