Uncertainty and confusion

With all due respect to Kathleen Nutt, any Tory plans regarding an October 17 UK general election are definitively not secret if you are writing an article about them. By the end of the article it is clear that there is more of speculation than revelation about these supposed plans.

The reality is that there are so many moving pieces to this puzzle that they can be arranged to spell out almost any course of events or outcome. It is this uncertainty which is most the most disturbing aspect of the current political climate. And the most troubling aspect of the uncertainty is that we cannot be sure how much of it is a function of incompetence and complacency, and how much the product of premeditation and malign intent.

It is, of course, perfectly possible that Boris Johnson is exactly the bungling oaf he appears to be. But it is at least as likely that this is a carefully cultivated public persona contrived to conceal a more villainous reality. We should ask ourselves how credible it is that an individual as idiotic as Johnson appears to be might achieve the highest political office in the UK. We should also ask ourselves whether, given what is at stake, we can afford to assume benign buffoonery rather than a purposeful effort to steer developments in a particular direction.

Confusion is a close cousin of doubt. Both are powerful tools for manipulating public perceptions and attitudes. If people are to be led towards a particular choice they must first be deprived of more obvious choices. Generalised uncertainty has the effect of making all choices appear equally valid. The choice to which people are being lured need only be given a lick of validity-coloured paint in order for it to appeal to the dumb beast that is the mob.

Oppressive regimes tend not to announce themselves. Generalised uncertainty may be the only harbinger. But who can be sure?

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3 thoughts on “Uncertainty and confusion

  1. I would be of the opinion, that this “bafoonery” is to a large extent, an invention.
    It is true, B.Johnson can be idiotic, and has an old World view of things, from the Empire days, as taught him, and the likes of Rees Mogg, at his school in Eton, England.
    But he certainly has a degree of intellect, and far more so than Donald Trump, but he sees how Trump does things, and he knows he might be able to copy that, to his advantage.
    This confusion you mention, must be a deliberate policy on his part. What he is hoping to achieve out of it, remains to be seen.
    But he is only out for what he can get from it, rather than what is best for UK, and he doesn’t care about Scotland, for sure.
    What I don’t find helpful, is those commentators, who love to make a parody of this guy, the way some seem to do., for he must like that. He is much more devious than that,and all this cheap parody stuff does, is mask his actual intent.
    A person with that much power and authority, and as dangerous with it, as this guy, should not be treated so lightly..


  2. I am reminded of a statement made in the 1950s by a little known writer, Herald Froy, to the effect that “no power on earth can deflect from his chosen path the man who says NOTHING!”.

    Alexander Boris dePfeffel Johnson utters many words but effectively says NOTHING.

    We live in interesting times.

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  3. What number “drop” of an election is this. I think we get a new one every other week.

    These are deliberate media drops…and they are NOT about any election. These are the best “Dead Cats” because they both distract and de-mobilise the public.
    – One of there purposes is to take oxygen out of any mobilisation….”it’s OK, Don’t worry, there will be an election and we can just sort it out before any disaster.”
    – It also stops people talking about what is actually happening.

    Right now the UK should be so alarmed by what their government is planning to unleash on them…but its all quite. Even PV have sunk back into the noise post the EU election. Scotland is basically holding marches….this is where they should have been in 2017 when NS putt in the section 30 letter. Not months before this Brexit dystopia is unleashed.

    Its really past time for YES to take the SNP by the hand and lead them to act.


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