If your fridge could scowl

It is always disappointing when The National appears to be picking up bad habits from the Unionist press. There is no “row” here. Ruth Davidson’s duplicity, mendacity and hypocrisy have been amply confirmed. As have her inability to grasp how democracy works; her difficulties with simple arithmetic; and her contempt for the Scottish Parliament. There is no debate about any of this. No discussion, never mind a “row”.

Nor is there any great controversy over what she says. Davidson can stand in front of a mirror practising that look of grim gravitas for the remainder of her ignominious political career. The reality remains that she does not now, nor will she ever have, the authority to dictate terms to Scotland’s democratically elected government or to impose conditions on Scotland’s right of self-determination. The deeply furrowed brow and dour set of her mouth say more about her ability to get into character on cue than about her standing in Scotland.

Ruth Davidson is a nonentity. She may be taking a turn at being leader of the official opposition at Holyrood, but given the way she and the other British politicians squatting in the Scottish Parliament conduct themselves, that title does nothing to enhance her status.

Anybody who can be replaced, even temporarily, by Jackson Carlaw is not a person of significance.

If Ruth Davidson is so insignificant, why does she have such a high public profile? If you are asking that question, you have it the wrong way round. Davidson has been given a high public profile because she is insignificant; but, for the purposes of the ‘One Nation’ British Nationalist project, the British establishment finds it expedient to have her decked with the trappings and treatment associated with seniority.

The matter of status is important. In a properly functioning democracy, where all legitimate political authority derives from the people, status must be earned. It is in the gift only of the people, and must be won from them. But that takes time and effort. It requires talent and ability and the attributes of personality and character which combine to make charisma. Wouldn’t it be more ‘efficient’ if a suitably tractable individual could be given the appearance of those qualities and properties? What if those abilities and attributes could be applied to a person as paint is applied to woodwork? What if the desired image could be manufactured? What if the image could be tailored to the individual and, more importantly, the purpose for which that individual is being used?

Fortunately – or regrettably, depending on your perspective – the art and science of the marketing industry has provided the tools for the job. Those tools have been developed to the point where status is now a commodity to be purchased – like electricity or internet access. Celebrity can be mass-produced and celebrities can be manufactured like motor vehicles – each specified for a particular market. Would you like yours camp with sequins? Or serious in a suit? Or down-to-earth in shirt-sleeves and chinos?

Ruth Davidson is just such a product of the image industry. Her status is as illusory as the ‘gifts’ of somebody off of one of them reality TV shows. She is an appliance being used by the British establishment for a particular purpose. Like a toaster or a washing machine. She has no more claim to genuine political status than your vacuum cleaner. And rather less authority than your radio alarm clock.

Why would a fridge-freezer be the subject of a political “row”?

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7 thoughts on “If your fridge could scowl

  1. “The deeply furrowed brow and dour set of her mouth” – really, has none of her image makes told her that there are suppositories on the market that can help?


  2. Nailed it again, Peter.

    Also, my fridge-freezer is reliable, quiet, doesn’t seek attention and avoids making me feel uncomfortable. Ms Davidson, on the other hand…….


  3. Spot on, Mr Bell.

    If there is a laugh in all of this it must surely be the fact that The Mooth has been fooled by it all and believes in her own importance.

    Someone ready for a mighty big fall and I somewhat doubt her inflated sense of worth will be able to handle it.


  4. I think that the point of Ms Davidson and the point of the topic of your previous article, on propaganda, are related. The whole exercise in anything and everything that the establishment does – and the MSM is part of that – is to make the very thought of independence somehow the preserve of lunatics and anti establishment fanatics. It is to make it seem beyond the Pale, a great swathe of hinterland inhabited by the treacherously ungrateful, the wickedly uncaring and the frankly mad. After all, who could possible find anything remotely disagreeable about the bubbly, and vacuous Ms Davidson – they so often go together, but not always, and even the supposedly bright can be utterly vacuous – or the information that independence is ‘not for the likes of us’? If you can make people accept that what they are seeing and hearing is not an illusion, but the truth, you are more than half way there: that is what all the arms of state control do in the UK; they present an illusion and call it reality.

    They make people doubt the wisdom of being on the wrong side at the end of the day: better to be part of a state that is a puffed-up ball of malevolent thistledown with little real substance than to stray off the beaten path and think for yourself. Thinking for yourself always runs the risk of seeing and hearing things differently from what is supposed to be the sane majority in any given situation. Ergo, we are treated to FM’s Questions where Nicola Sturgeon’s intelligent confidence trounces the vacuous arguments of the grinning skulls of British/English Nationalism week-in, week-out in a tedious procession of rank ordure which we tell ourselves is political debate but is actually an exercise in masking our own best interests.

    It is just another way to attack what might actually be possible and not only possible, but in our own best interests: tell your listeners that the Scottish government cannot govern for toffee, and Bob’s your Uncle – those desperate to believe in the illusion because they are desperate for the illusion to continue rather than ever having to question anything they are fed on, are convinced of the rightness of their choice. They are not ungrateful; they are not uncaring; they are not mad. They just want not to have to think, and then think about the consequences of thinking and doing something about them, and those bloody Nats and Independists are always wanting them to think. Everyone knows that you don’t think until it’s too late, and then you think about what you should have thought about before it was too late. Ruthie and propaganda fall into open ears.


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