The habit of treachery

It is always good for the people of Scotland to be reminded that we simply cannot trust British Labour.

Anybody who was naive enough to fall for the recent ‘assurances’ from Corbyn and McDonnell that they would not stand in the way of a new independence referendum is probably stupid enough to have missed the point that these ‘assurances’ presumed the right to stand in the way of that referendum. Corbyn and McDonnell, just like their counterparts in the other British parties, take it for granted that the British state has the authority to deny Scotland’s right of self-determination. They assume that the Union bestows this right on any British executive regardless what colour of rosette they sport.

Apologists for British Labour will doubtless seek to dismiss this back-pedalling on those earlier assurances as just the British Labour leadership throwing a bone to the craven curs in their North British branch office. But those of us who have not forgotten or forgiven British Labour’s treacherous complicity with the Tories in the 2014 referendum campaign will realise that if they can treat the existing mandate for a referendum with such casual contempt then there is no rational reason to suppose they won’t do the same with the next one. And the one after that.

Why should British Labour, or any of the British parties, feel bound by any of the assurances they offer to Scotland when the Union gives them licence to indulge in whatever deception or dishonesty may be politically expedient? If they assume they have the rightful authority to treat Scotland’s Parliament and people with contempt, surely we would be extremely foolish to assume that they would shy away from exercising that power.

It cannot sensibly be denied that the constitutional issue is central to Scotland’s politics. The people of Scotland would do well to remember that, in terms of this overwhelmingly important issue, there is absolutely nothing to distinguish British Labour from British Conservatives of any other British party. They are all Unionist by conviction. They will never respect the will of Scotland’s people if doing so might in any way compromise their ‘precious Union’.

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4 thoughts on “The habit of treachery

  1. Unfortunately at the last referendum too many voters believed their lies and Miss-information. These are the very people who phoned Pensioners and lied to them that they would lose there pensions if they voted yes. The level of lies and mis-information from BLiS is astonishing. And I’ll bet there are still voters who believe them. I sometimes wonder who are the worst Liars them or the Tory’s. Being only a matter of time before Boris tries to shut Holyrood, you can be rest assured if Labour had been in power today they would do exactly the same thing. They will do anything to save this minacious union.


    1. I think some people believed the lies, but I think that many, many more wanted to believe the lies. We just did not ask the right questions after the 2014 result and we did not challenge that NO vote, its demographics and its assumptions. That was a huge mistake, and all to try and pander to a minority of rUK voters. There is no other explanation: EU NO voters have lost out big time by believing the lies; Scottish British Nationalists actually lost the referendum and would do so again, if you took rUK NO voters out of the equation, because Scots-born Scots won the referendum; and the only voters who really got what they wanted and continue to get what they want are those rUK NO voters (almost three-quarters of the entire rUK contingent in Scotland voted NO, an ethnic vote if anything was) many of who were also Leave voters (by far the biggest Leave vote demographic, too). Those are the bald, bare, unvarnished facts. I have no desire to hurt anyone and I have not desire to make rUK voters, NO or YES, feel they are not welcome in Scotland, but it is time we told these people who voted NO in 2014 that they have not only denied us our independence, and they also brought us Brexit by tying us into the UK. I now want us to ask them: by what moral right did you do that? Who gave you the right to decide the future of millions of Scots? By not asking these questions in 2014, the SNP effectively gave the NO voters carte blanche to weld us into the Union after Brexit. Fear of accusations of anti Englishness have sealed our fate – unless we act to reverse matters very soon. The UN specifically looks upon such a negative vote by migrants into any country seeking its independence as ‘colonial’ and backward, not to mention politically reprehensible. We have more than our fair share of negative DUP lookalikes without others swelling their ranks for utterly selfish and self-centred reasons. If we want to move in independence and take all our people with us – regardless of origin – I think some home truths are long overdue.

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  2. The representatives of the British parties lie casually, brazenly and in plain sight. They do this because it is consequence-free. They say anything to get them through the day or particular situation. They will always lie as lying is in the DNA of the British political system – it is the means of getting elected, personal advancement, getting on and getting their way. The only thing that is different today than from previous eras in British politics is that their mendacity is so obvious and they are not held to account by a the mass media or the law.


  3. The difficulty for Labour is that their next shot at government is likely to be as a minority government needing SNP support. So I read their statements today as being revision of their earlier opening shots for negotiation.

    If they need SNP support, they will have to offer a Section 30 order. And they have realised that if they offer the Section 30 too soon, we will have our referendum and very likely be away from Westminster in 18 months, leaving Labour to lose office very quickly. So today was about making clear that the SNP has to stay around for a few years to work for its Section 30.

    The real danger inherent in this is not that Labour would not ultimately deliver a Section 30 if they had promised. It is more that the SNP would be made to pay a high price in supporting legislation which was not favourable to Scotland and would end up being discredited by what it had to support and then, discredited, allowed to hold a referendum with a Section 30 order.

    Think what happened with the Lib Dems in the coalition, who were handed the Ministry with responsibility for Student Finance and left to do the honourable thing for the tories and shaft the students. OK, under the scenario I am suggesting, the SNP would be unlikely to enter coalition, but could be left to vote through some dreadful things.

    I am not bothered about what Labour might be offering, the lesson is clear – the SNP must not buy a Section 30 order by offering support for anything in exchange. At Westminster the SNP must deal with a minority Labour Government on a measure by measure basis, purely on the merits of the measure. Either we get our Section 30 or we do not based on the strength of feeling for Independence in Scotland. And ultimately we leave.


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