Gail Ross MSP has “considerable cause for concern”. The forces of ‘One Nation’ British Nationalism are gathering with the clear intention of dismantling Scotland’s democratic institutions, and Gail Ross has “considerable cause for concern”. People are being appointed by the new British Prime Minister who are explicitly tasked with preserving the Union regardless of the democratic will of Scotland’s people, and Gail Ross has “considerable cause for concern”.

Our cherished public health service, our valuable food and drink industry are to be sacrificed on the altar of British imperialist pretension, and Gail Ross has “considerable cause for concern”.

The distinctive political culture Scotland has been developing founded on principles of fairness, dignity and respect is about to be eradicated, and Gail Ross has “considerable cause for concern”.

The entire constitutional settlement is about to be unilaterally rewritten by far right British Nationalist ideologues intent on imposing their inanely jingoistic notion of Britishness on Scotland along with a brand of neo-liberalism stripped of any vestige of economic rationality or social conscience or basic human decency, and Gail Ross has “considerable cause for concern”.

I too have “considerable cause for concern”. I am concerned that, while arguably the greatest threat Scotland has ever faced looms closer by the day, the people we elected to represent and defend Scotland’s interests seem unable or unwilling to articulate that threat, far less confront it.

I am concerned that Gail Ross and her colleagues are not nearly concerned enough about our nation’s predicament.

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3 thoughts on “Concerned

  1. The policy all along appears to have been: we will, you know…; yes, we will definitely…; if you don’t stop that now, we’re going to… Sinn Fein refuses to send its MPs to Westminster, and the reasons are manifold, not the least being that they will not even recognize Westminster’s authority. Another is that they learned very early on in the party’s 20th century history that if you place radical people on high salaries and golden pensions in one of the biggest cities in the world, you are going to tempt them. The British State understands that, too. Some will never be suborned, but others will. They will come to depend on the fat salary and the gold-plated pension. Ditto for Holyrood. No one wants to lose his or her job when he/she has a family to feed and clothe, but the very act of enabling radical parties to exist and fight on our behalf (Labour is in a similar position, or was when it was actually radical) becomes toned down as security replaces radicalism and bums polishing seats becomes the norm. Westminster has forgotten how to be radical and Holyrood never really was, except for perhaps a short period before and after the indyref.

    What I find most disturbing is that all of what has happened has been so evident from 2014 onwards, that I cannot even begin to comprehend why the SNP has done nothing to advance independence in the five years since the indyref. Only now, under pressure from within, are they even beginning to come to terms with the reality of the situation we are in, and I think they are so alarmed, have had the stuffing knocked out of them so comprehensively that they have paralyzed themselves. I think they truly believed that Brexit – especially the threat of a No Deal one – would galvanize the masses in support of independence, and that the galvanized mass would roll over the British State defences. This is why I believe that those with whom the leadership has surrounded itself have been infiltrated. Whisper: no, don’t do this, do that; you can’t do that because… These are the tactics employed by the British State, those and destroying a ‘dangerous’ person’s character a la Parnell, usually with sexual allegations. The sad, devastating and illuminating truth is that the SNP, every step of the way, has misunderstood the essential character of the British State and been utterly naive in its belief that it can fight the British State on equal terms, according to its rules, that the British State will cave in through sheer persuasion. It won’t; it never has. You have to confront it and use the weapons they don’t expect you to use. Instead, the SNP believes that happy-clappy, wholesale inclusiveness will work.

    By all means, bring everyone on board after independence; I don’t want a Scotland that does not extend citizenship to all its residents, irrespective of where they come from, but, until then, we have to accept that our own resident British Nationalists have been supplemented by rUK residents and others who do not wish to see an independent Scotland, whose allegiance lies elsewhere. Not all, not by any means. Some are enlightened enough to see the reality of our situation and support their new home. Do we go on allowing some to ruin all our lives and force us into a Tory One Nation State or do we say: enough is enough; self-determination is normal; it is our right to save ourselves and our country? We are a co-signatory to the Union and have the same right as England to decide our own future. Seven hundred and fifty thousand Scots in England, in a population of over 55 million is quite a different kettle of fish to 800,000-one million rUK in Scotland with a population of just over five million. In 2014, had Scots-born Scots only voted, we would have our independence now. No, I’m not advocating taking away anyone’s vote; I’m saying that we cannot allow people whose allegiance does not lie with Scotland to dictate our future. We need to use the weapons we have to the best of our ability, and the Treaty of Union is the most potent of them all, followed by a ratifying referendum.

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