Scotland the less

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It would be good to think that this Court of Session decision would put paid to the delusion plaguing the SNP – that there is a way of fixing Brexit, either at Westminster or in the courts. Brexit can’t be fixed. British politics can’t be fixed.

It would also be good to think that this might help to dispel the various daft notions doing the rounds in the Yes movement about magic ways of making independence happen, either through a Westminster election or in the courts. Notions which, it must be said, the SNP has done nothing to discourage.

Scotland’s independence will be restored when the Scottish Government takes action to assert the primacy in Scotland of the Scottish Parliament on grounds of superior democratic legitimacy. The Scottish Parliament may then order a referendum on Scotland’s constitutional status which permits no external interference.

Contrast this with the SNP position that Scotland is incapable of holding a legitimate constitutional referendum without the immediate and intimate involvement of the UK Government. A position which is surely novel, if not unique, among all the nations which have sought independence since the dying days of the colonial era. How many of those nations actively sought to have another country dictate the rules and procedures by which which their independence referendum was conducted?

Today, many nations hold referendums on amendments to their constitutions. How many of them insist upon or even invite external interference? Imagine if the US Government proposed that the Canadian Government be given a role of any kind in a vote on amending the US constitution. Imagine if it was suggested Switzerland outsource control its referendums.

Why is Scotland always the exception? Why is Scotland’s right of self-determination different from, and less than, that of other nations? And why the hell is the SNP going along with this?

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3 thoughts on “Scotland the less

  1. You are asking a very important Question and i for 1 would love to hear the answer, at the same time i have great faith in the FM i think she is clever, away above any opposition in Hollyrood or Westminster, but i would like to hear the answer to your question, but i do try to be patient it is getting difficult. I am getting old and i do want to see this thing done.

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  2. They are going along with this because it suits Nicola. Its clear she has no intention of fighting back.

    She is stringing us along.

    The voters will never forgive her if she doesn’t use the mandate.

    But she might not be there when it expires!

    She avoided the biggest indi march in history. Why? Because she doesn’t want to hear other people’s opinions. She also has no answer to to the continual refusal of a section 30.

    Tweeting independence is coming is utter mince. Anyone can say that. It was a snub.


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