Bless the idiots

Jeremy Hunt is, of course, an idiot. The clue is in the words “his campaign to become Tory leader“. For the purposes of this campaign he has sought to pander to the arrogance and pettiness of British Nationalists who might just have a say in whether he gets the poisoned chalice he inexplicably seeks.

As seems to be the case with pretty much everything that the British political elite does, however, his effort at macho high-handedness has woefully backfired. By withdrawing Foreign Office support for the First Minister’s trip to Brussels on the grounds that it is intended to promote a perfectly legitimate democratic aspiration which, because it is a democratic aspiration, is anathema to the British political elite, he has obliged the First Minister to make the trip without Foreign Office support – exactly as she would do if Scotland were already independent!

In an attempt to demonstrate how tough he is prepared to be on those uppity Jocks, Hunt has provided Nicola Sturgeon with a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how readily Scotland can manage without the grudging and massively overpriced aid of the British state.

Did I mention that Jeremy Hunt is an idiot? Bless him!

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5 thoughts on “Bless the idiots

  1. I’m sure Nicola would be prepared to take the bus from the airport if she had to. It would certainly be preferable to turning up in a diplomatic car with a union jack sticker on it.

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  2. I would hesitate to characterise these yoons as idiots. They are clever and dangerous, the epithet of choice would be willfully ignorant.


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