Fecaboko no more!

As regular visitors will be aware it is no longer possible to share articles on my blog site to Fecaboko as the URL has been blocked. This followed from a number of my posts to Fecaboko being deleted for alleged infringement of their ‘Community Standards’. The only reason cited was ‘Spam’. If mere sharing of content now constitutes ‘spam’ then the web is truly fucked.

I think it’s safe to assume the censorship was prompted by complaints from persons who are no friends of Scotland’s independence movement. It is likely that there will be more such attacks on pro-independence activists. It is all too easy to have Fecaboko delete posts or otherwise censor content. Their ‘Community Standards’ was obviously compiled by a team of lawyers hired to ensure every arse was covered. It hardly comes as a surprise to find British Nationalists weaponising Fecaboko’s hyper-caution. As their dirty tricks go, this one is only slightly soiled.

It seems inevitable that the censorship on Fecaboko will only get worse and that the inevitable result is that Fecaboko will become a bland, insipid place filled with trivia and the self-regarding pap churned out by so-called ‘influencers’.

It was time to get out. So I have deleted my Fecaboko account and moved to MeWe. I’d be delighted if you were to join me.

If you find these articles interesting please consider a small donation to help support this site and my other activities on behalf of Scotland’s cause.


7 thoughts on “Fecaboko no more!

  1. I did try helping you, but you weren’t interested, preferring to think “it’s a conspiracy”.

    Try googling:

    URL Blocked. Could not scrape URL because it has been blocked

    and you’ll see it’s been a problem for years – and there may be a solution for it if you were interested.


    1. I noted your suggestions and thanked you for them. If you genuinely imagine I didn’t investigate the issue then you mistake me for some kind of fool. None of the workarounds I looked at were practical. I daresay I could have found a way. But as I tried to convey I was not hugely interested in sorting out Fecaboko’s problems. It would have been a wasted effort because the censorship was only going to continue – and escalate.

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      1. But it’s very unlikely to be censorship Peter, far far enormously more likely to be technical. It’s a technical medium, and facebook aren’t very good at it, making a general rule and not putting in enough exceptions. Google search engine has been the same over the years, web developers tearing their hair out, and business website owners like me, as we disappear from the rankings till we work out a way around their excessive incompetence. So are bank systems, basically. They only test the mainstream.

        One possibility apparently is that the wordpress theme doesn’t generate the image attributes that facebook needs. You could try (getting someone else to use their facebook to link):

        1). another theme
        2). a post without any images

        Anyways, it’s up to you, it’s your blog that’s disappearing because of their incompetence.


  2. MeWe it is then, lol.
    Don’t forget Zoom for those weekly roundups.
    40 mins free log out , then link back in another 40 mins etc.
    Onwards and upwards

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    1. I actually decided to pay for the premium Zoom service with the intention of doing more meetings. Maybe a weekly thing. Just haven’t got round to it yet. Not sure how much demand there is for such a thing.


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