This means war!

British Nationalism is an anti-democratic ideology. In what George Kerevan has christened the ‘Hunt Doctrine’, Jeremy Hunt expresses the anti-democratic nature of ‘One Nation’ British Nationalism more explicitly than most. Or more explicitly than has been common until lately. Because even the most casual observer of Scottish politics cannot fail to have noticed that British Nationalist rhetoric has been ramping up of late. Mere opposition to a new referendum at this time has turned into insistence that the people of should Scotland never be allowed to exercise their democratic right of self determination. Recently, we have witnessed the unedifying spectacle of British Nationalist outrage at the prospect of independence being discussed in a Citizens’ Assembly; surely the epitome of a democratic forum.

Now we have the British Foreign Secretary and prospective British Prime Minister telling us that there is no expression of Scotland’s democratic will sufficient to outweigh the authority of the British government. Elsewhere, I have referred to this as ‘sovereignty of the executive‘; the dangerous idea that legitimate political authority derives, not from the people or even the monarch, but from those who wield power.

In reality, the Hunt Doctrine is no more than a restatement of the Union, which has always served as a constitutional device by which the superiority of England-as-Britain is maintained by denying the people of Scotland full and effective exercise of the sovereignty which is their absolute democratic right. This was particularly evident in the way Scotland’s Remain vote in the EU referendum was summarily and contemptuously dismissed by the British state. And in the way that Scotland’s democratically elected government was prohibited from having any role in Brexit negotiations; while being accused of ‘failing to cooperate’ with those negotiations and even of ‘undermining’ the UK’s position.

But it is important to remember that the way Scotland has been treated in the context of Brexit is exceptional only in the brazenness of the British state’s disdain for Scotland and for democracy. The Union has always been anti-democratic. After all, it predates what we now consider to be democracy. Unionists will claim that the Union has adapted to democracy, citing devolution as the most telling example of how it has changed. But none of the changes implemented over the years has altered the fundamental premise and purpose of the Union – that Scotland’s resources should evermore be at the disposal of England-as-Britain; that the needs, priorities and aspirations of Scotland’s people should at all times be subordinate to the desires, preferences and ambitions of the British state. Devolution was only permitted on condition that it did not compromise the Union.

Scotland’s cause – the fight to restore constitutional normality – will not progress until there is a general realisation that the problem is, not Brexit or the Tories and certainly not the people of England, but the Union.

That cause cannot progress unless we first assert and defend our right of self-determination. A ‘positive campaign for independence’ simply isn’t enough. The Hunt Doctrine makes it clear that the British political elite will resort to any means in order to preserve their ‘precious’ Union. When Hunt declares that he will never allow a new independence referendum, this is more than just the Jock-bashing which has been such a prominent feature of the Tory leadership contest. Of course, there’s macho posturing involved. But the willy Hunt is waving is the Union. He speaks for British Nationalism.

The people of Scotland must respond appropriately to the Hunt Doctrine and the threat of ‘One Nation’ British Nationalism. And we must do so while our democratic institutions are still intact. Make no mistake! The British state has the power to suspend or even abolish the Scottish Parliament. And they will use that power in defence of their ‘precious’ Union. Democratic principles be damned! They are to be tolerated only so long as they don’t jeopardise the structures of power, privilege and patronage which constitute the British state.

When you hear Theresa May warn her successor that Scotland’s First Minister cannot be trusted and Jeremy Hunt talking about how the Scottish Government is uncooperative, what you are hearing is the British establishment preparing the grounds for action against the Scottish Parliament. The threat to Scotland’s democracy is real and imminent.

George Kerevan states it well,

Jeremy Hunt’s constitutional innovations represent a declaration of war on Scottish sovereignty and established right to self-determination. Out of such arrogance, revolutions are born.

Hunt declared war on our sovereignty … here are ways we could respond

One thing that neither Jeremy Hunt nor any other British Nationalist explains is how they hope to contend with the tide of democratic dissent that will be unleashed should they succeed in their mission to close the democratic route to independence. They genuinely seem to suppose that the independence movement will evaporate at their command. We have to make it abundantly clear that we will not sit idly by while anti-democratic British Nationalists deny our right of self-determination and destroy our democratic institutions. The Yes movement must prepare for a campaign of mass protest and civil disobedience.

The target of this campaign must be the Union. We are no longer campaigning for independence, but against the constitutional anomaly which underpins the anti-democratic British Nationalism expressed in the Hunt Doctrine. We are no longer asking for powers to be handed to us. We are demanding the restoration of powers being withheld from us by the British state.

The people of Scotland are sovereign. But that is nothing more than an empty slogan unless we are prepared to forcefully assert that sovereignty and everything that it implies. We must fight in defence of our democratic right of self-determination.

We must fight in defence of our Parliament and its rightful authority to speak for the people of Scotland.

We must fight in defence of the right to elect our own government and that government’s rightful authority to act for the people of Scotland.

We must fight in defence of a political culture which respects democratic principles rather than trampling them underfoot.

We must fight to end the Union and to thwart the anti-democratic ‘One Nation’ British Nationalist project.

We must offer no violence other than that which may be commensurate with any violence inflicted upon us. Violence is the resort of oppressive, anti-democratic forces. We must fight, not with the weapons of established power, but with the weapons of the people – mass protest, civil disobedience, withdrawal of cooperation and judicious deployment of our economic power.

We must fight to defend all that Scotland is and all that our nation might be.

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7 thoughts on “This means war!

  1. I think we have reached the crossroads, Mr Bell, and people will either take the democratic route that leads to independence or they will take the undemocratic route leading to a British (English) Nationalist One Nation State. Another talking shop will be useless in the face of the onslaught that is to come. What is it we want to challenge, those of us who want our independence from this crushing Union that silences our voice? It is the Union, is it not? So, why are we not challenging the Union, the very core of the problem?

    I also think that this is the crossroads for the SNP, too: the party either does what it says on the tin or it makes way for something very much more solid and strong that will stand up to the British State. We have done everything possible to try and meet Westminster half-way, but theirs is a one-way cul de sac, without even the room for manoeuvring to turn around. They have not the slightest intention of reforming themselves in order to keep the Union, but they want to keep Scotland. Not the Scots. Just Scotland. Be warned.

    Think of the Chagossians. They will be far more subtle with us, but the result will be the same: we’ll be swallowed whole. It will start with the UK Framework and the enlargement and power of the UK in Scotland Office, of Mundell. He has already been bought off with baubles. The Scottish parliament will be starved of funds and, gradually, many people will be persuaded that the UKG is actually doing something for them. As with every ‘gift’ from Westminster that just keeps on giving, it will be a massive con trick because you really can fool some of the people some of the time. We should know: they have been fooling plenty of Scots with the supposed Union; that is, the Union that they invented for their own self-interest, not the Union that was actually signed up to by our ancestors.

    That so many of us are willing to believe the pure s***e that passes for reality in this UK, is testament not only to their arrogance and perfidy and our naivety and gullibility, but to what is likely to follow Brexit – because England will Brexit, at whatever cost, because that cost is far less than the preservation of England as a delusional ‘world power’. England will implode if they do not Brexit, or even if a second EU referendum is brought in. Too many bums polishing seats to risk deselection and civil strife on England’s boulevards. Think Henry VIII and the break with Rome to get his own way; the destruction of the monasteries; the uprooting of hundreds of thousands into a world they no longer recognized. That is the mindset of these monsters – and they are monsters, monstrous in the fullest sense of the word.

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  2. The Hunt Doctrine is a very nice name for this latest version of the principle maintained by the English Crown and British government since the Norman invasion – that they have a legitimate feudal claim over the lands and peoples of Scotland.

    Hunt’s facile, smarmy refusal to provide diplomatic support to the FM, unless she represents the policies of the UK government, drew out my rage too …. the sheer unadulterated cheek of the man! But in the present context, it was accepted by all who heard without so much as a batted eyelid. So much for press scrutiny.

    Too much is going on now for them to control, so they are lashing out. No doubt they will enact what they will; as a last resort they can always dress up squaddies as cops again, guard their important buildings and attempt to enforce their rule, but at least half the population stands quite explicitly opposed to them. Do they seriously believe that we will just go away?? Or are they goading us to commit acts that will justify extreme measures?

    They must be bricking though it at the prospect of Scotland remaining in the EU as they sail off into the eighteenth century on the good ship Empire, for they will not be able to play their games of gunboat diplomacy if we have diplomatic support from the EU. Especially if masses of people take to the streets to guard important buildings, reaffirm their sovereignty and demand an end to the Union.

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  3. I reckon that once BOJO gets elected, then there can be no further delay to our independence process. He is the final proof that England has gone full bat shit native.

    If the Tories can elect a bad racist court jester. Then we have every right to proceed with our divorce process. England will become a rogue nation , worse than the USA.

    When a ship is on fire you have to jump.

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    1. @Big Jock

      …”once BOJO gets elected, there can be no further delay”…..
      Sorry, but once the deed is done it’s too late.

      YES needed to move when the threat was issued…not after they have achieved the act. Once your partner threatens your fundamental being, they are no longer suitable partner to align your sovereignty with.

      Never let your partner treat you with contempt.

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  4. Scotland has this devolution agreement with Westminster in which it agreed that some things were looked after by the Scottish Parliament and some things by Westminster. This seemed to work ok for a while, Now Scotland would like all things reserved to Westminster to be returned to the Scottish people. The Welsh Minister just said the UK is a VOLUNTARY union of four nations. Well now Scotland would like to return to looking after its own affairs – no longer volunteering to be part of a union which no longer works for it – something called self determination – something the UN Charter considers a right.

    Scotland seems to be afraid of the POWER of Westminster. What is power? It is something with which you endow another BUT the another only has this power if you agree to it. Why is Scotland being so subservient to Westminster? Scotland no longer needs Westminster, so stop allowing it this thing POWER. The Guardian has an article about Johnson proroguing Parliament to get his no Brexit thing through. Rory Stewart and some others are planning to set up a parliament with its own speaker across the street to undermine Johnson. This POWER thing is getting interesting, if Rory Stewart can claim the power to setup an alternative to the Westminster parliament surely Scotland can setup all the things necessary to govern without Westminster’s interference and handouts. According to Stewart, there is precedent in that before the Iraq war, Parliament wanted to vote on whether or not to go to war and Blair was stonewalling and only gave in when an alternative parliament was threatened. Scotland has precedent going back 300 years – some idiots agreed to a union with England – before that Scotland had its own parliament and looked after its own affairs.

    The Scottish Parliament/government has to waylay all Scottish money moving to the English treasury – how easy would that be to do? Nicola Sturgeon said Scotland had procedures etc for collecting taxes, revenues – can that be expanded easily.

    Maybe the Scottish Government has a cunning plan ie lie low and let the Westminster lot have enough rope to hang themselves – which they will surely do if Johnson gets to be PM – the rest of the world will fall about laughing. I find it very nerve racking watching all this from afar and hoping/knowing Scots have all this in hand and that freedom will be very soon. I’m just talking to myself so I hope you will bare with me. I don’t think Westminster will have the gall to prorogue the Scottish Parliament. We, Scots, are a worldwide race and will come riding to your rescue. The emails/letters will fill Westminster to its rafters. My grandmother, born in 1878, was a firm believer in Scottish independence. She may be quite capable of haunting Johnson/Hunt.

    Love all your blogs folks and comments esp Peter and Lorna!

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  5. Totally agree Peter, this is going to get rough, really rough. They will not let go easily and be prepared for some nasty evil tricks you think the tanks in George Square was bad, this will get ugly. They have form these people, and especially with their cash cow which is Scotland there whole economy depends on our resources.


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