Bust the myths! Bust the Union!

The myth-busting campaign being run by The National is undoubtedly worthwhile and we should all give it our full support. I shall be buying several copies tomorrow and taking them to various pubs around Perth. The things I do for the cause!

However – and I have no wish to put a damper on The National’s efforts – this is all still too defensive for my liking. As well as busting the myths we need to be condemning those who created them in the most forthright terms. We should be examining and exposing the malign motives behind the myths. And we should stop calling them myths! They are lies!

My sincere hope is that this campaign will build to an honest and rigorous appraisal of the Union and what it means for Scotland. It is good that people should be aware of its origins. But it is more important still that people are made aware of how the Union has been used against Scotland over many decades. How it has evolved as a tool of the British political elite; a constitutional device by means of which the people of Scotland are denied the full and proper exercise of their rightful sovereignty.

Most importantly, people need to understand how the powers over Scotland that the Union confers on the British political elite are now being deployed in the service of a relentlessly anti-democratic British Nationalist ideology. A ‘One Nation’ project which, if left unchecked, will dismantle our democratic institutions, eradicate our distinctive political culture, destroy our essential public services and seek to obliterate Scotland’s identity as a nation.

Bust all the myths you like! As long as the Union persists others will be devised to take their place. And when the lies cease to be effective, be in no doubt that ruthless Britannia will not flinch from using more aggressive methods to maintain her jealous grasp on Scotland.

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5 thoughts on “Bust the myths! Bust the Union!

  1. These are the historical myths/lies/deceptions about the benefits of the Union and negativities of Scottish Independence. if you do not like them we i.e. British elite in conjunction with MI5/6, MSM and BBC will create some more?

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  2. For some reason, the legal aspects of the Union, from Scotland’s point of view, is anathema to even independence elements in Scotland. The resident historian, Hamish MacPherson, has done sterling work in The National to highlight the historical facts surrounding the Treaty, but the legal ramifications for both nations, and for the subsequent UK, are ignored in favour, apparently, of more modern democratic principles that place us at a distinct disadvantage. Never mind, if we can pander to those who abhor independence, so much the better; it shows that we are democrats and inclusive, even when it specifically excludes ourselves from being able to achieve anything very much. We live in an age of superficiality and the might of the minority. By that, I do not mean that minorities should not have their rights and protections like everyone else, but so often, implications are not thought through and we end up with really quite gross injustices against established rights. It was All Hail the new legislation on trans rights on the question of self-IDing until someone thought to point out the likely implications for women’s hard-won rights. It is the same with independence and how we aspire to it. The prevailing wisdom is that we must not prejudice new Scots even though many of them exercise their right to say NO at the expense of many old Scots’ right to say YES. Most ‘rights’ come down to a balance between ‘his rights and hers’, ‘my rights and yours’ and it is only when one lot’s rights are allowed to prevail unthinkingly that real resentments fester beneath the surface.


  3. Peter,
    Just thought you might be interested, someone is posting on this topic in The National as Pete Bell.
    I think you might have a Cheltenham tribute band. The lyrics are mince (Fiscal Black Hole etc).


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