I’m out

The last couple of days have clinched it for me. I have no desire to be part of what the independence movement has become. The blog will be left as an archive only.

35 thoughts on “I’m out

  1. That is fine Peter it might give you time for reflection and have a good look at what the situation would be with the second vote going to another independence party apart from the SNP. I have a feeling you won’t be away for long


  2. I hope you reconsider, Peter. We’re all severely pissed off just now. But the coronavirus lockdown will end soon enough and Alex Salmond is, I hope, about to give the political scene in Scotland a much-needed kick up the backside.
    Take a wee deserved break, Peter, then come back fighting.


  3. Take a wee deserved break, Peter. Then, after Alex Salmond has given the political scene in Scotland a much-needed kick up the backside, come back fresh and ready to fight.


  4. Don’t be an ass.

    What the 313 year old independence movement has become is closer than it has ever been since the 1700s. But it does also have people in it whose first priority is not Independence. Well, fair enough if that doesn’t get in the way of Indy. But for some it does, and that I guess does have to be accepted for what it is – support that doesn’t always do what people want.

    I’ve supported Independence since 1974, since between the two elections, and seen all sorts happening in those 46 years. Some good like 11 SNP MPs heading for around 30 mathematically in 1979. And then down to 2. And then with Labour treachery and indifference to devolution plus some in the SNP taking a long time to support it – even for 1997, it’s been painful watching it head for the first Indy Ref which realistically none of us really expected to win even when we were talking (or at least I was) about 75% YES. There’s always been job-hangers in the SNP, not everybody joins for Independence.

    And now we’re on the brink, a matter of months not decades, and you who’ve supported Independence probably as long as I have if not longer, want to give up?

    Do fuck off old chap, dust off those talks, have a break, put your feetup, have 6 beers out of a bottonless glass, and get back to work when Covid is fully under control and we’re off and raring to go again.

    Meanwhile, you really are a rude arse. Try brushing up on your people skills! No, I said skills, not smells.

    And now I’ve wasted enough time on you.

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    1. Obviously you’ve tried to subscribe to the “How to win friends and influence people” course – pity you didn’t actually attend any of the lectures. In case it’s not clear – you have as much charm as a tory cancer cell.


      1. I’m guessing you’re new at this, and didn’t recognise the assumed style.

        Actually it was written in the hope it would bring a smile to his face. He likes “robust” debate.


  5. Oh, please don’t give up, Mr Bell. We may not all believe in exactly the same way, but we do believe in what we are all in it for. I don’t feel that this will drive out the SNP, but I do think it will give it a shock to the system and help it to come to its senses, maybe? This new party, as Mr Campbell’s would have done, will exist entirely in the List ballot, not the FPTP ballot, but it could so easily have been a direct challenge to the SNP. Some of us have been warning them that this would happen. I have seen Nicola Sturgeon come up through the ranks, and I believe she still believes passionately in independence, as does her husband, Peter Murrell. I think that mistakes have been made in relation to strategy and tactics, but I think our FM knows that we are baiting, in England-as-the-UK, a creature that could easily rip us to shreds. Should that cause us to stop? No. It should, however, make us wary of our big neighbour, as we have had to be for nigh on a thousand years. That is why we should be looking at a way to leave the Union that does not allow England-as-the-UK to set about us, and, in that enterprise, we need friends and supporters furth of Scotland and furth of the UK. So long as we play in England-as-the-UK’s backgarden, we are in danger. We should take our case to the international constitutional courts. We are going to have to eventually, because there can be no post independence negotiations without it. We will not go back to 1707, before the Treaty, because we do not live in 1707. We will negotiate the Treaty through 21st century eyes and with 21st century sensibilities.

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  6. My friend, don’t do anything hasty when/if your emotions are running high. By all means have some time off but remember your country needs your excellent analysis. Stay safe.

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  7. Now that I am finally getting my state pension, when the pubs open again I am going to splash out big time and buy you two pints. Me and you both need good company and a right good blether to put the world to rights. P.S. You are 100% right, I agree with you, don’t let them get you down.


  8. I feel like this everyday Peter. I had a year where I just lost interest. Probably after May said ” Now is not the time”. Then nothing happened for a year!

    But something brings me back. Your blog, Jeggit, Grouse Beater, Barrhead Boy, Scot Goes Pop. All of you are keeping our hopes alive.

    Like you I don’t think Nicola will lead us to independence. She may well still be the SNP leader. But someone like Salmond will be leading the movement.

    We are a rudderless ship at the moment. But that is temporary. Their is agitation for change, and that will drive the new movement.

    We need to stop listening to Wishart at al. We need to bring someone in who will light the torchpaper.

    Right now I am not hopeful of the future. But events dear boy, events. I expect Brexit and London’s collapse will be the catalyst.

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    1. Over the past seven years I have used parts of your blogs as quotes in memes / posts along with links to the full blog. For that I thank you. I have yet to fully decide on the list party issue but believe without this heavy shug that the SNP may drift deeper into their ruling party comfort zone, If there was still a donate button I would gladly send the cost towards a dram or four as thanks for a job well done and to help mellow your frustrations. We need you and I feel sure that you’ll be baaaaack…


  9. Hi Peter, don’t be daft, I enjoy your literary take and ascorbic replies.
    You expand my ability to understand our politics.
    We all feel the same.
    There seems to be only one route out.
    Via the international court.
    What can focus the SNP and get them to grow a pair.
    A fright!


  10. Peter, I attended my first Yes meeting in Blairgowrie. You were on the guest list. You were head and shoulders above the rest. I did my first YES March in Glasgow and saw you be interviewed in the botanic gardens. I wanted to say hello but didnt. I wish I had. We are all frustrated I get that. But you are at the forefront, a leader and inspiration. I have argued time and time again about Wishart and you have basically told me to hold firm. I ask you now to do the same.


    1. Peter when you feel like that think of Sir Peter Wishart and that this here Dunfermline boy thinks you are worth ten of him. We need YOU not him. You’ll feel better soon we all go through this, fuck its what makes us Scots LOL


  11. “The last couple of days have clinched it for me.”
    No they haven’t.

    “I have no desire to be part of what the independence movement has become.”
    Yes you do.

    “The blog will be left as an archive only.”
    No, that just won’t do.

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  12. Peter, you took a break a while ago and came back in great form. You’ve been getting seemingly more frustrated recently so stopping now seems a good idea. I hope you come back though and I suspect you will. because it’s Scotland’s cause, not yours or mine, and you’re a true patriot

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  13. Good. Really good. Your behaviour and shrill outpourings over the past few days have been disappointing and really quite disturbing, and disturbed. Let’s face it…… you’ve lost it. Time to retire.

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  14. Ah Dude don’t give up i have been close to doing so but being home recently my indy supporting cousin said i was really bad when i did not accept a English £20 note in change it reinvigorated me i will always fight the cause have done so for 30 years since my uncle Jim took me out on the door steps. I will question mp’s and msp that i know personally on twitter. I am heading home soon to fight the cause on the ground.


  15. Don’t give in Peter. I’ve lost heart over the last few years, but blogs such as yours have kept my spirits up. You do a vital public service, and will be needed even more in the future.
    Take a break, have a few beers, then come back fighting.


  16. I’ll miss your needle-sharp commentary Peter. Whether what you’ve said resonates, whether I strongly disagree, or whether I’m just mystified, your posts make me think. And I don’t read stuff just to look in the mirror anyway. Whatever you decide to do in the future, stay well and safe, and thank you.

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  17. If the destination is Independence, then I’m on the bus! Lots of other folk, with lots of other agendas will hop on and start blethering (they always seem to sit next me) but…ultimately…they jump off at their stop – mutual benefit is the essence of human ‘colaboration’. So, I’m happy to listen to their opinions/beliefs…but, I’m staying on the bus! The only individual power I have is my vote (that’s my bus ticket) and my vote is for independence! I’ll save you a seat next to me.


  18. If the destination is Independence, then I’m on the bus! Lots of other folk, with lots of other agendas will hop on and start blethering (they always seem to sit next me) but…ultimately…they jump off at their stop – mutual benefit is the essence of human ‘collaboration’. So, I’m happy to listen to their opinions/beliefs…but, I’m staying on the bus! The only individual power I have is my vote (that’s my bus ticket) and my vote is for independence! I’ll save you a seat next to me.


  19. As many above say, Peter – take a break then come out fighting again. We need your eloquence. Take care in the meantime.


  20. I don’t know what has specifically happened to make you feel this way. I assume it’s an an amalgum of various things that have been happening (or not happening) over the last year or so. The fallout and implications of the Salmond case; the seeming indifference to furthering the drive for independence from the SNP; the upsurge in single issue splinter groups who seem to have attached “Yes” to their name simply to gain attention; the apparent “professionalisation” of the SNP govt with “career politicians” seeing them as a means to a personal end rather than that of independence; the bitching and sniping between the various high profile Indy bloggers over their individual views and motives; the diverse takes on the way forward from politicians, bloggers and all-and-sundry often degenerating into rancour; etc etc ….

    I too get a wee bit depressed at times over all of the above. However, I console myself with the realisation (okay …. personal opinion) that it is all a sign of a “movement” that has grown so large it has inevitably created a massive number of differing opinions, passions and competing “alliances” with their own, often fleeting, take on the way to achieve independence and what it should “look like” (I hate that phrase). This, to me, is ultimately a good thing. It shows the “movement” has outgrown the “SNP only”, tartan shortbread, single issue nutters straightjacket unionists have always claimed it was.

    It does make it a bit of a trauchle at times but we are so close now. Despite all of the above, the polls are moving in favour of “Yes” and the SNP. People are seeing that independence offers them the whole spectrum of political and social choices that the UK does but with Scotland’s interests paramount. Not dependent (fingers crossed) on Westminster taking Scotland into account when making the decisions that affect us.

    Your blog and take on things are an important part of that. Your’s is not the only view on the way forward, but it is an influential one. It is one that many take heart from and use to convince others of the need for independence. The current health crisis has opened some considerable cracks in the Union with more Scots than ever before now seeing the limitations it puts on Scotland’s ability to act in its own best interests. Take a break, fine. But don’t give up just when things are teetering on the brink of flowing indy’s way. It would be tragedy if it all slipped away because a few key individuals left the fray.


    1. That list in your first paragraph is pretty comprehensive. Seeing it all written down like that only makes it more depressing. It’s a very fair statement of where we are. An accurate description of the situation. The wonder is that anybody is still involved in the movement. But that’s one issue you don’t mention – the pathological lack of awareness. The tunnel-vision. The short-sightedness.

      I’m afraid you go wrong in your final paragraph, however. Scotland’s cause is certainly “teetering on the brink”. But there is no reason to suppose it will be “flowing indy’s way”. Your first paragraph and your last can’t both be true.


  21. I think they can both be true.

    I concentrated on the negatives in my post above, but there are positives on the flipside. The “professionalisation” of the SNP has led to an image among the populace as a whole of competent government (in direct contrast to the Westminster govt) that makes them more inclined to look at the core policy of independence more positively. The differences of opinion between the various high profile blogs can be viewed as evidence of the healthy diversity within the independence movement. The attaching of “Yes” and “for independence” to single issue groups names is a sign they see such a connection as positive. Etc …. .You can either concentrate on the negatives or take heart in the positives.

    On top of this is the fact that, in my opinion, the electorate are largely unaware (or uncaring) of the “problems” I listed. They don’t care if Rev Stu and Mike Small don’t like each other. The vast majority are barely aware of them …. if at all. People like competent govt and are rewarding the SNP by giving them their vote. They don’t care that some of those more involved in the indy movement think they are “failing” because they have apparently not subordinated everything else to the cause of independence. The Salmond case seems to generate indifference. And they care little for the views of “Guinea Pig Breeders for Independence” or “Yes Auchenshoogle”. All they really want to know regarding Indy is whether it will be better for Scotland and, ultimately, them. In the meantime they’ll just get on with their lives oblivious to the overwhelming majority of the problems we in the cyber-bubble think are so important.

    That is why I believe Indy is “teetering on the brink”. The polls are moving positively in indy’s direction despite everything I listed above and without an official campaign in place. The Westminster govt is looking increasingly incompetent and untrustworthy and many Scots are waking up to the idea the UK does not work in Scotland’s best interests. It may not take much to put it over the top in the way the SNP surged into majority govt in 2011. But if reasoned and eloquent bloggers such as yourself abandon the field to nutters and unionists it could all turn to ashes.

    Just ignore the idiots, nutters and trolls. Accept that others will have different views and opinions …. even if you believe them to be ridiculous. It’s a fact of life that will never change. Assume it is the general population you are addressing rather than blinkered activists. Continue putting your take on things in the public sphere. There are plenty who respect them, repeat them and allow them to percolate into the general discourse. And if it is ultimately futile …. so what? You did your bit and he’ll mend those who would not listen.

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