White Rose Wilting

After two days of dealing with cunning plan cultists I need a break. That kind of resolute, logic-defying stupidity wears me down. It extinguishes hope and destroys enthusiasm. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and calling it brilliance.

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10 thoughts on “White Rose Wilting

  1. Peter, I don’t do twitter or facebook, but if the “cunning plan cultists” are the ones setting up new parties to sweep up the list vote, they’re working with brittle twigs from an ancient tree of dubious origins gnawed to bits by beavers. In short they’ll be lucky, in total, to achieve the 10,911 votes that RISE achieved.

    The activists are noisy, they’re all over the place, and there’s about 23 of them in total.

    Enjoy your break!

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    1. Thats what I think as well, RISE had some media backing to boot but just faded into the background..

      Also I cant believe so many smart people think its so easy to game the Dhondt system.

      thats what the system is there for, so that as a % of votes cast , roughly reflects MSPS gained.
      And this it indeed does, even though they are sifted through 2 votes .


  2. enjoy your break, you need it.
    take a year or two out.
    and then you might learn to read the room.
    fat chance i know but one can but hope

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    1. I think there is a grain of truth in what you say, You cant precipitate a revolution, its moving decisively at the time that history requires.
      There no doubt was a time of opportunity in 2014. But the decisive push was delayed.

      Just like Napoleon may well have had many bad dreams about Waterloo, there was nothing he could do after the day.

      his name was made with bold decisive strokes in all the battles he fought, yet at Waterloo it did not work.

      Like wise no amount of mandates can recreate the Summer of 2014. You must wait for history to turn again.


  3. Sorry you feel that way, Peter. The debate is serious and important and needs all the input and ideas it can get. But of course you’re entitled to a break when you feel you need it. Hope to see you back refreshed and re-inspired.


    1. ‘What matters is the seats we can win’…for me what matters is gaining independence. He has a point about appointing someone to pull everyone together although that needs to go further than just political parties. I have worked in Government, its fair to say that a whole stramash is going on right now due this virus, there will be papers and meetings and plans that WILL NEVER BE USED, I have seen it time and time again. Everything else is on hold, its what they do. Now, that’s OK, bearable, if you are, say, Audit Scotland or AIB or for any number of administration organisations but not for Independence. SNP want to get back to the real job. The truth is that this period has given a great many busy people time to get back on track and I really hope we see that as we emerge from the darkness that is Covid-19.

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  4. I have tried listening to Indycar Ross, but find him a bit of a moron, he makes sweeping statements with no support references which he tacitly acknowledges by touching his face every time he says something contentious .

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  5. I much prefer snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. I don’t care how we get our country back as it fundamentally belongs to the people of Scotland. No one grants the Scots their independence its ours already. The rest is just political gerrymandering. Wake up Scotland FFS.

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