Under pressure

I despair of people who can meekly accept over three centuries of their sovereignty being denied, but find in the fleeting ascendancy of a malignant child-clown an incentive to end the gross constitutional anomaly under which the nation labours. If Boris Johnson being British Prime Minister is the best reason these people can think of for ending the Union then they really need to do a bit more thinking.

But we take what we can get. Motives are of academic interest only. Voters are not required to justify their choices. There is no space on any ballot paper where voters must provide their reasons for voting as they have. Which, in a way, is a pity. I suspect those ballot papers would make rather interesting reading.

It is gratifying that, whatever their reasons, enough people have switched from No to Yes that the First Minister can be “confident” of victory at last for Scotland’s cause in that new referendum she has been promising for what seems like decades, but can’t possibly be more than a few years. Such is the sense of unrequited urgency that is felt, to a greater or lesser degree, across all of the Yes movement bar the increasingly isolated and besieged pockets of Postponer complacency.

The question most are asking is when will that confidence be translated into the bold, decisive action that may yet save Scotland from the onslaught of ‘One Nation’ British Nationalist fervour that threatens our democracy, our prosperity and our very identity as a nation? Not to mention our vital public services.

Opinion polls won’t do it. No number of opinion polls, however favourable, will end the Union and restore Scotland to normality. That will only happen when our First Minister decides to cast aside the rules and procedures imposed for the preservation of the Union and the advantage of the British ruling elite. It will only happen when Nicola Sturgeon knows in her heart and her head that the odds favour Yes.

It is her calculation to make. Few doubt that she is politically capable. Fewer still doubt her personal commitment to the restoration of Scotland’s independence. But time is running out. The British establishment understands what is at stake. If there is one certainty in today’s chaotic political condition it is that the British state will move to thwart Scotland’s aspiration to be a normal nation again. For established power, that is an imperative.

Knowing the imperative, we need only look at the options available to anti-democratic British Nationalist to be in a position to predict, with some certainty, what they will do. Broadly speaking, the British state can be expected to attack one or more of the five components parts of Scotland’s independence movement – the SNP, which is the lever by which Scotland will be prised out of the detested Union; The Scottish Government, which is the fulcrum on which the lever moves; the Scottish Parliament which form the solid base on which the lever rests and the Yes movement. which supplies the force to move the lever.

It will be pointed out that all of these are already under attack – with the possible exception of the Yes movement, which doesn’t present a good target. what is happening now; what has happened to date in terms of smearing the SNP, denigrating the Scottish Government and undermining the Scottish Parliament is mere sparring compared to the onslaught which awaits us the other side of Brexit. The contenders for the job of British Prime Minister have all made it abundantly clear that bringing Scotland to heel, by whatever means, is among their top priorities. They will seek to make good on their threats.

The burden of responsibility which rests on Nicola Sturgeon’s shoulders is massive. The decisions she must make have profound implications. The task she faces is daunting in the extreme. She must act before the British state contrives new obstacles and impediments. She must act while the various parts of the independence movement are intact and strong. She must act very soon – and with relentless determination.

For our part, we must continue to urge the First Minister to act. The pressure we put on Nicola Sturgeon translates into the power she wields against the British state. So pile it on! Even if it is only to avoid the ignominy of Boris Johnson being able to declare himself Scotland’s overlord.

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4 thoughts on “Under pressure

  1. I suspect a lot of people need the ugly politics of Boris to be flung in their faces, before they realise how corrupt Westminster rule is.

    We Scots probably understood the way England treated Scotland from a very early age. That is mostly down to the obvious identity politics that exist in Scotland. We as Scots and not Brits, see things as they are. It’s obvious! However the British Scots have been programmed to believe there is something good about Britain by their imperial masters. They have been duped, conned, charmed, brainwashed, lied to and deceived.

    Boris represents the uncovering of the mask. He has something that the rogues that came before him didn’t have. Honesty! Not honesty in his life or in his actions. It’s a political honesty in terms of what he stands for. He is a nasty, shallow bigot who hates the Scots. He doesn’t hide it. He is a bad man, and England freely chooses to elect a bad man. They know exactly what he is and what they will get. England is turning ugly, and he is the face of modern England.

    That’s why the fence sitting Scots will now vote for independence. All pretence is now gone. The union is simply another name for greater England and serfdom for Scots. England needs our land and resources , but they sure as hell don’t need or want our people.

    There is going to be a messy exit for Scotland. England will not give up it’s land colony without a fight.

    The people are dispensable though.

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  2. True Peter!

    There is a common pattern with Union Scots. They get angry about things ,and six months later they capitulate.

    Quite common for people who are abused!

    Their courage doesn’t last long enough to walk out the door.

    Ultimately Stockholm Syndrome can only be cured when the victim opens their eyes. This usually happens when the abusers intentions become crystal clear.

    That is when it’s survival or impending death. Some Scots need to lose everything before they set themselves free.

    I believe we are just about to reach that point.


  3. As I’ve said before, I am getting rather fed up with all this delay from the SNP.
    As you say, we have run out of time.
    We must make a move now, and best before October 31st.
    The time for action is now.

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