Licensed hostility

I seldom comment on particular cases such as the one involving Cyntia Lencinas and her husband Charly Garcia. I have found that it pays to be cautious as there is often some aspect of the story which is not being told. One can all to readily find oneself having defended, or protested on behalf of, someone who may not be as deserving as had been supposed.

It is, however, exceedingly difficult to imagine what as yet unrevealed circumstances there might be which could possibly justify, or even explain, British officialdom’s behaviour in this matter.

The specifics of the Home Office’s treatment of Ms Lencinas may be inexplicable. But it is all to easy to discern the underlying cause. The British government’s ‘hostile environment’ policy was always going to empower those with a hostile attitude towards ‘foreigners’.

Not for the first time in recent years, the British political elite has unleashed the hounds of bigotry and all the idiocy that goes with it. Hostility general enough to characterise an entire environment cannot be other than indiscriminate. The acid rain of mindless intolerance falls most most harshly on the least deserving.

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