What must change?

I was about to write a response to Stu Campbell’s latest article on Wings Over Scotland when I realised that I had already written it. On 10 September I published an article under the title Why should I take Nicola Sturgeon seriously? As I read Stu Campbell’s understandably bitter-sounding tirade, it occurred to me that I still haven’t had a persuasive answer to that question. Which brings me to the same conclusion that Stu Campbell has expressed. I take no pleasure in saying it, but the current leadership of the SNP has to go.

For months now I have clung to the hope that the Yes movement could somehow press the reset button on the political wing of our cause. I genuinely thought that it would be possible to force the SNP leadership to adopt a new and realistic approach to the constitutional issue. I am now persuaded that this is a forlorn hope. It probably always was. Time has run out. And so has my patience.

My analysis was that the SNP had to take bold, assertive action before the end of September in order to have any hope of throwing even a small spanner into the Brexit bus as it careers towards the cliff edge of 31 December. Given its momentum it is not possible to stop that bus. But perhaps Scotland might be poised to leap from the emergency exit is the nick of time. Perhaps the fact that we were so poised might have brought some kind of recognition from the EU. Perhaps this too was a forlorn hope. But recognising Scotland’s predicament, surely anything is worth a try.

I reckoned that if the SNP gave a clear, explicit and unequivocal commitment to adopt a Manifesto for Independence in time for the significance of this to penetrate the consciousness of the EU and the international community, Scotland would be in a slightly better place. There is nothing that the Scottish Government can now do to prevent Scotland being dragged out of the EU against the settled will of Scotland’s people. There is nothing the Scottish Government can do within the existing legal and constitutional framework to stop the British Nationalist juggernaut that is intent on crushing Scotland’s democracy and our very identity as a nation. There is nothing that the Scottish Government can do to make up the six years lost to an inertia I still struggle to comprehend far less explain.

But the SNP can give notice that, if returned to government after the 2021 election, it intends to toss a democratic grenade into that legal and constitutional framework. That in itself could be a game-changer. The nature of the change may be unpredictable. But we could hardly be worse off.

The end of September is a day away. And there has been no indication from the SNP leadership to suggest that they are even aware of the rumble of discontent with their performance on the constitutional issue that is now growing to a roar. The SNP is absolutely crucial to the restoration of Scotland’s independence. Those who talk of walking away from the party or discarding in favour of some non-existent alternative are fools of the first order. We have no time! I have serious doubts that we have time to effect the necessary changes in the leadership and management of the party. But we have no choice. We have to try. And we have to do it now.

I don’t agree with everything Stu Campbell says regarding next steps. But I am sadly forced to concur with his main conclusion. The SNP as it is presently led and managed is not fit for our purpose. The purpose of Scotland’s cause. The purpose of restoring Scotland’s independence. Something has to change. What else can it be but the hierarchy which has brought us to this point of distress?

They know who they are. If they are to serve Scotland’s cause then they have to step aside and make way for those not afraid to confront the British political elite. They have to go!

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7 thoughts on “What must change?

  1. Ther’s even a possibility or maybe likelihood that the election in May will be postponed, so where dies that leave us.
    Paddle, creek etc


  2. Breaks my heart what has become of our so called National Party. Whose sole aim, (apparently) was to deliver our country back from Hell, to the Scottish people.
    I read Wings post and was taken aback by the way the Yes movement has been basically taken for granted (or maybe even fools)?
    I now see, after reading your post Peter ‘What Must Change’, we have no choice now but to change leadership.
    The SNP suddenly turn everything upside down with an immediate announcement of ????
    Sorry, I always like to stay positive and optimistic 🙂

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  3. What to my mind is unbelievable is STILL the amount of SNP members and supporters who cannot see the OBVIOUS , WE independence supporters have done OUR bit by providing the SNP with governance in Scotland and providing them with numerous mandates, YET they continue to betray our trust and take us for fools , I have seen MANY on twatter and elsewhere denigrate and abuse SC for his HONEST appraisal in many of his posts of where we are and what MUST be done to SAVE our country yet they STILL cannot reconcile that NS has done the sole equivalent of NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH to get us independence

    As you maybe aware I have been on numerous blogs including yours, exhorting and begging SNP members to TAKE BACK CONTROL of their party , but with the GRA, HCB, the deliberate undemocratic machinations of the corrupt NEC and the Murrell situation , that appeal appears to be futile .

    Yet you have the likes of Wishy Washy Wishart the speaker in waiting still peddling the hold hold mantra while ALL AROUND our country , citizens and government is being emasculated

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  4. The GRA seems to be parked right now. Who has examined the GRA or the HCB bill? RE: GRA, the only conflict that has been raised is the Self ID where it affects women’s rights. Not a small matter but there will be nothing pushed through until a solution is agreed. Re HCB: even the Greens think this is a bill worth pursuing but has to be heavily amended rather than redacted. Have you ever looked who is on the NEC? There are many who would never have been in agreement of implementing a rule that prevented an MP contesting an MSP post while they have responsibility to their current constituents or who would have amended the SNP constitution without proper process. As far as I can make out, Craig Murray and Stu Campbell are responsible for much of the unrest, whether warranted or unwarranted, whether objective or of biased opinion. The Murrells are a powerful couple, but do NOT hold all power. It is important NOT to get distracted by bills. The most important issue that needs addressing, is securing Independence. Peter’s right that the SNP are Most crucial to obtaining Independence. We need to remain United and we need to keep reminding them that Indy is critical. The SNP are not blind to that fact. They are not stupid. They know the British state are lining themselves up for a takeover and removal of devolution. They know that they are under threat, as is all of Scotland. With that logic, one would assume, they have made plans. There is still time. It looks like we are going to be taken to the cliff edge on this one. With tensions so high, let’s keep our voices heard, even if we have to scream!


    1. Nicola Sturgeon tried to have an innocent man put in prson for the rest of his life. Not jsut any old innocent man, but the one who made her First Minister. You don’t get to moan about Catalan politicians being imprisoned by their fascist enemies when you are guilty of the same crimes. She needs to go. On her own feet or thrown out the door, but go she must.

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      1. A week ago I would have disagreed. Now, I can’t. A week ago I saw calls for change at the top of the party as a pointless distraction. Now, I regard it as essential if we are to move forward.

        How the fuck did we get here!?


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