I object!

The First Minister may “have no objections to people who are against independence” but I most certainly do. She seems to imagine that denying the right of Scotland’s people to decided the Scotland’s future is but a small, and easily tolerated, part of the Unionist argument against independence. She is wrong. It is the whole of the Unionist argument and it cannot be tolerated.

It is impossible to argue for the preservation of a political union which denies the sovereignty of Scotland’s people without arguing for the denial of the sovereignty of Scotland’s people. And I am no more prepared to tolerate that than I would an argument that people could be sold into slavery. Because that is how fundamental the right of self-determination is to democracy.

Just as it is not possible to legitimately lay claim to democratic credentials while arguing in favour of slavery, so it is not possible to credibly assert adherence to democratic principles while defending and commending a constitutional settlement which rides roughshod over one of democracy’s most basic precepts.

(I realise that simply by writing the word ‘slavery’ I’m inviting British Nationalists to accuse me of saying Scotland’s people are slaves. But I learned long ago that idiots will be idiots. If you try to make allowances for all the idiocies of British Nationalism, you’ll never say very much at all.)

Of course I object to being told that I am unworthy to exercise the sovereignty that is mine by right lest my choices impinge on the preferences of England’s voters.

Of course I object to being told that politicians such as those responsible for the Brexit shambles have more right to decide the future of my country than I do.

Of course I object to being told that political authority derives ultimately from a divinely-ordained monarch rather than the people.

Of course I object to the fact that a parliament in which the people of Scotland have no effective influence is superior to the parliament which we actually elect.

Of course I object to being told that Scotland is ‘Too wee! Too poor! Too stupid!” to be a normal nation and must, instead, be subject to the ministrations and impositions of a British political political elite I know to be incompetent and corrupt and lacking any democratic mandate.

Of course I object to “people who are against independence”. How could I not object when these people are opposed to values and principles that are part of who I am? How could I not object when, wittingly or otherwise, these people argue for the eradication of so much that I consider indispensable in the name of a Union they consider more precious than democracy?

How could I not object to the preservation of a Union which is an affront to democracy and an insult to the people of Scotland?

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One thought on “I object!

  1. This has always been a powerful impediment to asserting that independence is a right and not something that others can decide to give you, if they feel like it. Like so many mistakes the SNP has made, in its desperation not to appear anti anything or anybody, it appeals to the sense that democracy must prevail even against democracy itself – i.e. that everyone eligible has the right to vote against Scottish independence in a referendum – while, simultaneously, holding the opinion that we have an inalienable right to assert our independence. The two are mutually exclusive. How can one person have an inalienable right that can be limited by someone else? That is why the referendum route is so fraught with pitfalls and cul de sacs.

    That is my fundamental reason for taking the whole question out of the hands of the domestic legislation and domestic politics and handing it over to international adjudication via the Treaty of Union, an international agreement, or contract, if you will, before it is too late, and it loses the power it has left, as Westminster and Whitehall attack its articles relentlessly in a bid to destroy not only our fragile devolution (by the removal and retention of specifically Scottish devolved powers fro the EU to Westminster) but also to try and demolish the Treaty by stealth, whittling away our legal system, our education system and, who knows, the Kirk eventually; the trade articles have been breached with Brexit and no one even raises a voice – well, few. We have little chance of being able to circumvent or face down domestic constitutional law because it is designed to prevent that very action – because it is wholly and fundamentally based on English principles and conventions and precedent, totally alien to us, which our limited devolution powers have no hope of overcoming.

    It is not what they do to us, it is what we allow to be done to ourselves, even those of us who are independence supporters, so terrified are we of being accused of anything against anyone, even in the faintest terms. It is ludicrous and eminently foreseeable that this would lead us into the most absurd of knots. No, Mr Bell, you are right. Those who would consistently vote NO against our rights – yes, even human rights – deserve no special consideration. If you want an omelette, you are going to have to break a few eggs. Better now when we still have some chance of saving ourselves than later, when it will become even more difficult to get out from under. If you are too cautious or too afraid to do that, for fear of the consequences and the rage of the British State and its arms of control, you have lost already.

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