Your masters’ voice

When will people realise that the BBC is a British institution and that it can only behave accordingly. The BBC is the British state broadcasting to Scotland. It doesn’t matter where its operations are located, it can never be Scottish. It can only be British and therefore it can only treat Scotland with disdain and contempt. Anything that is British must take precedence over everything that is Scottish.

Read the statement made by a BBC spokesperson. They genuinely cannot conceive of how it can possibly be wrong to give what is happening in England-as-Britain priority over what is relevant to Scotland. The fact that doing so risked causing confusion which might even lead to people dying is of absolutely no consequence. The only criterion is the degree of Britishness involved.

Even if you strip away all of the politics, what the BBC did was wrong in terms of basic good news broadcasting practice. But that too counts for nothing when the BBC assigns values to news. The content isn’t even considered. The assessment never gets past the fact that one is British and one is Scottish. Some primal instinct set unreachably deep in the lizard-brain of the organisation compels the BBC’s Britishness. It cannot be other than it is.

Which is not to say that the BBC as an institution cannot or should not be a model for public service broadcasting that is Scottish. Appending the word ‘Scotland’ to ‘BBC’ does not make the BBC Scottish any more than appending the word ‘Mars’ would make it Martian. Public service broadcasting that is truly Scottish is Scotland holding up a mirror to itself and telling the world how we would like to be seen. It is us talking among ourselves about ourselves and our perspectives on Scotland and the rest of the world. And it is us talking to the rest of the world from our perspective.

BBC Scotland is the British state transmitting TO Scotland. It is the British establishment talking AT Scotland. And it has but one message. Its purpose is to constantly remind us that British is best. That we are not important. That we are not respected because those who accept that they are less cannot be due respect.

However refined the delivery may be, the BBC is the voice of an imperial force addressing annexed territory.

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4 thoughts on “Your masters’ voice

  1. It will be interesting to see who walks in the proposed round of job cuts at Pacific Quay. Will Brian Taylor be saying his final “toodleoo the noo” as one of the 60 redundantees? If there is an attractive voluntary redundancy deal he may pack it in at PQ .I guess it matters little , there will be no shortage of candidates to fill his unionist shoes .

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  2. “Appending the word ‘Scotland’ to ‘BBC’ does not make the BBC Scottish”. Yes indeed.

    But appending the words ‘in’ as well as ‘Scotland’ would give the branch operation a more accurate description.

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  3. One of the major failings of the SNP has been it’s failure to set up an independent media outlet. This wouldn’t necessarily need to be terrestrial TV as most people can stream content through the internet these days. It’s a disgrace that a nation of 5 million people has to rely upon news that has been filtered by it’s larger, increasingly right wing neighbour. Elementary stuff i would have thought.


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