Welcome our new bollard overlords!

The video clip from the Jeremy Vine TV programme didn’t make me angry at all. I’ve been a Yes campaigner on social media for many years. I’m well accustomed to the vacuous blabbing of parochial Brits who know nothing of Scotland or its politics but imagine themselves experts.

That, for me, was the most striking aspect of the interlude. Each of the panellists first admitted to being ignorant of Scotland’s economy, industry and assets, then proceeded to demonstrate the abysmal depths of that ignorance. Yet, despite the evident and acknowledged dearth of any useful or relevant information, they still considered themselves amply qualified to pronounce definitively on Scotland’s capacities.

These are idiots. What should make us angry is that such cretins are presented by the British media as having opinions that are significant and worthy of respect.

At least Jeremy Vine had the good grace to seem embarrassed by the crass behaviour of his guests. I was, I’ll confess, a bit embarrassed on their behalf. Almost pitying the deluded stupidity. Until the thought occurred to me that none of these bollards would be out of place in the contest to be the next British Prime Minister. And that they would then assume ultimate authority over the country they were so proudly ignorant of.

Then I got angry.

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