Fatal contradiction

Nicola Sturgeon and European flag

If the First Minister has said she does not want to hold an “unofficial referendum” as a winning vote for the independence side would not be recognised internationally and therefore not achieve independence then the only possible conclusion is that the First Minister has given up on what her predecessor referred to as “the beautiful dream”.

This is necessarily so as the First Minister has long insisted that a referendum can only be “official” if it is sanctioned by the British state. And we know that the British state will never sanction such a referendum so long as there is the possibility that their ‘precious’ Union might be put in jeopardy.

Of course, we can hardly expect that Nicola Sturgeon might come right out and admit that she has effectively abandoned hope of restoring Scotland’s independence. But neither can we anticipate that she might explain how, if she purports to still be seeking independence, she intends to resolve the contradiction inherent in making this dependent on something that can’t be had.

Alex Salmond famously said that the dream would never die. Maybe so. But the possibility of realising that dream seems to get more remote every time Nicola Sturgeon makes a statement on the matter.

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5 thoughts on “Fatal contradiction

  1. The Scottish Government needs to determine if the Treaty of Union has been broken by Westminster enacting a law that states that Parliament is sovereign. Surely the People of Scotland are sovereign in Scotland! No one is the suzerain of Scotland. No one can enact laws that deprive the People of Scotland of their sovereignty. If Westminster has broken the Treaty of Union, then the Union is over. So, why is the First Minister pussyfooting around with a referendum. Surely whatever Scottish Parliament represents the Sovereign People of Scotland needs simply to resile the Treaty of Union and revoke the Act of Union! Is that the Holyrood Parliament or does the Parliament that was suspended in 1707 need to be recalled? The Scottish Government needs to act right away. A confirmatory referendum should follow the resiling of the Treaty of Union.

    If Nicola and the SNP Government do not act now then the SNP will be responsible for us losing the independence gifted to us by Westminster breaking the Treaty of Union. I’ll never forgive them!


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