Plea!? Are we not yet above grovelling to Westminster? Are we inferiors petitioning a superior authority for some gracious boon? Why are we politely asking for limited and conditional powers to be grudgingly granted when we should be demanding an end to the withholding of all the powers that rightfully belong with the only parliament that has democratic legitimacy in Scotland?

Talks!? Are we not past the stage of talking? Isn’t it time for some bold and decisive action from the politicians we elected precisely because we thought them capable of bold, decisive action and willing to confront the British state?

There is no path to independence which does not pass through a point at which there is direct and acrimonious confrontation with the British state.

If now is not the time to confront the British political elite, then when? If this is not a worthwhile issue on which to confront them, what is? Listen to George Kerevan.

Why doesn’t ScotGov just ignore Home Office ban, replace Lord Advocate (who has jurisdiction) with someone with a backbone, & open drug rooms in Scotland. How many have to die before we exercise Scottish sovereignty? https://t.co/f8i9s1fPvQ— George Kerevan (@GeorgeKerevan) July 16, 2019

Let there be an end to the pleading! The Scottish Government needs to get off its knees and start aggressively asserting the sovereignty of Scotland’s people and the authority of the Scottish Parliament.

Let there be an end to the talking! At least until the British political elite are prepared to talk to Scotland’s democratically elected representatives as equals and with respect.

Let there be an end to pandering to British imperialist pretensions! The Scottish Government is there to prioritise Scotland’s aspirations. They would be well advised to make a start on that.

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10 thoughts on “Enough!

  1. I forwarded your post to some friends – in a nutshell – Scottish Government should stop pandering to Westminster in the forlorn hope that Westminster Government will actually listen and treat the devolved parliaments with respect. Which they won’t. The Scottish Government and other devolved administrations should just tell Westminster this is what they are going to do and do it. Regards Craig

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  2. Again you are correct. The elephant in the room is what to do with an snp that just won’t do owt for independence. And unless there is a miraculous event wherein the leadership all grow spines & stand up to the empire then nowt is ever going to change with this lot. Exactly were does this lack of leadership leave us…


  3. Especially considering NHS Scotland’s consistently better performance v the other 3 UK countries. Proof, if any were needed, that we can take whatever action is necessary, and succeed.


  4. I wonder if any leadership of the SNP will ever fully appreciate the fact that at some point there has to be direct confrontation with Westminster. Comfortably cocooned in the illusion of democracy, any political party participating in the game of power is insulated from the real forces and relations that make things happen. As, for example, the British state prepares new offices in Scottish cities for the administration of an emasculated Scotland, nobody is standing in the way, nor seems to realise that this is how power works.


  5. Infuriates me too. Same for immigration problems. Just tell The Home Office to F-off and explain that we will keep whomsoever we like. The drugs deaths in Scotland are nothing short of scandalous. Don’t ask. Take. Do what we need to do. Yes, the finances are probably not there by the conventional route, but stop sending Scottish taxes to Westminster. That should do the trick.


  6. Yes, Peter, you are right. Enough. And not just about this. We’ve had enough of the SNP softly, softly, don’t frighten the horses, don’t do anything really radical strategy. Some of us are beginning to think that a number of SNP high heid yins are too comfortable and basking in “Stockholm syndrome”. Too much tight, almost Stalinist, control, too much power at the centre, or in the hands of two closely related people. Enough!

    We read about the control freakery of Thatcher, Blair, May and wonder how on earth others in their cabinet or party meekly put up with being told to eat their cereal while the great god or goddess got on with the really important stuff. I’ve heard the SNP are not that different. Of course, eventually, they didn’t put up with it and got rid of them. I had high hopes of NS, I thought she would be a radical with a socialist streak, but I’m afraid her reign, good though it has been in parts, has been characterised by timidity on the one hand and rigidity on the other.

    I’m not in the SNP (I’m a Marxist, Groucho that is, not Karl and wouldn’t join a club that would have me as a member) but I recognise we’re only going to achieve Indy through them. And if we do then not doubt NS will be beatified even if in reality Indy may be achieved in spite of them rather than because of them. But after that I’ll be voting for a party which is socialist in outlook, green, listens to its grass roots, isn’t beholden to corporate interests and lobbyists, understands monetary and fiscal matters, renounces small-state neoliberalism and promotes social control of key sectors. I think the Greens will come nearest to that.

    (Apart from that, you’re always a good read.)


  7. India wouldn’t be free if she abided by the British rule book. Neither would Ireland & many others. Scotland is England’s only meal ticket left & most likely we’ve been robbed of more than even what was taken from India or what the Spanish took from South America. So if NS truly believes we will be free by sticking to the British rules. She’s either off her heid or lieing to us. Either way she’s blowing up our chance of being free. For that I predict she will end up being more hated in Scotland than MT or TB. There is simply no way England’s letting us go.
    I’m desperate to vote green but I know the snp, up until now but not sure for how much longer, is the only game in town when it comes to independence. Which is why I still vote for them. But what I’m picking up on is that the base is extremely restless with NS & rightfully so. I’ve been like this with her for around two years now. And damn I hate being right on this topic.

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  8. We should have said Enough! over other things like Benefit sanctions, and made that practice illegal here.
    What would London do, in that circumstance?
    There would be nothing Legally it could do.
    But the timidity of SNP is getting a bit much now.


  9. When they overruled the continuity bill, we did hee haw! To me that speaks volumes about the importance of our leaders.

    That should have been enough to warrant some form of action. Instead it was just a few angry tweets.


  10. Defy or ignore, its aw wan tae me. There is no better legislation to take back from WM than this. It isn’t politics, its life or death. 99.9% of Indy supporters and a fair few of the unaligned population will be in complete agreement. It beggars belief that this matter was retained at all. Take it back. Now.


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