Beyond madness?

Given that Boris Johnson’s rejection of her Section 30 order ‘demand’ was anticipated Nicola Sturgeon’s response looks decidedly weak. The observation that the British political elite cares nothing for democracy and holds Scotland in total contempt is just stating the obvious. The claim that the British state’s position is “unsustainable” in the face of it quite evidently being sustained just looks silly. And the stuff about how the awfulness of the Brits will bring about a surge of support for independence might be credible but for the fact that the awfulness of the Brits is the stuff of ancient lore, and the tale of an imminent pro-independence surge seems almost as old.

In terms of action, we get nothing. Apparently, despite having been able to see the rejection letter coming, Nicola wasn’t prepared for it. She needs maybe another week. The nearest we get to anything of substance is the announcement that she will be seeking another parliamentary referendum. Presumably, because there’s a free M&S voucher if you collect enough of the things.

The concern for those of us not inclined to greet the First Minister’s every word with a standing ovation is that the approval she seeks from MSPs will be a straight copy of what was asked for in March 2017. Namely, permission to as permission. Because that’s what all strong leaders do. Isn’t it?

If Nicola Sturgeon goes back to the Scottish Parliament with a motion that mentions “discussions with the UK Government on the details of an order under section 30 of the Scotland Act 1998” then SNP MSPs should tell her to think again. Perhaps reminding her of the definition of insanity often attributed to Albert Einstein. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different outcome then endlessly repeating a course of action which never had a real possibility of the outcome you’re seeking surely goes well beyond mere madness.

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12 thoughts on “Beyond madness?

  1. I thought Johnson’s letter rather good. Doesn’t it make you angry? At the British State?

    It really is over to us now, to be angry and to take the campaign forward against the British State. Not against each other.

    Re: “The claim that the British state’s position is “unsustainable” in the face of it quite evidently being sustained just looks silly.” Thinking of the British State’s position as being sustained s what I would call ‘colonized mind.


    1. We need the Scottish Government to act. Urging them to do so is precisely what we need and what Nicola Sturgeon wants. She wants vocal public demand for a referendum. She doesn’t need us all sitting in a corner having faith and cornflakes.

      You obviously don’t understand the concept of the colonised mind.


      1. re: “You obviously don’t understand the concept of the colonised mind.”

        Another one for the list of things we have in common …


  2. The FM’s letter states towards the end that the “Scottish Government will set out our response and next steps later this month when we will also ask the Scottish Parliament to again endorse Scotland’s right to choose.”

    I assume that this will pass via SNP plus Green votes and maybe even some Labour MSPs, if the likes of Monica Lennon and Neil Findlay remotely mean what they have been saying and have any guts at all. (OK, that’s a bit of a leap of faith but either way NS will get the endorsement).

    But for this to mean anything at all NS needs to press ahead with a referendum regardless, using the backing of the people at the recent UK general election – and 12 out of the last 13 UK, Scottish, European and Local Authority polls – as well as that of the elected representatives to Scotland’s own parliament, the Claim of Right and even the Declaration of Arbroath to justify the action.

    Rather than challenge Boorish and his ilk to justify their stance NS needs to set the date, start the campaign and put the onus on the anti-democrats to challenge our right to hold the referendum on self-determination.

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  3. The present stance of SNP leadership, reminds me of their hopeless and ultimately destructive stance on the Currency Union debacle in 2014.
    During 2014, even tho the UK Govt, and the anti Scottish cabal insisted there would no Currency Union, the SNP side, insisted there would be a Currency Union, and with Independence, UK would change its mind.
    Rather than then call the UK bluff, and put forward an independent currency, and tell UK they can forget it, SNP ploughed on regardless, and even tho, that position was ever more untenable, and was actually creating discord with the wider YES movement,(in that many were unhappy with this position) and creating the desired effect of maximum confusion amongst undecided voters, Alistair Darling had wanted when he made his opposition to the Currency Union known, simply because SNP had opted for it,, where before, he thought it an ideal solution, if only because he didn’t think SNP would chose it. They did, so opposed it!

    We are seeing this same mentality from SNP over this Section30 stuff.
    Seems they have this thing, where they insist on trying to do everything the UK State wants them to do, and in the process, make it impossible to get to Independence.
    It might not be the outcome SNP leadership want.. but that where it leads to…. nowhere!!

    If SNP are incapable of changing, and at present, that’s how it looks (we’d love to be proved wrong), then we need a new political group, a new Party of Independence, to take us forward.
    Last month, at the December General Election, any such new party would have been a bad move in those circumstances, as it would have split the pro Independence vote. It was that very reason, many were opposed to Greens standing in various places. But we now have a different political climate, and we can now consider such a new grouping.
    And if for nothing else, to keep pressure on SNP leadership.
    We need to get them to change, and stop doing everything to please the UK. To stop following the UK rules. which are deliberately set to make Independence impossible.
    A new approach is essential.
    Dissolving the Union via the Scottish Parliament is the only alternative, in my view.
    Taking SNP MPs out of House of Commons would be another half decent move. They should do so now.
    It is utterly pointless,and futile, them continuing to be there in the present circumstances.
    SNP should no longer recognize Westminster rights to rule over this country, but by keeping its MPs there, they can’t make that stand at same time
    We can’t hang around allowing London to do as it pleases any longer.
    Time to act is here, and now.


  4. Possibly the worst response from BoJo would have been – none. It could have taken weeks getting past that one. And probably his most sensible reply would have been “YES First Minister, how quick do you want the transfer”? That didn’t happen either.

    So we’re on the “known” – a refusal in writing on official Number 10 paper at last, rather than verbals from May and Johnson, or spokespeople.

    Practice sessions and warm-up over. It’s now official – it’s game on. And I think Bozo will wish he’d taken option 2 above – sooner rather than later.


  5. Dear Prime Minister,

    I have received, today, a document dated 14 January 2020 on notepaper headed “10 Downing Street” and bearing what appears to be your signature. My advisers inform me that in view of its content it may not be genuine.

    The document purports to be a reply to my earlier letter to you regarding the matter of a Section 30 order.

    I should be most grateful if, by return, you can confirm or deny its authenticity.


    First Minister.

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  6. Both sides have got what they want today, and both can look strong amongst their supporters.
    Boris can show he can lay the law down, as he will be soon getting the law laid down to him by the EU.
    And Nicola can keep her position and angle for another 5 years at helm come 2021. her main bug bear the AUOB radicals spoiling for a charge.

    If she can only reduce the heat gently and hopes that they fade way, juts far enough to stop mentioning “indy ” at every opportunity.


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