Litany of complacency

If you didn’t already have concerns about the SNP leadership’s approach to the constitutional issue then you surely will after reading Pete Wishart’s latest blog article. It’s really no more than a restatement of the stuff we’ve been getting from various SNP worthies over the past week or two. This, it seems, is the party’s official response to the growing grumbles of dissatisfaction and increasing demands for a rethink from across the independence movement. Basically, that response boils down to a patronising insistence that dissenting voices should just shut up and leave things to the ‘professionals’. Few do patronising better than Pete Wishart.

There are a number of elements to the message being peddled by and on behalf of the SNP leadership.

Time is not a factor

Relax! No need to fret! There is no urgency! If we just keep on plodding along as we’ve been doing for the last five years then we’ll get there. There’s no need to consider what the British government might do in the meantime. We have to trust that the British establishment will behave with restraint and with respect for democratic principles.

Let’s not think about the fact that, according to the polls, five years of plodding has got us nowhere. Let’s draw a discreet veil over the conduct of the British political elite in recent, and not so recent times. Nothing bad is going to happen! It’ll take as long as it takes.

Opposition is unsustainable

The British political elite can’t go on denying us a referendum. The British public won’t stand for it! Any day now, the people who persist in electing increasing rabid right-wing governments are going to see the error of their ways and tell their political leaders to be nice to Scotland.

We don’t have to do anything. It’ll just happen. Don’t be deceived by the fact that the British parties’ opposition to a new referendum is hardening and the language growing more strident. It’s all going to crumble sometime. Honest!

A Scottish referendum can’t be ‘legal’

The only way a referendum can be ‘legal; is if it is sanctioned by the British government and conducted according to rules and procedures that meet with their approval. Never mind all the international laws and conventions guaranteeing the right of self-determination; these are all subordinate to ‘Great British Law’.

It’s not just us who are expected to accept this. Apparently, it matters not at all how unimpeachably democratic our referendum is, the entire international community will be waiting on the not from the British Prime Minister before they recognise independent Scotland.

Leave campaign strategy to us

The campaign for independence must not deviate in any way from the strategy adopted by the SNP for the 2014 campaign. It doesn’t matter how badly the Union affects Scotland, don’t mention it. Stick with the ‘positive case for independence’ and be keep on trying to find better answers to whatever questions British Nationalists throw at us.

Don’t focus on the fact that this strategy stopped having any effect after 2014. Believe us when we tell you in will work eventually. And don’t worry! We ave all the time we need!

And don’t fret! If the Section 30 process doesn’t work out despite us have all our fingers crossed then “we will have to consider a range of options”. We’re not saying what those options are; or how they can be legal when we’ve said the Section 30 process is the only legal way. It would be better if everybody just stopped talking about other options because we are committed to the Section 30 process despite the fact that we recognise it is likely to fail and we will then need those other options that we don’t want anyone talking about.

Anyway! We’ve plenty of time! Because the British political elite are basically a decent bunch and they’d never do the dirty on us.

People who question any of this are zoomers

Beware of anybody who so much as raises an eyebrow at the SNP’s ‘plans’. Denounce anyone who questions the orthodox analysis and standard conclusions. Ignore all that crazy talk about how it’s Scotland’s referendum because the people of Scotland are sovereign. Disregard the nutters who say the legal validity of our referendum rests on a solid body of international laws and conventions. Anybody who says we should go against the British state is just daft.

Pay no attention to folk who claim the democratic legitimacy of our referendum derives from the sovereignty of Scotland’s people. Obviously, we agree that the people are sovereign. Just not quite as sovereign as the British crown in the British parliament. We must remember our place.

Have you got the message? Are you all just going to settle down and stop your #DissolveTheUnion nonsense?

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14 thoughts on “Litany of complacency

  1. Aye, but mibbies that was a bit too _subtle_ for oor Pete?

    Perhaps if Pete received some constructive suggestions as replies to his blog, he might not be able to continue pretending that he can’t see any other possible ‘strategies’.

    After all, he is supposed to represent ‘us’.


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    1. He’s been offered lots of constructive suggestions over the past year or two. Just as he’s been asked numerous reasonable and pertinent questions about his position. His standard response is to block the people involved. The fact is, he doesn’t recognise any criticism as constructive and he detests anyone questioning his ‘wisdom’.

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      1. Thanks Peter.

        I had not been paying much attention to Pete Wishart for a while now due to his utterly uninspiring attitude.

        Still, chin-up old man, apparently after the prolonged non-campaigning of ‘strategically’ not saying anything inspiring, we _may_ need to consider some thinking.

        From his blog piece:

        “It may indeed be the case that we will have to consider a range of options if the UK continues to oppose a constitutional route to a referendum but we first have to pursue our ambition to secure a legal, agreed and internationally recognised route to deliver the result we require.”

        So we can all just relax now then. [end sarcasm]


  2. I have left a reply on Mr Wishart’s blog.

    I don’t think any of us writing below the line on blogs should adopt the language of scorn towards Wishart or others in the SNP. It may not be possible to convince them of the folly of the section 30 stance, but we certainly won’t make any impression if we are rancorous.

    Keep on going Peter. Keep on exposing the vacuity at the heart of the section 30 strategy. It’s difficult to understand how something so obviously flawed has such a grip on the minds of the SNP leadership. But it becomes more and more ‘unsustainable’, to use one of their favourite words, the more it is held up to scrutiny.


  3. Peter you seem to have missed the fact that Nicola Sturgeon has stated, on a number of occasions, that she’ll be holding Indyref2 next year. When the date is announced I wonder what you’ll find to complain (write) about then? What SNP politician will you be targetted then? Your blog is nothing more or less than an anti-SNP site now. How the Unionists must be loving it.


    1. There are lots of Indy supporters and members of the SNP who share Peters view. Just because one supports the SNP doesn’t mean you have to go along with or blindly agree with everything our MP’s are saying. If we are not capable of independent thought do we really deserve to be an independent nation. ?

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  4. Complacency??? By whom, over what?

    Post extract: Two photos – The Referendums Bill. Scrutinise them as carefully as you can! Question 1) Start (perhaps) by looking at the list of responses – you will find Scotland in Union, but can you find the Yes movement? Question 2) Could it possibly be that the Yes movement are simply not interested in playing an “ACTIVE PART” in something that may dictate Scotland’s future? When you see the words “It’s Time!” and “It’s our Time!” – maybe the Yes movement still has time to turn up and take part – that is the purpose of this F/Book page and the series of videos which will appear.

    From here (with the 2 photos referred to):


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