“Tories are reeling”: Are they?

In fact, just saying no to Scottish independence is going to be counter-productive in the longer term.

Wee Ginger Dug: Tories are reeling … here’s what indy side must do now

For Scotland’s cause, there is no “longer term”. The notion that we can just keep debating the constitutional issue for the next five or ten years and our time will surely come is naive nonsense. But not quite as naive or nonsensical as the fanciful idea that the British government – any British government – is going to buckle beneath the weight of public opinion and crack under a barrage of democratic dissent. Those who propound such whimsy totally fail to take account of how vital Scotland is to the British state and, perhaps even more importantly, to the conceit of a ‘Great Britain’ which is the cancerous core of British Nationalism.

We are not just fighting for independence. We are not merely fighting to end the grotesque constitutional anomaly and anti-democratic abomination that is the Union. This is an existential conflict. That is how the British ruling elite sees it. We too must regard it as such if Scotland is to be saved.

Time is not on our side. The British state’s resolve to preserve the Union does not erode as support for the restoration of Scotland’s independence increases. It hardens. It becomes calloused. Their determination is not diminished by ours. It is intensified. It is not the case that swelling public support for independence makes it more likely that the British government will agree to a referendum. Quite the contrary. The more probable it is that the people of Scotland would vote to end the Union the more vehemently the British establishment must fight to preserve it.

Even as support for independence rises in the polls so the British state is working to thwart any attempt to prise Scotland from Britannia’s jealous grasp. While the Scottish Government inexplicably and obdurately remains committed to working within the legal and constitutional framework constructed by the British to protect and preserve the Union, the British state is labouring to reinforce that framework. As the Scottish Government ineffectually protests, the apparatus of the British state busies itself with undermining Scotland’s democratic institutions.

Power is relative. As the British state strengthens the Union’s defences it also strives to weaken Scotland – reducing our ability to give effect to our democratic dissent. That process is only going one way. And regardless of all the speechifying and scribbling devoted to trying to convince us otherwise, it is not ours!

The British state is not going to make any concessions to Scotland’s aspirations. When the British political elite appears to be making concessions – or be about to make concessions – that is when we should be most wary of them. Some would have us bide our time in the hope of those concessions. Such hope is utterly, idiotically forlorn.

A Scotland which sees the results of Scottish elections being ignored and traduced by a Conservative Government in Westminster which doesn’t have majority support in Scotland is a Scotland that is going to conclude that it’s right to pursue independence.

Wee Ginger Dug: Tories are reeling … here’s what indy side must do now

I’ve been watching the results of Scottish elections being “ignored and traduced” by British governments in Westminster for all of the sixty years since I became politically aware. I concluded that Scotland’s independence must be restored at the very moment I became politically aware. And what is this about it being right to “pursue” independence? As has been amply demonstrated in my lifetime we can pursue independence indefinitely and never realise the ambition. It will always be just out of reach so long as the British state is afforded the authority to keep it out of reach.

Power is not given! Power is only ever taken. The authority claimed by the government and parliament we do not elect must be rejected by the government and parliament we do elect.

Bold, determined, assertive action is required if the process of depleting Scotland’s democratic power and diminishing Scotland’s identity as a nation is to be halted and reversed. Immediate, urgent action is required before the process of shifting power away from Scotland to the British state becomes irreversible.

8 thoughts on ““Tories are reeling”: Are they?

  1. I posted pre 2014 referendum result that it was highly unlikely that the result wouldn’t be rigged to FAIL and was slaited roundly for it but proved right as the results started coming in and one irregularity after another exposed, countless ballot papers lost, images on Sky news of volunteers having great difficulty in discerning a YES ballot paper and a NO resulting in piles of YES votes being buried under a few NO votes but not the only anomaly as highlighted by the EU monitors who cited lack of security, lack of policing, political lackies milling around the counting areas and the list goes on… the worst was yet to come was when the cross Party Westminster coalition began political interference after the purdah rule had expired an act that alone should have negated the rigged result and an inquiry set up as to WHY a British PM his Deputy PM in coalition and the Leader of the Labour Party in opposition were allowed to walk away from an obvious breach of protocol and cited in the courts for electoral fraud but of course this is the Disunited Kingdom’s and Cameron PM already told the Worlds media’s, “I will do anything, to preserve this Union”, and frankly DID.


    1. Obviously, you have never attended a count. The things you describe CANNOT happen. There is absolutely no way to interfere with the count to such an extent as to affect the result. Take your daft conspiracy theories elsewhere.

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      1. This is the advantage of the paper system, and the manual count.
        Yes it is slow, but is is easily understood by all taking part, and it is easy to spot when something untoward is going on. Whereas with a computerized system, it is a lot easier to manipulate, and significantly easier to hide the evidence of that manipulation.

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        1. The paper ballot and manual count is also extremely secure. It is simply not possible to interfere with the count in any significant way. Those who claim that the count was rigged in 2014 just don’t know what they’re talking about. Asking them a few questions and their conspiracy theory evaporates. Ask, for example, what is the minimum number of people that would be required to interfere with the count in such a way as to affect the result without being discovered.


  2. Peter,

    Thank you – a welcome dose of political reality.

    It only looks like disarray. Westminster is just diverted and as soon as any real threat arrives it will pivot without blinking to lock down any Scotland challenge. To think otherwise is to ignore history.

    It is time for YES to stop playing politics like its a church fete. It’s as if YES is pretending that it is not up against a British State that partitioned the globe, pillaged, and decimated populations all while gas-lighting their victims into referring to them as “Mother” Country.

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  3. All well and good, but what do you actually want me (and others) to DO? If for instance I refuse to submit a tax return to the wm-run HMRC, they will take my house away from me. Any ideas welcome.


    1. Right now, Westminster is not the problem. The Scottish Government is the problem. Westminster is not going to act for us. It has to be our Parliament. But that requires action by the SNP administration. So it’s the SNP we should be putting pressure on. We should be taking every opportunity to demand that the party adopt a Manifesto for Independence prior to the 2021 election. In fact, they need to do so in the next few weeks.

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