Your daily disappointment

Pete Wishart demands that the British state play nice. Tommy Sheppard pleads for more powers. Angus MacNeil and Chris McEleny plan for the failure of whatever ‘Plan A’ is. The common thread running through all of these is reliance on the goodwill of the British political elite.

When will the SNP wake up to the fact that there is no goodwill? What does it take for Pete Wishart to realise that the British state is never going to play nice? Has Tommy Sheppard really not figured out yet that devolution is dead? Do Angus MacNeil and Chris McEleny seriously imagine that the British establishment is going to stand idly by while the SNP runs through an entire alphabet of plans?

There are few enough certainties in politics that we would be wise to anchor our thinking in the ones that we have. One such certainty is that Scotland’s independence cannot be restored whilst adhering to the laws, rules and procedures which have been put in place to protect and preserve the Union. Another is that there is no route to independence which does not pass though a point where there is direct and acrimonious confrontation with the British state.

These truths are self-evident. As self-evident as the fact that real power is never given, only taken, Or the fact that the people of Scotland are sovereign. Or the fact that the Union serves to deny the people of Scotland full and effective exercise of the sovereignty that is ours by absolute right.

The British political elite will never admit these truths. And it’s beginning to look like SNP politicians will never recognise these certainties.

Pete Wishart seems intent on making the existing bureaucratic set-up work more efficiently. Tommy Sheppard seems eager to improve devolution. Angus MacNeil and Chris McEleny have a plan.

The other common thread here is the total lack of any sense of urgency and, as far as one can tell, no awareness at all of the things that are troubling Yes campaigners. I will not presume to say most, but certainly many in the Yes movement are concerned, not that the present arrangements aren’t working as well as they might, but that those arrangements are about to be swept away completely by a system which sidelines Scotland’s elected representatives altogether.

Many of us are concerned, not about the difficulty of getting more devolved powers, but about the ease with which powers can be stripped away.

Many of us are worried, not about whether we can win a pro-independence majority in the next Holyrood election in 2021, but whether there will even be a Scottish Parliament six months from now.

While SNP politicians seem to be settling in for the long haul, many of us in the Yes movement see a real and imminent threat to Scotland’s democratic institutions and the essential public services that depend on our our ability to maintain and develop a distinctive political culture We genuinely and justifiably fear for our nation.

We look to the SNP for bold, decisive action to save Scotland from the menace of ‘One Nation’ British Nationalism. We look to the SNP for political leadership. And we are constantly disappointed.

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11 thoughts on “Your daily disappointment

  1. I used to believe that the Scottish government was making secret contingency plans and that what assorted SNP characters said in public was by way of making a good show of respectability. There is no doubt that the Brits will not play nice, but they play a passive aggressive version of the game of nice and expect the rest of us to pretend we don’t know that they are only pretending, that they are in fact a bunch of jeremies, interested only in lining their pockets and maintaining the privilege of their class.

    I still like to hope that there might be some secret strategy ticking along behind the newsfeed, but I am now having doubts. The SNP may be falling into the trap once set by the British establishment for the Labour Party, that participation with established power is already a victory. I can understand a strategy that makes the argument for independence more respectable by injecting it into established processes, but this would be a peripheral tactical intervention rather than prime policy.

    Your words should be obvious to anybody with any critical sense of reality: “Scotland’s independence cannot be restored whilst adhering to the laws, rules and procedures which have been put in place to protect and preserve the Union. […] there is no route to independence which does not pass though a point where there is direct and acrimonious confrontation with the British state.”

    I am sure the SNP government still knows this at some level, but it is not obvious that it is prepared for the confrontation. There is another thing that is certain too: if the SNP remains inactive, the people will take matters into their own hands.

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    1. It’s long become evident to me that there is something deeply deeply wrong with the snp hierarchy & the way they think about the British state. They aren’t capable of being nice & playing fair. They don’t want good neighbours, they want to dominate everything. They will set Scot against Scot with a scorched earth policy all the while robbing us blind. There will be many Scottish redcoats only to willing to do a foreign masters bidding. Every few weeks the snp complain about the biased bbc & demand more powers & fairness from the British state. Those in charge must have sore sides laughing at the opposition they have or lack there of in the snp. Meanwhile new offices are being built for the viceroys apparatchiks. Seriously, I mean seriously what are the snp thinking is actually happening…
      Alex Salmond was my most trustworthy politician. But he made two massive mistakes. The first was currency union. I knew then it was over. But before that he made an even bigger mistake in agreeing to no independent election monitors. He knew well enough what the British deep state was capable of so why did he ever agree to this? I can’t answer this.
      As for Nichola, well she’s being to nice & to trusting. She’s not stupid but I cannot figure her out at all. She has been told repeatedly that no section 30 order will be granted. So what’s does she do then. She’s left Indy ref 2 to the last possible date. Why? She knows it’s getting rejected.
      The uk state know if there is another indyref then there will definitely be election monitors & they then know they’ve lost their biggest pay check. So they will never permit one. They would rather ignite Scottish troubles to keep the cash flowing. They really don’t give a toss about Scots. Now I’ve been voting snp since the falklands war & I know that as far as independence is concerned the snp is the only game in town. Unfortunately the current crowd in charge are woefully not up to the job as they are stunning like naive & a gift to the British state. I cannot help but feel we’ve already lost.

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  2. I, too, am at a loss to understand just what the SNP believes it can achieve by complying with the established order. It should be very evident to anyone with even a single brain cell that something quite profound has occurred, and that is that the UK has undergone a political overhaul since 2016 that has unleashed a latent, dormant English Nationalism that is in complete opposition to our own, with echoes of the past reflected in it. What I find even more incomprehensible is that the SNP, with a number of ‘get out of jail’ cards at its disposal seems content to sit it out. There is simply no way, since that fateful day in 2016 that Brexit, in some form, was not going to happen. It appears that the SNP and even elements in the wider independence movement have been placing their faith in England’s ability to pull back from the precipice of Brexit, when it should have been completely obvious that there was, and is, no way for the English MPs to do so without major civil unrest.

    It is what we are not being told that worries me. What is it that has all our MPs looking like rabbits caught in the headlights – because, make no mistake, something, subtly, has changed. You could put it down to bums polishing seats: the myriad ways in which Scottish MPs are put down every PMQs, and, instead of getting on to their hind legs and leaving, they sit grimly determined to hang in there, like a bad smell in a small space. Or is it the fact that they know that there is no way to leave this Union without actually having to confront Westminster and Whitehall? It seems obvious that we are expected to wait another two years, at least, till 2021 and the Scottish elections, when, the theory goes, the SNP will be carried back into office on a tidal wave of popular support, except that ALL recent pre independence referendums have been lost, even when it looked as if there might be a majority in favour. It is this slightly deranged combination of utter naivety coupled with a sense of destiny that cannot be gainsaid, attached to what only can be described as fear on the part of our leaders across the board to face the reality of what is happening and what is seemingly outwith our control to influence that really jars. We must genuflect and simper, not roar or get annoyed; we must wait to see what Westminster will do in all and every situation, never taking the initiative ourselves; and we must not take advantage when the UK is in straitened circumstances.

    Oh, no, we must wait till it finds its feet again; till it Brexits, taking us with it, heedless of what we want or what might be best for us; and we must never, ever, talk about independence under any circumstances that will just put off all those ‘soft NOs’, hordes of them, wearing their cloaks of invisibility for the moment, presumably, and just waiting around the corner for the signal. Never, in the field of human independence have so many been willing to wait until it is too late. There is so much that can be done, but fear of the consequences in light of the Catalan situation appears to have frozen the marrow. If we are to take independence, I believe it will be in some other way, with some other party or leadership or movement unless the SNP makes independence its raison d’être once more – plainly and unambiguously. We have bent over backwards to accommodate the UK (England) and there has been no reciprocal gesture. No more evading the issue at Conference: independence or not.

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    1. I agree entirely with you. There is either fundamental naivety at the heart of the snp, which in itself is a betrayal cos they really should move over for someone with a spine to take charge. Or they are afraid of something so bad they are afraid to face it. Well they are going to have to face it sooner or later. Waiting for a nicer England is pure fantasy. That England if it ever existed is long gone. There is a very unhealthy cult around Nichola which isn’t helping either. I’ve had to leave Twitter for raising concerns about the snp strategy or lack there of. And those fekers are nasty. I mean seriously we have a party that stands for Indy & has numerous mandates but won’t use them. Now who are the mugs here…

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  3. “many of us in the Yes movement see a real and imminent threat to Scotland’s democratic institutions and the essential public services”

    Thank you for describing the concerns and issues so clearly. That “real and imminent threat” is growing while attention seems to be focused on identity politics(see Mhairi Black’s intemperate Twitter video) and international events (see Nicola Sturgeon’s comments about Trump/UK ambassador or the visit to Ukraine of Stewart McDonald, Chris Law, Douglas Chapman).


    1. Above all, because of past mistakes made in other parts of the world, the Balkans, in particular, we must do independence openly, in the world’s spotlight, and that will necessitate a case being brought in the UN which could easily run parallel with a second indyref, and that indyref must be open and overseen by the world, too. There must be no opportunity given to the British State to try and cloak its perfidy. If they are forced into the open, at least everyone can see what they are up to; if we stick with domestic law, we are on a hiding to nothing. The International Court of Justice must be our first port of call. I have been accused of placing too much faith in international justice, but I most certainly do not; I am not stupid or naive enough to believe that we will not be abandoned if it is politic to do so. The point is that the British State will not be able to work in the shadows as it does most of the time. The Chagossians have forced it out from the shadows. Let’s do the same.

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  4. Like you I don’t believe for a second the uk government is worried about the un or icj. If indeed that’s what the snp is pinning its (I mean outer) hopes on then it’s all over for us. And bizarrely the snp never even turned up for the fight. They are increasingly reminding me of some of the Scottish aristocracy that sold us out in the past 🤔

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  5. 2020 is the 700 th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath, the basis of Constitutional law and recognition of our right to protect ourselves by the International court. Perhaps the SNP’ s plan is based on this, the current rhetoric emanating from Westminster denying us any ( in their eyes at least ) legal means within the uk to express our will democratically concerning our governance is certainly contrary to our rights.
    However we don’t have to rely on top down management of expectations, we can stir the hornets nest easily enough by other peaceful means. A petition directed at Scotland’s Parliament, not the SG/SNP, a direct order from the Sovereign people of Scotland, on pain of treason, to repeal the Act of Union and withdraw from the Treaty of Union, there are more than sufficient grounds to justify such actions.

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  6. Entirely agree but would like to make the following suggestion. Let’s all write to our elected SNP and ask what steps are being taken to ensure that we ( their constituents) remain European citizens on the 1st November. Let’s then share the replies and see where if anywhere that gets our concerns.

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    1. I’ve been mouthing off about the new QE2 offices in Edinburgh for ages. There’s never a mention from the snp re this new building. What’s Nicholas response today re paper article? Surprise she’s tweeting about trumpet. The snp are on another planet. My paranoid head tells me this is were the Scottish troubles will be instigated from. The snp dames & lords sticking to the rules & ordinary folk desperate for some leadership to get us out of this toilet. This situation with cannot go on like his.


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