Beware of swans

I don’t suppose Derek Mackay really believes that a British government minister being caught in a blatant lie will be “hugely embarrassing for the Tories”. I expect that, like most of us, he learned long ago that British Nationalists have absolutely no qualms about lying in defence of their precious Union. In fact, it is expected of them. Liz Truss wouldn’t be where she is today if she was not ready and eager to participate fully in the British state’s anti-Scottish propaganda campaign.

Far from being embarrassed, Liz Truss will be very pleased with herself. she got the headlines disparaging Scotland; she knows the media will play down the rebuke from the UK Statistics Authority; and she can be confident that there will be no consequences for her, other than being bought congratulatory drinks by her colleagues.

They just don’t care. British Nationalists don’t care about their lies being exposed because they don’t consider it wrong to lie for the Union. Any behaviour, however reprehensible in other contexts, is totally justified if it’s purpose is to further the British Nationalist cause. He (or she) who casts the first, biggest and most stones is without sin.

Derek Mackay, I’m certain, is well aware of this. The stuff about the Tories being embarrassed is just political rhetoric. No harm in that. Or is there?

It is common to see on social media comments about how the Tories are panicking and the British government is in meltdown and the suggestion that, if we just wait long enough and expose enough of their failures and wrongdoings, the whole lot will collapse and leave us a clear run to independence. And it is true that, on social media, there is to be found much evidence to support this notion of the British establishment being fearful and discombobulated. But what we see on Twitter is the webbed feet frantically paddling. Above, the swan of the British ruling elite glides gracefully on, unperturbed by any number of chastisements from any number of Sir David Norgroves. Impervious to Derek Mackay’s political rhetoric. Unmoved by being ‘slammed’ on Twitter for the umpteenth time by the First Minister.

They don’t care. They don’t care because the Union means they don’t have to care. They don’t care because, in 2014, we told them they didn’t have to care. When Scotland voted No it boosted the already vaunting confidence of British political elite in its power to deal with the ‘Scottish problem’.

The idea that if we give them enough rope they’ll hang themselves is utter folly. The more rope the are given the better they can bind us. We keep on giving them rope and they just use it to string Union flag bunting along every street in Scotland. The notion that the more the British state’s lies and misdeeds are exposed the more people will turn to thoughts of independence is just naive. Because, in general, people don’t care anymore than the likes of Liz Truss does. Tell them a UK Government minister has been talking Scotland down with brazenly dishonest statements and, supposing they even hear you, their thoughts turn to soap operas and football and sex and the problem of affording new shoes for the kids and sex.

The British state is not crumbling. However frantically the feet may be flapping under the water, on the surface the swan goes calmly on about its business. While some urge independence supporters to hang on in the hope that the swan of the British establishment will panic under a hail of exposés in The National and drown, the thing just keeps on going. Swans don’t forget how to swim.

Whatever it may look like from the social media perspective, the British political machine is not close to cracking. The juggernaut of rabid ‘One Nation’ British Nationalism isn’t measurably slowed by all the indignation and outrage at lies told by British politicians. The threat to Scotland’s democracy isn’t lessened one iota by revelations of British perfidy.

We cannot afford to wait in the hope that the Union will break. We must act to break it.

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9 thoughts on “Beware of swans

  1. They don’t see it because they’re busy with their lives, jobs and families. I’ve spoken to people who take no interest whatever in Scottish politics despite being switched on and perceptive in other ways. I’ve been quite shocked by their attitude. Whilst I take a keen interest I’m no expert but I can see Scotland sleep walking into being tied to England forever if more people don’t wake up to the threat. It’s scary and I don’t mind saying that as we get closer to 31 October, I’m very worried about what will become of Scotland.

    As for the liars in the UK Government. England better watch out because lying is now so endemic amongst their politicians no one bats an eyelid. They might be gunning for Scotland at the moment but once we’re “subdued” (or more hopefully gone our own way) they won’t switch it off.

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  2. It’s not news that the Brits lie to Scots.

    What would be news, is the no voters in Scotland actually waking up and opening their eyes to the truth. Us telling them they are being lied to, is not enough for some of the lazy brainwashed individuals to go and seek the truth.

    The no voter in Scotland is a blind consumer. The yes voter is a wide eyed seeker of the truth.

    Once you see the truth there is no going back to the artificial reality of the Matrix. We need them to take the red pill!

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  3. As others have noted, and SNP leadership should take notice of it, the fact is, most ordinary ppl don’t bother with twitter, or follow thru on political blogs.
    Fat too many still get their info from redtop tabloids. Labour in Scotland is well aware of that fact, and used it to great advantage for decades. They used it to their own personal advantage via Gordon Brown and the Daily Record in 2014.
    But there does come a time, when even those ordinary folks begin to see thru it.
    But it is still the case, too many only see the main headline or get that snippet on the BBC News, without getting the whole of the follow up story.
    But the SNP is acting a bit like Labour did in the 2010-2015 period, when they were trying to out tory the tories on Social Security, simply to avoid media attacks.
    It is time the SNP leadership stopped being so polite about these things,and went on the offensive themselves.
    The media will soon take note, and so too will these unionist politicians, if they know they will be roundly condemned in a forceful enough manner.
    Just now, they have been allowed to get away with it.


  4. “Union Dead-Cat Crazies” are designed to suck the oxygen out. They make sure no-one can discuss what is really happening…and with Brexit it needs a lot of / and continuous cover. Hence, why these dead cats never cease and appear each more deranged than the last.

    Of course they are not individually planned…they don’t need to be. All the Leader needs to do is let them run and not reign them in. You only need to ask yourself: If leaders normally keep a tight reign on their wayward backbenchers…why not now?

    This cycle has been clear for about 2 years now. Drop an isolated Brexit bad news – smother with dead cats…repeat.

    Notice that no-one has a full list of all the brexit bad news – bits are only discussed in isolation and forgotten.

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    1. It’s a well-used technique for keeping the public in the dark while being able to claim, with supporting evidence, that you’ve been informing them all along. It can be seen in the way the media is able to deny ‘bias’ by pointing to particular items – ignoring the fact that they’re smothered by anti-Scottish or anti-EU propaganda. Or in the way capitalism’s disastrous failures are presented as isolated, one-off incidents. Then, of course, there’s the ‘one bad apple’ line. I think we’re all familiar with that.


      1. Peter – that is it exactly. However, I am still shocked how well it has worked.

        Once they appointed a Minster for Food Supply, announced they were ere stockpiling body bags, and that military planning for emergency actions are underway. That was the signal for Scotland to act and the public to say “No more”. Sadly, no. It was just another news day.

        I hope people are starting to seriously plan measure for Brexit day..

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  5. We need a well-timed Ian Blackford moment in the UK parliament, standing up for Scotland’s rights and then walking out. Watching Scotland’s MPs being treated with contempt by the UK Parliament and the BBC is one of the few things that seems to rouse passive soft No’s. Followed by an Alyn Smith ‘Cher Colleagues’ speech in the EU parliament. Followed by announcement of the date of the referendum.

    Don’t leave it till they declare ’emergency powers’, Nicola. Scotland’s future still very much in your hands, but only if you act before they take away your power.

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