Do polls mean anything?

What apparently hasn’t been learned is that there is as yet no credible process connecting the public support indicated by these polls with the exercise of Scotland’s right of self-determination by which that public support might be translated into a democratic expression of the will of the people.

The only purpose of all this trumpetting of poll results is to divert attention from the SNP’s obdurate insistence on unyielding commitment to the British state;s Section 30 process and the party leaderships stubborn resistance to adoption of a Manifesto for Independence. Until this changes, it won’t matter what the polls say. There will be no free and fair referendum which would allow 58% for Yes to become a referendum result rather than just a headline in The National.

The SNP will have to go into the 2021 Holyrood election brandishing a firm undertaking to take the action necessary to bring about the restoration of Scotland’s independence. Given that no credible process for a free and fair referendum exists within the legal and constitutional framework developed by the British state for the purpose of preserving the Union at any cost to the people of Scotland, the party must commit to creating such a process immediately upon being elected to govern. Only be having a commitment to the Manifesto for Independence well in advance of the election can the Scottish Government have an unassailable mandate to take the action which will be required when the inevitable confrontation with the British state happens.

That mandate needs to be as massive as the Yes Movement can make it. That means seats and votes for the SNP. Only a mandate held by the governing party can have any effect. A vote for any other party, even those reliably dedicated to Scotland’s cause, diminishes the mandate held by the Scottish Government. If you want your vote to be a hammer against the armour of the British state, vote SNP. If you are content that your vote should be no more than a Yes flag waved from the sidelines, vote for any other nominally pro-independence party.

It is not a ‘super-majority’ that is required but a ‘super-mandate’. A ‘super-majority’ serves no purpose. There is nothing that can be done with a ‘super-majority’ which cannot be done with a simple majority. A ‘super-mandate’ backing the Manifesto for Independence will be decisive in the fight to end the Union and restore Scotland’s independence.

The most powerful mandate possible is useless if it is not applied effectively to the necessary purpose with the utmost determination and tenacity by politicians prepared to face the worst that the British political elite will throw at them. The bargain is that the SNP Scottish Government gets that ‘super-mandate’ in return for renunciation of the Section 30 process, adoption of the Manifesto for Independence and a solemn promise that they will be relentless in pursuit of Scotland’s cause..

Let’s make these polls mean something.

5 thoughts on “Do polls mean anything?

  1. Like others , I´m a little suspicious of the timing of this poll – very convenient for the current beleaguered leadership ( and control – freak NEC ) , however , in the unlikely event the leadership did adopt your suggestion of a Mandate For Independence we would soon see how accurate this poll is – if it was unambiguously stated that a vote for the SNP next May is a vote for Independence without a S30 we would have a clearer sense of the significance of such polls , I suspect the numbers might not be so positive , on the other hand , if they remained as high it would be a very positive indication of the strength of support for Independence ” by any means necessary “


  2. To have any effective purpose the findings of opinion polling must be used to:

    1. Draw Conclusions
    2. Make Recommendations
    3. Inform Decisions
    4. Take Actions

    It would seem that the SNP leadership may just have arrived at stage 1 of this logical path. There is no indication that there are any plans to kick on from there. Or even to trudge onward.

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  3. We cannot trust any electoral process administered by a Westminster govt.

    They are in the processing of legalising rape, murder, etc if it serves the interests of the state,

    So a bit of vote fiddling will definitely be on the cards.

    We need a Scottish govt controlled referendum if we are to have one at all.


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