White Rose Rising

White Rose Rising is the campaign against the Union. Its sole aim is to restore Scotland’s independence by ending the anti-democratic political union which binds Scotland to the British state.

White Rose Rising is not a forum for discussing policy. The restoration of Scotland’s independence is a matter of principle. It is a constitutional issue and not a policy issue. The Union is anachronistic, constitutionally anomalous, grotesquely asymmetric and fundamentally anti-democratic.

Ending the Union is about rectifying an ancient injustice. It is a worthy aim in and of itself. It needs no further justification.
The immediate objectives are –

  • To draft a Manifesto for Scottish Independence
  • To have the Manifesto for Independence adopted by the SNP and the Yes movement
  • To ensure the election of an SNP administration at the next Scottish Parliament election
  • To support the Scottish Government as it takes the bold, decisive action necessary to end the Union and restore Scotland’s independence

Independence! Nothing less! Nothing else!

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13 thoughts on “White Rose Rising

  1. SO how can it draft a manifesto for independence without policy discussion? Either the manifesto is so blindingly simple and certain to get consensus, that it could be published straight away or it has to be discussed to get the consensus to have it adopted by the SNP and the Yes movement.


  2. The SNP need to put that in their manifesto.
    Not another mandate to think about asking for a section 30.
    Do you think Nicola has it in her, is she bold enough?


    1. If not Nicola Sturgeon then someone else. I’d prefer it to be her. But if she can’t or won’t then she should step aside in favour of someone who can and will.


  3. I assume they don’t have a website? Peter.
    I don’t do Facebook or Twitter, like many others…


    1. Not that many others, if the stats are to be believed. I have only done Facebook and Twitter so far. I intend there to be a website – probably a WordPress blog – if there is enough interest. It’s like all the early groups – a one-person show. So I do what I have time to do.

      Too much time today was taken up with trying to find out why Twitter suspended the account before it had even been used. I might never get to the bottom of that.

      This is very much an experiment. I have been saying for some time that the Yes movement needs to unite and speak with one voice. That is only possible if that one voice totally eschews anything to do with policy. So I started a Facebook group for just that purpose. It’s not a ‘making the case for independence’ thing. It’s a ‘demand an end to the Union’ thing. If we can’t all agree about that, we’re fucked.

      I’m not hopeful. Too many people just don’t get it. I’ve even had one moron complaining that White Rose Rising must be racist because it has the word ‘white’ in it. That’s what I’m up against. Is it any wonder I fucking swear?

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      1. I hope it takes ff.
        If you manage to get a more general webpage for it, I would hope that too, would be a great help to those of us who don’t do facebook, or twitter.
        But I also note, it is purely a campaign, and not a political Party as such and that is an important difference for some to take not of.

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        1. It is indeed a campaign. The independence movement already has a political arm in the SNP. A political arm that other movements would cut off their arm to have. If you see what I mean. The point is to use that political arm effectively. We can only do that by having a powerful voice. A united voice with a very clear and very simple message for the party – Get Scotland out of the Union! Do it by whatever means necessary! And do it now!

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