Why does Ian Blackford bother?

Boris Johnson has said and done many unforgivable things. Are there degrees of unforgiveableness? Is it not a binary concept. Once a thing is unforgivable it can never be forgiven. It remains unforgivable forever. There may be degrees of forgiveness. But there cannot be degrees of forever. There is no lattitude about the idea of eternity.

If Boris Johnson was previously been advised that he is unforgivable, why should he be at all troubled by being advised again of the same thing? What might have changed in the interim to make Boris Johnson smart at the information now when he gave no outward indication of being troubled by it before? He cannot be more unforgivable. Because there are no degrees of forgiveableness. The deed or deeds deemed unforgivable cannot be undone. Their unforgivableness remains part of history. Eternity cannot be any longer. Even were Boris Johnson immortal he would continue to be unforgivable for the duration of his immortality. Or forever.

Boris Johnson could only be affected by Ian Blackford’s condemnation if he had changed. Only if Boris Johnson had become vulnerable to being condemned as unforgivable might repeated condemnation have any impact. Only if Boris Johnson had developed a conscience since the last time he was denounced for having done something unforgivable might he now be wounded by a fresh denunciation for some new unforgivable act.

Do we have any evidence of this? Is there any aspect of Boris Johnson’s behaviour over the past months and years that someone might point to and declare to be evidence of a conscience such as could be touched and/or troubled by an accusation of having done something unforgivable?

Having the advantage of regarding Boris Johnson from as little distance as two sword-lengths, has Mr Blackford detected a flinch, wince, blench , squirm, cringe or recoil suggestive of a suddenly pricked conscience? If not, then why the fuck does he bother telling Boris Johnson he’s unforgivable when he already knows and just does not care?

4 thoughts on “Why does Ian Blackford bother?

  1. In answer to your question, it’s probably because Nicola Sturgeon tells him that’s part of his remit. I don’t think we need any more outrage, condemnation and slamming. We need action.

    The questions for the SNP are:

    What are you going to do about it? (Nobody’s listening in, or to, Westminster).

    Why is Nicola Sturgeon so lukewarm in her response to the recent favourable opinion poll results? (I know, psephology is not the be all and end all but the SNP are usually obsessed with surveys, focus groups etc when it comes to projected election outcomes so why not with snapshots of the current public view on the Cause?)

    And why has Nicola downgraded the pursuit of Independence to below dealing with COVID when the two are inextricably linked i.e. a fully autonomous Scotland would be able to use all levers of the state to aid the economy etc? (“independence will follow – I’ve never been more certain.
    But our, my, immediate responsibility is to lead Scotland through COVID – right now, nothing matters more” – Nicola Sturgeon tweet from 14.10.20, reported in The National).

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  2. I hope it is a drip-drip effect, not aimed at any committed Yes voter, the humiliation of the only truly Scottish based party at Westminster must surely affect some of those who voted No last time.

    Brexit, Covid handling, planned removal off Holyrood’s powers (the media have tried to keep this quite but many will understand the implications and how the 1997 Scottish referendum result can be ignored but the English 2016 one must be honoured), the contempt for Scottish representatives in Westminster, they are having a cumulated affect in the polls.

    If this humiliation is assisting the current poll numbers then I can put up with it, although I never really pay much attention to his Westminster contributions as they a meaningless to me personally.

    My concern is we miss the boat and those swing Yessers fall back in line when life returns to normal and vote for what they see as the easier choice, and status quo is always an easier choice.

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  3. “…. why the fuck does he bother telling Boris Johnson he’s unforgivable when he already knows and just does not care”?

    Because it’s not for Boris Johnson’s benefit. It’s to keep his “unforgivable” behaviour uppermost in the Scottish electorate’s mind. Otherwise, if it goes unremarked on, it becomes normalised. If it becomes normalised, people may decide its all “just Boris being Boris”, decide it doesn’t matter any more and the positive effect his behaviour is having on the Yes vote may dissipate with the outrage.

    That’s why.


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