Writing in The National, Ruth Wishart offers an excellent analysis of the not-so-subtle change from Scottish Office to UK Government in Scotland. I would only make the point that the start of this process coincided only coincidentally with the coming of “the UK’s coalition government”. What triggered the metamorphosis was the British parties losing control of the Scottish Parliament.

The day Alex Salmond took office as First Minister was the day the British establishment decided that Holyrood had to be reined in, or closed down. It is that imperative to put the Scottish Parliament back in its box which has driven the transformation of the role of the Secretary of State for Scotland from being Scotland’s representative in the UK cabinet to being the British state’s overseer in Scotland.

This is not a controversial observation. Even the British government has dropped any pretence that the Scotland Office exists for the benefit of Scotland and its people. In this instance, it is totally accurate to say that ‘everybody knows’ what Alister “Union” Jack’s remit is.

The metamorphosis of the old Scottish Office is not yet complete. It will soon emerge as an unelected shadow administration accountable, not to Scotland’s voters, but solely to the British executive. A British government department to govern a British territory in the interests of the British ruling elite.

Wielding powers similar to those of a colonial Governor-General, the head of this department is tasked with undermining, side-lining and by-passing the democratically elected Scottish Parliament in whatever ways he considers will be most effective. To this end, he will be given a generous budget funded entirely by Scottish taxpayers. Money will be siphoned from the Scottish budget and diverted from the replacement for EU funding.

Within a very short time, Alister “Union” Jack will plead that he has insufficient powers to do his job properly. He will call for ever more powers to be transferred to his department from the Scottish Parliament in order that he might more effectively create the “UK-wide common frameworks” that are a transparent euphemism for direct rule from London. This will include powers which will allow him to sanction fracking as an economic necessity and bring NHS Scotland into line with NHS England the better to facilitate privatisation and a sell-off to US corporations which will not do any kind of deal while a ‘lefty’ Scottish Government has control of Scotland’s public health service.

As powers are stripped from the Scottish Parliament, responsibilities will be left. Successful projects will be plastered with Union flags and the UK Government in Scotland will take the credit, while the British media will help to ensure the blame for any failure is placed squarely on the shoulders of the SNP administration.

The British establishment regards the Scottish Parliament as a problem. Has done since at least 2007. The UK Government in Scotland is the solution to that problem. The fact that it is an affront to every principle of democracy and an insult to the people of Scotland is of no consequence. Jealous Britannia will have her way.

The British establishment has, in fact, regarded Scotland as a problem for considerably more than 300 years. Devolution was intended to deal with that problem. That has backfired rather badly. The British Nationalist ‘One Nation’ project is seen as the final solution to the ‘Scottish problem’.

As Ruth Wishart says, “time is very much of the essence”. If we are to halt this ‘One Nation’ Project before Scotland’s democracy is dismantled and our very identity obliterated in a storm of Union flags, we must act NOW to #DissolveTheUnion.

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9 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. I”m not sure if Green co leader Patrick Harvies has been quoted correctly, as we see from news reports MSP Harvie, is insisting on !the Referendum route only, for Independence.
    He is not too sensible, these days, I’d say.
    He clearly is not thinking this through, well enough!


  2. Peter,
    You are thinking too small.

    This “Metamorphosis” project has moved on. Its no longer about reigning in Scotland…or just a “One Nation” agenda (yes those will happen). Brexit has moved the entire enterprise.

    The disaster capitalists and rent seekers see a new opportunity in the current events. They have their eyes not only on the individual wealth and property, but also the collective wealth embedded in the post WW2 social services. What is about to unfold in the UK will be the great disposition of the middle and working classes (on a scale never seen before). Sure they may not have prepared ports and customs for you, but they have prepared their finances and are all set to be the big winners in the disaster fire sale.

    The “Metamorphosis” that the UK state has embarked upon is about to create a wealth disparity so severe The Gilded Age will look like a picnic. Brexit gave them the source code to re-set the entire system in their favour.


      1. Peter,

        To me, you are one of the clearest Indy thinkers around.

        I was only trying to proffer that the threat to Scotland is even larger than you wrote….hence more pressing and even more of an existential threat. The neutering of Scotland’s democratic institutions alone to many may feel like just stepping back to before the 1997 Devolution ref…terrible but reversible with time. It is no longer that, this is a frightening new reality.

        For well over a year you have been warning of the dangers of delay. Once, what is effectively, the “re-colonisation” of Scotland’s political institutions is put into the wider context – this won’t be a little hiccup where Scots can just fight the next election to return to “normal”.

        I wrote ages ago
        …. “While people are mockingly deriding the Tories for lack of planning at ports, the Tory Cabinet has been building the foundations of a new and very dangerous legislative framework. Think of it like a joint the dots picture….at the moment we the public only see random dots…The full impact will only become obvious once they link them at the end.”…
        It now looks like they will do these things to Scotland – not because it wants to “crush the saboteurs”. They will do this because they plan to milk the country dry and there can not be any voice against them.


  3. I can’t handle much more of this, I think I have given up the ghost. I feel seek to my stomach…. The truth hurts for sure…


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