Business as usual?

I don’t think it follows that the Scottish Government can simply assume that the people of Scotland are all going to fall in behind them when it comes to an election where we’re debating the future of Scotland after that.

Jacskon Carlaw

If Jackson Carlaw had stopped talking at that point then he would have looked considerably less pathetic. To say that no political party can take the voters for granted is merely to state the obvious. Although it does no harm for politicians to be reminded of this. Few things serve democracy so well as the shoogly peg.

But, of course, Carlaw couldn’t leave it there. He had to strut his stuff as Scotland’s leading British Nationalist. He had to establish his credentials as the figurehead of the British Nationalist cause in Scotland. He had to respond to the urging of his insecurity. And so he went on to do exactly what he was warning others against. He makes sweeping and simplistic assumptions about voters’ motivations.

I am not about to fall into the same error. But I strongly suspect that the people of Scotland may be setting their sights rather higher than Carlaw can possibly be comfortable with. I seriously doubt if, having been told that the Covid-19 pandemic changes everything, they are going to settle for some minor tweaks and cosmetic changes that leave the old order intact.

Carlaw’s words should serve as a warning to us. As Scotland emerges from the pandemic the British propaganda machine will be devoted to persuading us yet again that we should settle for less than we might have. That we should be less than we might be. That we should once again shy away from an opportunity to break the structures of power, privilege and patronage which advantage the few at incalculable cost to the many.

Decide now how you intend to respond to the efforts of Carlaw and his ilk to drag us back to “business as usual”.

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3 thoughts on “Business as usual?

  1. Unlike Nicola Sturgeon the leader of the BritParts in Scotland hasn’t suspended his campaigning. No surprise there.

    If Ms Sturgeon had attempted to score political points by stating the obvious: that an independent Scotland – with a fully autonomous government reflecting the values and priorities of its people – would have been better prepared to respond to the crisis as NHS Scotland would have been (even) better funded than it currently is she would of course have been pilloried by the BritPress in Scotland.

    This Easter it would have been wholly appropriate had JC been crucified in the papers. (Metaphorically speaking … I think).


    1. You’re not suggesting Nicola is a Britnat sleeper activated to stymie Scottish independence?. Nicola has a plan, what it is and where it leads only she knows but it’s a plan. Meantime Scotland burns as the Tories fiddle the figures and Johnson hides again.


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