Aye Right Radio with Peter A Bell videocast #18

Great chatting to these guys today!

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4 thoughts on “Aye Right Radio with Peter A Bell videocast #18

  1. The people of Scotland have an inalienable right to self governance. This union is then anathema to natural justice. It must be gone because it is an abominable thing.

    Alas, the point not articulated in the video was that the SNP as currently constituted and led, is a crypto-Unionist party, and a vote for *this* SNP in 2021 will be a vote for the continuation of the Union.

    There can be no hope of independence without the removal from power of Sturgeon and her crypto-Unionist cabal, regardless of who else may come forward.

    That is job one. All other considerations are subordinate to this.

    An SNP government in power for another 5 years will do naught to delay or substantively mitigate the emasculation of our parliament or the pace of our absorption into an increasingly fascistic post brexit little england. The *only* effective defence against defenestration and subsumption is to dissolve our union with the english state.

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  2. I will first of all apologise that I only know or recognise one of the speakers in the podcast Peter A bell , however it won’t surprise any one that I agree with most of his assertions re where we have been and where we currently are , I have stated on here and on other blogs that I was outraged that NS had publicly instructed the yes groups and independence supporters to stand down , and to compound that egregious insult she had the temerity and audacity to write a letter to her masters to inform them that she had done so , an action which in my opinion exemplifies craven cowardice and exposes her true beliefs

    The chap in the upper right corner seeks to mitigate this betrayal by agreeing that in his opinion it was the right thing to do , as various tabloids , brit Nat politicians and supporters would have had a field day , how would these unionists have had a field day if NS had said nothing at all and more importantly had not issued the desist ORDER , by issuing her order and cravenly informing the unionist hierarchy of her instructions all she has done is draw attention and highlighted the fact that she is desperate for their approval

    Peter you have stated on more than one occasion that it is good that the yes group and independence movement don’t have a single leader , as that would enable the brit nats to have a target to focus on which I am broadly in agreement with , but unfortunately it is also a weakness , not having a leader or leaders leads to the very situation we find ourselves in at present , there are so many disparate voices calling for more assertiveness and challenge from NS and the SNP , and others saying have faith in Nicola she has a plan or plans but she canny tell anybody , it’ll be alright on the night

    If the YES movement had someone like AS as a leader with the sole focus of independence he could work in conjunction with the SNP political party to force NS and the gradualists to explore every avenue legal and political to dissolve the union ASAP with any duplicity or hesitation being exposed , as it stands our dear leader is blackmailing independence supporters by intimating that if you don’t vote SNP you will end up with the yoonatics , she therefore has us over a barrel , and still we wait

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    1. I have not changed my view that the Yes movement neither needs nor wants a leader. However, a campaign is different from a movement. A campaign needs a figurehead. The leader of the SNP is the ‘natural’ choice. Especially when they are also First Minister. But Nicola Sturgeon has demonstrated that she is not fit for that role. She remains the best person for the job of First Minister. But she has found herself unable to reconcile the two roles. We have to accept that and think again. Who is the next best person to ‘front’ the campaign? We have yet to answer that question. But we know it must be someone from the wider Yes movement. If it were someone from the SNP than they would have to be a ‘rebel’. That has cons as well as pros.

      How we find this individual to lead the independence movement is a massive problem. Unlike the SNP, the Yes movement is non-hierarchical. We lack the structures to discover, appoint or elect leaders. This is something we must overcome. And the first thing is to establish criteria for the role. I am thinking about some of those criteria as I write. And I’m wondering if such a person even exists.


  3. I agree with the campaign assertion but again unfortunately we have a FM who is in total DENIAL and is publicly opposed to that campaign even being launched , and as I have opined many times there are still TOO many SNP members who cannot or will not accept that the dead end alley we find ourselves in was NOT constructed by bozo , Teresa or any other brit Nat but SOLELY and TOTALLY by NS and her inability to grasp the nettle , until NS is sidelined and replaced as the independence leader and a TRUE FIGHTER is appointed to LEAD the fight the brit nats have nothing to fear , as NS will acquiesce and capitulate

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