Hail the new Queen!

Let’s face it! Jo Swinson is not a great thinker. She takes shallowness to the quantum level. Her only hope of appearing clever is to stand next to Richard Leonard. If Jo Swinson was having a cup of tea with Nicola Sturgeon, she’d be the third most intellectually acute thing in the room.

Like pretty much every British Nationalist I have ever encountered – online or in what is tentatively labelled ‘real life’ – Swinson is not just ignorant of Scotland’s independence movement, she is stubbornly and even proudly ignorant. For British Nationalists, it is a badge of honour to be so contemptuously dismissive of Scotland’s distinctive political culture as to know less than nothing about it. No British Nationalist, and certainly no British Nationalist politician would dare show any sign of having given the nature of Scotland’s civic nationalism a moment’s thought. To actually research the matter would be tantamount to heresy.

Jon Swinson is ‘interesting’ only for the fact that, being far too self-regarding to use silence as a means of drawing a veil over her witlessness, she offers the adventurous observer a glimpse into the mind of a fairly typical British Nationalist ideologue. British Nationalist ideologues will doubtless be offended by the suggestion that Jo Swinson is characteristic of their cult. But avoiding giving offence to British Nationalist fanatics is hardly a priority.

When you hear someone say “They’re all the same!”, or some variation thereof, you should know that you are listening to an individual who is too intellectually indolent and/or cognitively limited to discern distinctions. An individual who is simply not equipped to analyse beyond the most superficial level. A fool.

Jo Swinson is a fool. She is a fool on several counts. She is a fool because she cannot contemplate the possibility of different kinds of nationalism. She is a fool because she cannot, on account of the rigid British Nationalist dogma she embraces, acknowledge the distinctiveness of Scotland’s political culture. She is a fool because she allows her attitudes and conclusions to be formed on the basis of prejudice and prejudgement. She is a fool because she is a British Nationalist who has adopted British Nationalist propaganda as truth. And she is a fool because she can’t keep her mouth shut long enough for the impression of dumb windbaggery to fade.

Ruth Davidson has been toppled from her rickety throne and deprived of her tawdry crown! The elevation of Jo Swinson has begun. She has established her credentials as the kind of bigoted buffoon the British media love to foist upon a gullible public as ‘The Next Great Thing’. All hail the new Queen of the BritNats!

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10 thoughts on “Hail the new Queen!

  1. Someone who thinks they can just overturn the result of a referendum because they don’t like it. Is someone who is a borderline fascist:

    “If you don’t like what the people vote for ,sack the people”. Sound familiar.

    I don’t like Brexit ,but England voted for it. I cannot deny that or seek to ignore that. We in Scotland should not seek to deny England what it voted for. We should instead acknowledge it and move on to protect what Scotland voted for.

    Her saying that all nationalism is the same. Is no better than comparing Zimbabwe with Norway. Both are nations ,both have some form of nationalism, but the two of them are at opposite ends of the right left spectrum. Being a nation is normal. England is not normal because their nationalism is right wing and insular. Scotland’s is open and accommodating. We can’t escape England’s right wing nationalism by staying to enjoy the party. We are outnumbered 10/1. We can’t stop what is happening in England.

    But we can make sure Scotland escapes from their dark nationalism. She and her Scottish unionist lapdogs are the nationalists Scotland wants rid of.

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  2. The BritNats are comprised essentially of 2 types – fools and knaves.

    The Knave-in-Chief (at the moment) is Johnson – he has shut down parliament whilst his puppet lawyers are filibustering through the courts.

    Meanwhile the (current) Top Fool (in a strong field of idiots) is Swinson. She’s claimed the crown and reckons on sweeping up the Unionist vote in Scotland. In reality she will in all likelihood split the BritNat vote in Scotland and allow more Independence supporting MPs and MSPs when the next elections come. Too clever by half – a fool indeed.


  3. For a variety of reasons I despise her more than the other anointed saviours that have been foisted on us by the MSM over the years, Davidson, Murphy Dugdale, etc

    On a positive note, Swinson like the rest of them will bite the dust, undone by her lies, hypocrisy, and deceit.

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  4. I don’t think of myself as a Scottish nationalist.
    I’m simply trying to free my country from a colonial occupying power and the enemies within.


    1. I have no problem with being called a nationalist. It’s part of my political philosophy just as it is a part of every person’s political philosophy. You can’t help being a nationalist because you are only directly responsible for public possibly in the place that you call your nation.

      I am content to be called a nationalist because I don’t let anybody – and especially not a bigoted idiot like Swinson – define my nationalism. I define it! Nobody else!

      Turns out it’s nothing very exiting. It’s no more than a matter of accepting democratic responsibility for the good governance of the community of communities we call Scotland. Nae blood! Nae soil! Nae flag! Nae anthem! Just good democratic government.

      I don’t think Scotland is superior to other nations. I just refuse to accept that Scotland is inferior.

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      1. I totally agree with everything you said there, Peter.
        I don’t think of that as nationalism though, it’s just a normal way to feel about the country you live in.
        If other folk want to call it nationalism i’m fine with that.


    2. What do you think a Scottish Nationalist is, Juteman? Your comment kind of sums it up. There are various forms of nationalism; the secret is in knowing which you espouse. I’d hazard a guess that, like the rest of us, you do not wish to trample on others, you want to see your own country independent, but not so that you can invade someone’s else’s and you would prefer to do trade deals with others rather than help yourself to their resources? Oh, and, like the rest of us, you would like to have peace and a level of prosperity for all our citizens, regardless of their natal origins or social background, etc.?

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  5. The nationalism of the British/English Nationalists is the form that is correctly called ‘imperialistic colonialism’; to boot, it is the form the Nazi Party of Germany espoused. It involves ‘Lebensraum’ or living space or expansion – always at the expense of others, usually weaker militarily. It seeks to suck dry the marrow (resources) of those countries it believes it has the right to administer to their detriment. It has a superior sense of its own superiority, quite deluded, but stubbornly persistent and consistent, and its sense of its own entitlement is infinite. It operates ‘best’ (worst, to you and me) at a level of fascistic and totalitarian obliviousness to the plight or, indeed, right of others, and it is usually right-wing, but can be left-wing, too, as we know from the Soviet Union.

    This is not Scottish Nationalism. I, too, am happy to be called a nationalist because that is what I am. I am also a member of the SNP, but never a slavish one, and I support YES always. I believe that my country would be infinitely better served by being independent, but I am not a blood-and-soil nationalist. Had the Union been allowed to work for all four parts of the UK instead of for one part only, I am not sure that I would still be a nationalist. I have never been anti Union per se, just anti Union as it is. It is a travesty, a disgrace and abomination, and it could have been so much better. Then again, the nationalism that is ‘imperialistic colonialism’ ensured that it would never be so.

    As for Jo Swinson, Ruth Davidson had more wit in her pinkie than that woman has in her head. Some day, when they are both retired, she and Willie Rennie will make a fine pair of wallie dugs for the mantlepiece, with Leonard and Tomkins as two wolves pretending to be iron sheep either side of the fender. Until then, she should be put in a box with the lid on and placed in a safe before she does real and permanent damage to Scotland and all of us who live here. I have never heard such absolute rot than that which comes out of her cake hole. Exceptionally stupid people can be just as dangerous as ill-intentioned clever people – more so, because they, generally, do not have a clue as to what they are doing and what the repercussions might be.

    So, now, we are not, under any and all circumstances, to be allowed, in the lifetime of any living person or persons yet to be born, or, indeed, their offspring and theirs after that, ad infinitum, another referendum on independence, and even if we do manage to wangle one, and, by some miracle, manage to achieve a YES vote, the result will be ignored – in advance, with advance warning. Democracy? Don’t you just love it? The bottom of that pond must be getting very short of life forms, so many are sitting at Holyrood or at Westminster in the British/English Nationalist seats, pretending to be human and scoofing taxpayers’ money. Some of them genuinely do not have a brain; they are operated via a nerve centre in their abdomen which is operated via certain stimuli – often, just the sight of a Union Jack or a hundred pound note. It’th true, it’h true, it’h true.


  6. On another note. Email from my local SNP branch.

    Dear …..

    We all know that a General Election can be called at any time. And this would lead to our demand for IndyRef2!

    Looks like we were correct. SNP don’t think the existing mandate is enough. Strategy laid bare.We are waiting on WM acknowledging our rights.

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