Nobody does it better

I am outraged by BLiS MP Ian Murray’s claim that Boris Johnson is a “greater threat to the Union than the SNP”. Johnson may well be a more ‘natural’ British Nationalist fanatic than even Mr Murray. It is certainly worth noting that, unlike Murray, Johnson doesn’t appear to feel the need to disport himself in a Union Jack clown suit in order to flaunt his devotion to the ‘One Nation’ cult. When I say that Boris Johnson’s adherence to the dogma of ‘The Union At Any Cost’ could be thought more effortlessly mindless than Ian Murray’s, I trust nobody will suppose I intend this as a compliment to either.

But when it comes to being a threat to the Union neither of these individuals can hold a candle to the SNP. The Scottish National Party has roots in Scotland’s anti-Union movement going back at least a hundred years and may well be regarded as having its origins in the time prior to the imposition on Scotland of this iniquitous constitutional anomaly when people rioted in protest at their nation being “bought and sold for English gold”.

Over the past two or three decades, the SNP has grown both in size as a party and in potency as a threat to the British establishment. There simply is no greater menace to the structures of power, privilege and patronage which constitute the British state than the SNP – unless it is the people of Scotland who, in rapidly increasing numbers, regard the party as the tool by which Scotland will lever itself out of the detested Union and restore its rightful status as an independent nation.

Ian Murray’s suggestion that the SNP might be second to the likes of Boris Johnson as a threat to the Union is both politically illiterate and deeply offensive.

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2 thoughts on “Nobody does it better

  1. Well said – and well put, Mr Bell.

    No one should be in any doubt that the core purpose of the SNP is the elimination of this rotten-to-the-core political union.

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