Reports of “buckling” greatly exaggerated

With all due respect to Ian Blackford, he is talking patent nonsense. There is absolutely no indication that “the Westminster parties are buckling under the pressure”. None! They are not “buckling” because there is no “pressure”. Not, at least, of the sort that they might be impacted by.

He says it himself. He refers to a “democratically unsustainable position”. By definition, this supposes that what renders the position “unsustainable” is respect for democratic principles. Until Ian Blackford can show evidence of such respect, his claim that the position is unsustainable entirely lacks credibility.

As does his analysis of the election campaign. Mr Blackford opines that the Tories’ denial of Scotland’s right of self-determination will “go down like a bucket of cold sick on Scotland’s doorsteps”, and that is true for many doorsteps. But the ‘Scottish Tories’ won 13 seats in 2017 by the simple expedient of portraying themselves as the party of the Union. With the active collusion of the mainstream media, they elevated a nonentity called Ruth Davidson to the status of ‘Queen of the British Nationalists’ and hoovered up the bulk of the hard-line Unionist votes from across all the British parties in Scotland.

The Queen may be politically dead, but those hard-line Unionist votes are still there. And the “Scottish Tories” know that those votes are theirs for the asking. In fact, they barely even have to ask. British Labour in Scotland is in no position to compete for them. The LibDems are benefiting from the BBC’s obsession with Swinson. But it is doubtful if that might be enough to overcome the inertia which will keep Unionist crosses in “Scottish Tory” boxes.

The Tories’ denial of Scotland’s right of self-determination will NOT “go down like a bucket of cold sick” on the only doorsteps that matter to them. On Unionist doorsteps, it will be lapped up the way Winnie The Pooh guzzles honey. In this election, the British parties in Scotland – and particularly the Tories – don’t have to win, they only have to avoid losing too badly.

It is absolutely crucial to Scotland and to the independence campaign that the SNP take as many seats as possible in the coming UK general election. That requires that the campaign be informed by a realistic appreciation of the situation. It also means the party must be honest with its supporters, the Yes movement and the electorate. Rather than regaling them with triumphalist rhetoric about the Westminster parties “buckling”, tell them the truth – that the opposition is as strong as it ever was and that the threat to Scotland is more real and imminent than it has ever been.

The challenge facing the SNP and the Yes movement in this election is huge. The task of targeting all of Scotland’s 59 Westminster constituencies is unprecedented in scale and ambition. Don’t let politicians carried away with the sound of their own voices persuade you otherwise.

Borrowing the words of Canadian author, Dennis Leigh, Scotland’s own Alasdair Gray urged us to “Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation!”. In this election we must work like we might otherwise find ourselves in the worst, and perhaps the final, days of our nation.

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7 thoughts on “Reports of “buckling” greatly exaggerated

  1. Yes. Let’s not get carried away with the belief that the polls have us home and hosed. Playing the underdog suits the mendacious colonials who rule over Scotland. Like you I am concerned that on the independence side the rhetoric while fine , carries no credible threat.


  2. You point out that it’s absolutely crucial that the SNP take as many seats as is possible in the forthcoming GE. That comment, with around six weeks to go to the GE, follows you running that political party and its leader down to the ground for many months (years?) now. So what should your readers believe? What you’ve been saying for months now or the 6 week to go change of tune?


      1. Quite the contrary, in fact. In the shallow minds of those who see everything in black and white, ! have gone from ‘blind loyalty’ to ‘implacable enmity’ practically overnight. Such people are best ignored. If they can’t understand the arguments there’s precious little chance they’ll understand any explanation of those arguments.

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    1. Petrs, it is not a heresy, to point out flaws in SNP policy regards the Section 30 idea.
      But it is also obvious, that at this moment in time, voting SNP at this particular General Election, is the only sensible thing to do.
      We will have to wait and see ow it pans out thereafter.

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  3. Let’s just hope that it’s not been “impenetrably complicated” for newcomers visiting your site and that your “profoundly nuanced way of thinking”, that is that Nicola Sturgeon / the SNP seemingly have an inferior intellect to you, a non-politician, hasn’t put people off of voting for them.


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