Everything is awesome!

Independence is within our reach so we must keep the heid

By Carolyn Leckie  @carolynleckie

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6 thoughts on “Everything is awesome!

  1. Sometimes the SNP vehicle for Indy reminds me strongly of Milo’ s car in the Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster . In essence the car goes without saying so that in order for it to speed up , the passengers and driver have to shut up . By this stratagem , Milo is able to whizz through all the pitfalls posed by anarchy in Dictionopolis in his motor fuelled by ” wheesht” .

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  2. A very good article from Ms Leckie that talks a lot of sense. Also in today’s National, a piece from Prof John Curtice (of the apparent large brain) basically backing the SNPs softly, softly approach. Like me, he believes it would be self defeating to publish an alternative to the S30 route until you are in a position to actually action it. To publish it ahead of time to keep the “malcontents” happy (as if such a thing were possible) just gives Johnson/Cummings sundry options and plenty of time to thwart it.

    So, yes, “wheesht for indy”. Or more accurately, “gie’s peace for indy”.

    Gie’s peace on the whole “SNP aren’t interested in indy” nonsense. The only people who don’t believe the SNP don’t have independence uppermost in their minds at all times are the on-line “malcontents”; a group lost in their own self indulgent, self validating bubble, oblivious to the real world about them.

    Gie’s peace on the need for the SNPs plans for achieving Indy to be broadcast to all and sundry. For the reasons given above. Politics is for grown ups; not impatient children.

    Gie’s peace on the “Sturgeon and her govt must resign en masse to hasten indy” pish. Nobody with even a scintilla of common sense could see that as anything other than utter madness.

    Gie’s peace on the GRA and HCB bleating. Both are only in draft form and out for consultation. They’re not anywhere near law and never likely to be in their present form. So stop pretending they are already in effect and constantly whining about it.

    Gie’s peace on the whole “infallible plan” of a pro-indy List-only party. Unless polls start showing the SNP List vote is moving in considerable numbers to ONE particular Pop-Up, it is nothing but an attractive paper exercise. Like football, elections aren’t decided on paper. Stop taking the electorate for granted.

    Just …. gie’s peace and give Indy a chance.


  3. Given I was making a statement against the “Whine for indy” on-line obsessives who perpetrate the “Wheesht for indy” meme, and not on any post or the article itself, I’m not sure how the “Whoosh” applies to me. Perhaps it is you who has not gotten it 😉


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