Bad doctor!

To be fair to Paul Kavanagh, the headline on his column in The National is rather misleading. He doesn’t actually say “Scottish independence is about escaping the UK’s Brexit fantasies“. But it would be understandable if he did. Because this is precisely what the Scottish Government has done. Intentionally or otherwise, it has linked the independence cause so intimately and inextricably with Brexit that it is now common to hear people say a new referendum cannot happen if Brexit is called off. Or that no action can be taken to move the independence project forward until after Brexit has happened.

Rarely, now, is independence or a new referendum discussed without Brexit being mentioned. Nicola Sturgeon may occasionally make some passing remark saying it’s not all about Brexit, but a few throw-away lines cannot outweigh the months and years of talk that has been all but exclusively about Brexit.

Scottish independence is NOT about escaping the UK’s Brexit fantasies; as I am sure Paul Kavanagh realises. In fact, it is now apparent that the Scottish Government isn’t even trying to effect Scotland’s escape from Brexit fantasies. To the very limited extent that the First Minister has revealed her intentions, these would appear to be to let Scotland be dragged out of the EU against the will of Scotland’s people and then maybe do something at some unspecified time after that.

The Scottish Government’s remit is to save Scotland from Brexit. Not to prevent it happening altogether. I, for one, would never give them a mandate to disrespect England’s voters the way the British political elite disrespects Scotland’s voters. While the Scottish Government is busy failing to thwart the democratic will of England’s voters, the British government is being allowed to get away with denying the democratic will of Scotland’s people. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this picture?

Scottish independence is NOT about escaping the UK’s Brexit fantasies. It is about escaping the Union which gives the British state the power to impose Brexit on us. Brexit is merely a current, and particularly egregious example of how the Union leaves Scotland at the mercy of a corrupt and incompetent British political elite and an English parliament that has NO democratic legitimacy in Scotland. What is the point of escaping Brexit while the Union remains? It will only be a matter of time before the British state once again treats Scotland’s voters with the same contempt shown when Scotland’s Remain vote was summarily dismissed and our elected representatives excluded from negotiations.

Brexit is but a symptom. The Union is the disease.

Right now, the Scottish Government isn’t even treating the symptom effectively while apparently having forgotten about the disease entirely. Lashing the independence cause to the millstone of Brexit was a very bad idea. Failing to attack the disease of the Union has been a fateful mistake. I don’t know if it is possible to recover from these errors of judgement. But I know the Scottish Government has to try.

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10 thoughts on “Bad doctor!

  1. Totally agree, Peter.
    Somehow the SNP seem to have boxed themselves into a corner. They seem more interested in stopping the democratic will of the English, rather than being the party of Scottish independence.
    I understand why they are doing it, but the time is nigh to step away and concentrate on Scotland.

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  2. Still nothing from SNP HQ about what they intend to do.

    We hear sound bites in the media, tweets from MP’s. The same tweets and sound bites we have been hearing for 3 years. No visible action ,just angry words about the people of Scotland not taking this lying down.

    For God’s sake speak to us Nicola. We are all worried about our futures and whether Scotland can escape this crazy union. We have the media telling the world there is no mandate for independence. All the unionist MP’s telling us the same thing. Yet the SNP lie down and take these assaults on our democracy.

    At least tell us not to worry, and you have a plan. At the moment we are all thinking the same thing. That there is no plan!

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  3. Brexit is just another projectile thrown at Scotland courtesy of the Union. The burial of McCrone, the filching of our maritime integrity, the very first hurdle – the 40% rule -, the poll tax…they have all been tossed at Scotland like hand grenades without a by-your-leave or any real warning. We have allowed these impositions to happen. Brexit is just another brickbat courtesy of the Union and should be treated as such. This will not stop if Brexit is stopped – not to mention the profoundly anti democratic interference in English domestic affairs – because the steamroller of the intended One Nation State rolls on regardless and will keep rolling on after Brexit, however we leave. Any other interpretation of what is intended for us by the British State is just wishful thinking and delusion writ large. If they come forward with a viable plan to share power on a parity basis, with access to all foreign affairs, defence, etc. decisions, as well as Full Fiscal Autonomy, it might, just, be worth considering. Otherwise, it is a load of steaming ordure. Maybe it does appear to be paranoid, but so arrogant and perfidious has been the British State since its dawning that we would be extremely foolish to believe anything it says, does or offers without close and cynical scrutiny.

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  4. ” I, for one, would never give them a mandate to disrespect England’s voters the way the British political elite disrespects Scotland’s voters. While the Scottish Government is busy failing to thwart the democratic will of England’s voters, the British government is being allowed to get away with denying the democratic will of Scotland’s people.”

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head when you identify the SNPs attempts to save the English from Brexit. It is disrespect for English voters. I know that a reason given is that Scotland does not want a harmed state as a neighbour, as that may have an effect on us. I suggest that in this case, we are not our neighbour’s keeper, and we must allow them to take responsibility for themselves, even to harm themselves. I’m not sure that an English state that harms itself will have a deleterious effect on Scotland. Certainly Scotland within the UK has been, is and will be harmful to the Nation.

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  5. Scotland’s Remain vote has been ignored, and Scotland has been excluded from the Brexit negotiations; and yet we must ‘save’ England from itself. Ignoring Scotland seems to be contagious. Even the leadership of Scotland’s party of Independence have become infected.

    England does not need to be ‘saved’. Brexit is unlikely to be good for it, but life will go on. And, as has been pointed out, this was the democratic wish of the English and Welsh people, Nicola Sturgeon has no business attempting to subvert it. However, Brexit has provided a giant opportunity to show that the Scotland and England are moving irreconcilably in different political directions and must constitutionally go their separate ways.

    An opportunity which is being unpardonably squandered by the SNP.

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  6. And some folks wonder why there is now talk of a new pro Independence Party!
    We need such a new grouping very much, I’d say.


    1. Might we not be better putting our energies into fixing the tool we have rather than embarking on a highly dubious and speculative project to create a new tool?


      1. I do wonder if the Rev is really serious about putting up a new independence party? If the SNP take the message on board, I think he might be satisfied with that, but he is right about all those wasted List seats. It would be a huge risk and it would be subverting the D’Honte principle of PR. The British Nationalist parties do it all the time, but they get away with it because they are not the majority party in Scotland which takes the greatest number of FPP seats. Not that that would stop them from accusing the SNP of trying to undermine the system. I think it needs to be thought through carefully. What I also think is that the SNP had this coming, which is sad in itself.


        1. I’m pretty sure that giving the SNP a poke was part of Stu’s intention. How big a part, there’s no way to know. If it serves as a wake-up call, I’d be fine with that.


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