The country formerly known as Scotland

I sincerely hope that the First Minister is not taken in by this talk of a “rebranding exercise”. I trust she is aware that this is merely a precursor to, and preparation for, major constitutional reform which will be conducted over the heads of Scotland’s elected representatives and without the consent of Scotland’s people.

Prior to the 2014 independence referendum, people were warned that a No vote would be regarded by the British state as a licence to do what they want with Scotland. What they want is to lock Scotland into a political union on their own terms. A unilateral redefining of Scotland’s constitutional status without any consultation and in total contempt of democratic principles.

This had hardly got underway when the EU referendum came along and shifted the political ground. But Brexit did not deter or hamper the project to lock Scotland into a unilaterally redefined Union. On the contrary, it provides the ideal opportunity. Which people were also warned about prior to the vote in 2016.

To put it briefly and in the simplest of terms – the UK was constitutionally redefined by joining the EU (as it became). It stands to reason that the UK will again undergo constitutional redefinition on leaving the EU. The British political elite has ensured that Scotland, together with the other devolved parliaments, has been all but entirely excluded from the Brexit process. Therefore, the British political elite is ideally placed to dictate the form of the redefinition which the UK will undergo.

Brexit is the British state’s chance to close and barricade the democratic route to restoring Scotland’s rightful constitutional status. This was going to happen anyway. But Brexit makes it easier to ensure that democratic niceties don’t interfere with the process of tightening England-as-Britain’s grip on Scotland and reinforcing the structures of power, privilege and patronage which constitute the British state.

This isn’t something that is going to happen. It is something which is happening right now. The “rebranding exercise” is part of it. The ‘UK Government in Scotland’ is part of it. The ‘UK-wide common frameworks’ are part of it. The ‘EU power grab’ was part of it. The ghastly ‘unionjackery’ defacing our foodstuffs is part of it. Mundell’s new castle in Edinburgh is part of it.

And still people refuse to see!

The anti-democratic British Nationalist ‘One Nation’ project is behind schedule – by about a year. The Article 50 extension granted by the EU gave us a year’s grace. A year in which we could have acted to save Scotland. A year which has been wantonly squandered.

I genuinely despair for our country. The ‘One Nation’ project is gathering pace. The Scottish Parliament is in recess. The Scottish Government seems paralysed. SNP politicians talk as if delay is a consequence-free option. The Yes movement is marching but, for want of political leadership and an actual campaign strategy, it is going nowhere.

Brexit will soon be upon us. The jaws of the ‘One Nation’ project will close. Holyrood, no more! Dignity, fairness and respect, no more! Democracy, no more! Hope, no more!

But doubtless Nicola Sturgeon will “slam” the UK Government in a Tweet.

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5 thoughts on “The country formerly known as Scotland

  1. You say it as it is, Peter.
    Indeed, a totally wasted period, as far as SNP and ScotGovt, goes.
    Too afraid to be seen to upset the Establishment media.
    And why the Edinburgh Parliament is on vacation, is a mystery, considering how serious the situation has become.
    We wonder why this delay from those in Edinburgh???
    Time is running out, if it has not already, and the MSP are away off to somewhere!
    I’d liek to think the Scot Govt, and First Minister has a we suprise ahead… but as it stands, they still seem set on playing it by the Westminster rule.
    We must dismiss the Westminster system.
    The Scottish Parliament, and majority of Scottish MPs i London, must act now, to Dissolve the Union.
    A referendum can follow on from that, Noway style. And Westminster will be able to do nothing about it, then!

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  2. Also do not forget about the NEW CONSTITUTION PLANS having already been discussed and proposed in the house of lards , this is ENSLAVEMENT, make no mistake the wastemonster establishment of ALL HUES are well aware of the destruction both mentally and financially of Scotland dissolving the union , that is why it is so confusing and worrying why the SG have not seen fit to legally challenge and affirm through the ICJ ( International Courts Of Justice ) that Scotland as a joint equal partner in a political union of countries is being denied the right to ask and determine from the sovereign citizens , their wish to remain within that union or to dissolve that union .

    The SG have been elected by voters on a mandate , irrespective that the conditions have not YET been implemented the contempt and denigration suffered by our country and elected representatives aligned with the theft of powers by a disreputable act , contrary to the wishes of the majority of our parliament only reinforces the need that actions MUST now be taken which should include the ICJ

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  3. Fear eats the soul.
    Confidence nutures it.
    Communicate fear and we fail.
    Communicate confidence and we succeed.
    If we panic, we fail to calmly put our postive vision and passion for a democratic Scotland.

    So, stay clear and be confident.
    All we need is the democratic consent of our fellow citizens.
    Our job is to gain this consent.

    My experience is minds are changing
    The numbers are changing

    Have you noticed how Unionists are panicking?
    I am not convinced it will get them anywhere.

    Scotland Exists


  4. We can only make observations from what the SNP say and do. We cannot second guess some secret cunning plan Nicola has or doesn’t have.

    At the moment we know that Nicola has requested a section 30 over 2 years ago. Since then there has been no action to counter the refusal. There is no suggestion that Nicola will even attempt a referendum without WM agreement. She has said that time and time again.

    We know there is legislation going through Holyrood on the referendum. At the moment this is merely shadow boxing, because Nicola is seeking WM approval to enact it.

    We have heard unionists over the last few weeks saying there is no mandate for a referendum. We have had some Mps like Angus McNeill conceding this by suggesting getting another mandate.

    We have billions spent on the new Scottish office right under Holyroods nose. We have Tories talking about resetting the administration of devolved powers. Direct funding from WM bi passing Holyrood , with ministers deciding where to spend it.

    We have DEFRA claiming all Scottish produce as British. We have Boris talking about one nation.

    All of this and not one ounce of actual defence from our elected government.

    Just what the hell do they think is going to happen if they sit back and watch.


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  5. The moment that 2016 EU referendum result was made known was the moment to declare independence, however it was done. A ratifying referendum is the most widely-used type and actually expresses much better the reality of independence because, with a pre independence referendum, all the opportunities to interfere and undermine are present. I do not know what Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP leadership plan to do, but I do think they want to hang on till 2021 when, for some reason, it is believed that the SNP cannot be stopped. Well, I wouldn’t put any bets on a new independence party arising. The Brexit party, in England, born out of UKIP and the right-wing Tory faction, has really placed every English MP in the position of having to deliver Brexit or face deselection. That was always going to be the case. There never was a single moment when we would not be dragged along behind England’s decision. We were, after all, pulled behind England’s coat-tails when we entered the EU, which, not so strangely, has suited us better than England.

    Yes, indeed, Scotland is to be regionalized because the big English regions need to be given some form of autonomy. Regionalization was seen, even before Brexit, as the perfect solution, but there was no way that the ruling elites could allow the three satellite nations to form, singly, or in an alliance, a barrier to the big English Regions’ autonomy to make their own decisions about a great deal. Scotland, in particular, stands in the way, and would form a competing, national entity against the interests of the North and Midlands. We do have much in common, but they are English first and foremost, and always will be. Regionalization ensures uniformity across the UK, and a level playing field for the big English regions. This has always been the case, but Brexit makes that even more necessary, from Westminster’s viewpoint. I do not know what the SNP is doing, but I feel that independence is being parked in the light of the Catalunyan situation, where their MPs are being incarcerated, or that the happy-clappy campaign, utterly useless in the end, as time will show, is to be promoted as an alternative to independence.

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