All hypocrites together

Does anybody other than Jo Swinson believe that Jo Swinson might be the next British Prime MInister? She obviously believes it with all her mendacious, duplicitous, hypocritical heart. How else might she revoke Article 50 absent a new referendum on the matter – a so-called “peoples’ referendum”. Which, we note in passing, continues to be official Liberal Democrat policy despite the fact that Swinson made no mention of it.

Of course, she was speaking in Scotland. Like all British politicians, Swinson has two faces – the one she shows to voters in England, and the mask she puts on when she ventures north. In Scotland, she must occupy the throne recently vacated by Ruth Davidson. She must don the crown as ‘Queen of the BritNats’. She must strive to be the champion of British Nationalism in Scotland, because she is chasing the same votes that the ‘Ruth Davidson Say No To Indyref2 Party’ took in 2017. The votes of the most ardent British nationalists.

Although she has yet to be formally crowned by the British media, Swinson is the de facto ‘Queen of the BritNats’ and, as such, she must be as fervently opposed to a new independence referendum as her lately de-pedestalled predecessor. To avoid the accusations of hypocrisy and double-standards which inevitably follow from supporting a new referendum on EU membership whilst opposing a new referendum on restoring Scotland’s independence, Swinson has hit on the brilliantly simple tactic of omitting any mention of official Liberal Democrat policy on the former in the hope that nobody will contrast it with her opposition to the latter.

But then, we all do that, don’t we? We try to conceal or minimise inconvenient truths. I’m guilty myself. Look at how I’ve avoided alluding to the discomfiting hypocrisy of the SNP criticising Swinson for prioritising ‘Tory Brexit’ over Scotland’s cause.

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4 thoughts on “All hypocrites together

  1. Jo Swinson has demanded that she be involved in the GE debates. She’s so deluded of course that she can’t see that she’ll be outed, via these debates, as a complete fraud, liar, hypocrite and ignoramus. An idiot. So not BritNat Queen for long, imo.

    And I can’t understand why you keep pushing the line that the SNP prioritise Brexit over Independence. That’s just complete and utter nonsense. Brexit was thrust upon them / Scotland and they’ve had to deal with it. Twists and turns and all, including delay after delay.

    At the end of the day can you imagine what would have happened if Nicola Sturgeon had sat back, done nought about Brexit and then we’d lost Indyref2? Shackled to a gloating Westminster for all time coming, and out of the EU with our country being completely decimated. The latter, losing Indyref1, is a critical issue that Nicola Sturgeon has no doubt had to consider. She and Alex were let down by the Scots in 2014. Not the other way around. It’s also worth noting that it’s only very recently that we’ve seen signs of a majority of sovereign Scots supporting Independence. That wasn’t the case in 2016, 2017, 2018 or during early 2019.

    It’s high time that you showed some faith in and respect for someone who clearly knows more than you do, has access to expert advice that you don’t have and who’s been working her butt off for ALL Scots for many years now, against all odds. No mean feat I’d say and one that few Scots, if any, would ever have been able to contend with.


    1. Petra, it is a fact, it has been there for all to see, SNP has been going big on Brexit, far, far more than Independence.
      Now, no one is suggesting Brexit is not a major issue for SNP, or that the First Minister should just do nothing about it.
      But what is being said, and pointed out, is that the focus has been too much on Brexiit, and not enough effort being put into the Independence side of things.
      That too much time and effort has been wasted on Brexit, while doing next to nothing of real use, to get Independence, and that by insisting on getting London “permission” for a Section 30, it has stalled Independence, and there was no real need to go down that route so exclusively.
      As I have said before, it should not bee seen as a heresy,to point out these flaws.
      But one does of course, hope for something better, but at present, we don’t see much sign of it.

      As for MP Jo Swinson, made notorious for her support of the Bedroom Tax,(and benefit sanctions, etc) I agree 100 percent with you there.
      And she will have a hard time of it trying to be UK Prime Minister,, as she is unlikely to be an MP after December 12. Having revealed herself so much an open supporter of the tories, the voters in her bit of the Scotland just north of Glasgow have precious little time for her now.


      1. Brexit is not a major issue for the SNP, per se, Gordon. It’s a critical issue for the 62% of Scots who voted to remain and in fact for ALL Scots when the Brexit economic sh*t hits the fan. That’s why Nicola Sturgeon has been working to block it. Seemingly “going big on Brexit” because the Westminster numpties have dragged this out for years now, made a convoluted hash of it and it’s in the news every solitary day. More so she HAS to fight to block it in case she’s let down by the Scots once again. Experience tells her that she can’t rely on us. And take a look at my link at 20:02. The real Brexit threat. Don’t you think that she has known from day one what they were capable of doing if Brexit went ahead? And let’s just ask ourselves if she wasn’t in charge in Scotland and it was instead one of the gruesome threesome (or combined) where on earth would we all be now?

        She didn’t ask for Brexit but has been bogged down with it. An additional massive workload for her and what thanks does she get from some quarters? Meanwhile she’s also been working on Indyref2, as examples the Civil Service have been preparing for Indyref2 for 2 years, our investment bank will be up and running at the beginning of next year, people like Dame Marriot Leslie, ex-Head of NATO, is on her committees along with many experts covering every relative field. All preparing for Indyref2. Much of this work is going on behind the scenes and / or news of it is being quashed by the MSM (and unfortunately for us some blogs too) whilst Brexit has been stuffed down out throats on a daily basis for 3 years now.

        Getting “permission” for a S30O hasn’t stalled Indyref2 at all. The lack of clarity in relation to the Brexit outcome (still not known) has stalled Indyref2 (has people still sitting on the fence), although every extra solitary day of witnessing this Brexit debacle has no doubt been increasing support. The S30O route is the one that will completely satisfy the EU and the International community overall. Who wants to hold Indyref2 and “win” it in such a way as to make dissolving this Union extremely difficult, if not nigh on impossible if hit with legal challenges? Who in their right mind would go ahead and tear up the Treaty of the Union if they have no proof that a majority of sovereign Scots have given their permission for them to do so? Nicola Sturgeon isn’t an idiot. Far from it. If her S30O request gets nowhere she’ll make her next move, especially if she has a majority of Scots behind her. One that she won’t be prematurely blabbing her mouth off about, to all and sundry. Another way to look at this too, is to imagine how many non-political Scots will be getting totally p*ssed right off now by some wee ordinary (or lying nutter) man or woman sitting in London telling the Scots that they are not going to “allow” or “permit” us Scots to get whatever. We’ll win this battle if we ALL get behind Nicola Sturgeon. If we don’t, if we’re all convinced by the Peter Bell’s of the World that she’s a hypocrite and worse, we can forget it.


  2. You’ve got a great educational tool at your disposal, Peter. Your site. What about using it more effectively by say enlightening the Scots, rather than constantly using it to undermine Nicola Sturgeon / the SNP? How’s that helping us to get our Independence?

    Your latest article (plus title) supposedly being used to diss Jo Swinson, whilst omitting to outline any one of the dozens of examples of her callous Tory like double standards, just exemplifies the true purpose of your article. Another attack on the SNP.

    Instead of calling them hypocrites (the latest in a long line of name calling) what about highlighting what they’re up against and encourage people to support them? Highlight what the enemy are getting up to instead of giving the SNP a kicking, once AGAIN, alongside the Unionist MSM. How they must love you!

    The Lord’s Constitutional Committee rushed out this report on the last day of Parliament indicating what Boris Johnston is planning to do with Scotland. Anything negative to say about that sneaky, wee, narcissistic hypocrite?


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