Welcome to Borissia

Living in Scotland, I tend to greet news of a Downing Street reshuffle with a shrug. How does it affect me? How does it affect Scotland? Isn’t shite still shite no matter how much you rearrange the turds? I have to remind myself that, because of the Union, these people exert extraordinary, totally unaccountable and invariably baleful influence in matters which should rightfully be the exclusive province of people we actually elect. We are therefore obliged to take at least some heed of what manner of individuals hold senior positions in the government of England-as-Britain. Or what I have lately taken to calling Borissia. I may occasionally fall into the habit observing the comings and goings of British politicians much as I would the wrigglings and squirmings of pond-life under the microscope, but it is as well to be mindful that this pond-life bites.

I read that the current Minister for the Constitution, Chloe Smith, is slated to be declared the new Minister for the Union and, tempted as I may be to note this tidbit of info-gossip and move on, I also read that Ms Smith apparently takes the view that the people of Scotland are neither worthy of nor entitled to news presented from a Scottish perspective. The British news is good enough for us. She isn’t about to encourage the idea that Scotland is distinctive in any way. It just the northern territory of Borissia.

Scotland’s cause being purely a constitutional issue it’s maybe a good idea to keep a watchful eye on Chloe Smith. In the Borissian government, the Minister for the Constitution is the official champion of British Nationalist ideology, and Minister for the Union is a diplomatically dishonest euphemism for the Minister for the Subjugation of Scotland.

I read that someone by the name of Rishi Sunak is the new Chancellor of the Borissian Exchequer having formerly been Chief Secretary to the Treasury – a role I inevitably associate with one Danny Alexander now Sir Daniel Grian Alexander having been duly rewarded for his part in creating the false prospectus on which the people of Scotland voted to give the Borissian government licence to do as it will with Scotland.

I know nothing of Mr Sunak other than that he is the MP for a part of Borissia called Richmond and that he must be a British Nationalist or he wouldn’t have been given the job. Of much more interest is the reason there was a vacancy. His predecessor resigned because of Boris Johnson’s intention to create a joint set of economic advisers for the Treasury and Number 10; a move that would further concentrate executive power in the hands of Johnson and his very special adviser, Dom Cummings. We have to refer to them as Boris & Dom now as they are at least as much an ‘item’ as deserves the ampersand. It’s surely only a matter of time before some wag hack with a depleted imagination coins a joint name for them – Bordom or Doris, perhaps. Which would be marginally less excruciating than The Johnster and The Cumster, I suppose.

But we should take this seriously. The combination of Boris Johnson and Dom Cummings may be revolting, but it is revoltingly successful. While BoJo plays the chief clown in the Borissian State Circus, Cummings is pulling strings and levers behind the scenes with such deftness that Boris & Dom have each and both got pretty much everything they want. There may not appear to be a plan. But what if the plan is to appear to have no plan whilst cunningly progressing a cunning plan cunningly concealed by cunningly contrived chaos? What if the shambles of the Brexit process was exactly what was needed to create the conditions for centralising power and upgrading Borissia from satirical epithet to stark reality?

Suppose someone was mounting a coup in the UK. Isn’t control of the treasury the first thing they would think of, given that there’s no need for them to take over the TV and radio stations? Exaggerated as it may seem, isn’t that thought enough to give one pause? Bear in mind that Boris & Dom haven’t only absorbed the team advising the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, they have installed someone they know is amenable to such external influence (control?) over his department. And, perhaps more importantly, removed someone who was evidently minded to resist such a move. And do so publicly.

The Treasury represents a constraint on executive power. That constraint has at least been loosened. We should ask ourselves why?

It seems that Alister “Union” Jack is to stay on as Downing Street’s man in Scotland and titular head of the unelected and unaccountable shadow administration created by the Borrissian government to take over powers stripped from the Scottish Parliament. Thus, my somewhat tongue-in-cheek prediction that Ruth Davidson would be installed as de facto Governor-General of North Borissia. Perhaps BorDom & Doris felt that the task of defanging Holyrood still required the skills and attitude of a predator rather than the gloss and grooming of a show animal. Or maybe Ruth has set her sights somewhat higher. Having lost her crown as Queen of the BritNats in the annexed lands of North Borissia, perhaps she’s not content with her reward for loyal service to the shrivelling Borissian empire. Maybe elevation to the Dead Stoat Cloak Club isn’t enough to satisfy that ravenous ego. Maybe she has her eye on another throne to replace the one she lost. Betty Windsor might be wise to review her security. Maybe employ a food-taster. Definitely don’t accept apples from cackling crones. Just saying.

The more likely explanation is that Jack the Lackey is being kept on because he’s just the man for the job. Unfortunately for the people of Scotland, his job is treachery. His remit is to undermine and then dismantle Scotland’s democratic institutions. In practical terms, his function is to roll out a series of ‘UK-wide common frameworks’ which increasingly impinge on and arrogate the powers of the Scottish Parliament. Alister Jack squats in Queen Elizabeth House like some obscene arachnid charged with sucking the juices from Scotland’s distinctive political culture until all that’s left is a dessicated husk no longer capable of being a nuisance to the Borissian state and its rulers.

We have to know this. We have to know that turds are being rearranged for a purpose. We have to realise that this purpose has only dire consequences for Scotland. If we value Scotland’s democracy and identity as a nation, we have to be prepared to defend them. We can’t afford to suppose that a cabinet reshuffle in London has nothing to do with us.

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13 thoughts on “Welcome to Borissia

  1. The anology “shit is still shit no matter how you arrange the turds”



  2. Sunak’s father is apparently an Indian billionaire. Why on earth does Rishi need a job as MP? Never mind Chancellor of the Exchequer? Unless it’s a back door to daddy’s money?

    As has been noted by others, Rishi is unlikely to be anything other than a cipher. As Dom will control everything.

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  3. I suggest your prediction about the next placement for Ruthless should be stayed rather than abandoned. The necessary steps just take time, that’s all, and in the meantime there was a little matter of “taking back control” to be addressed.

    Anyone who is delighted to be inducted into the Great Hall of the (Stoat-clad) People is plainly anybody’s for the asking. Marxian (Groucho) principles: “if you don’t like these ones, I have others”.

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  4. The new Attorney General has been appointed to curb judges’ powers, and the Court of Session made subsidiary to the Supreme Court. The lawyers like the First Minister and Joanna Cherry QC can bump their gums all they want about keeping everything legal – but in any case, once the politically appointed Ofcom has control of online media (quite possibly aided by Huawei!) then they won’t be heard either.

    Sooner, rather than later, it will dawn on this government that the Assange option smothers cries more effectively than deportation. Thanks to the absurd “Queen in Parliament” justification, even an Enabling Act is unnecessary – and no Scots Law court will be allowed to stand in its way. Human rights are on the way out. ☹️

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  5. Once upon a time there was a little German fellow – I believe his name was Adolph. He was regarded as a bit of a clown when he began his National Socialist party.

    Now why have I started thinking of that?

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  6. Phil. Correct. Dangerous men usually have many flaws and are generally perceived to be idiots.

    That’s how they take over. It’s like a distraction technique. Watch a clown while the lions creep up on the people.

    Boris is a dangerous man with a dangerous majority. Scotland must not succumb to this prison state.

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  7. The birth of a fascist state is almost complete. First there comes a gobshite, next the gobshite takes control of the monetary levers of the state, thereafter the money beckons the military to fall
    into line.

    A new empire is about to be born. We must remain true to our history and never forget the truth of Wallace.


  8. Looking forward to the day we fly, and they are left on their own, to play dodgy, dark, sinister games between themselves and their American and Russian oligarchs/benefactors. Hoping that many more folks have begun to open their eyes. Certainly can vouch, that some Staunch Unionists from my neck of the woods, have seen the light.

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