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If the SNP really did “hope that by highlighting BBC activity now, the next independence referendum will see fairer coverage of the Yes case” then they would be guilty of grievously misapprehending the nature of the BBC. But, of course, the party leadership harbours no such forlorn hope. They realise full well that the BBC is the voice of the British establishment. And, more importantly, that it can never be anything else.

The SNP has been ramping up its criticism of the BBC, in part, because the corporation has become ever more brazen in its efforts to give prominence to the British establishment while sidelining what it regards as the periphery. But mainly as a way of undermining the credibility and authority of the BBC in Scotland.

That credibility and authority has already been seriously weakened as the BBC has been kept under constant scrutiny by people such as Professor John Robertson and G A Ponsonby and David Hooks. So effective has this scrutiny been that the SNP now feels able to put its weight behind the effort to expose how badly the BBC is failing Scotland.

The BBC can never serve Scotland. A national public service broadcaster should be the communities of the nation talking among themselves. The BBC can never be other than the British establishment talking AT Scotland. We can tolerate British broadcasting TO Scotland. But only if we also have Scottish broadcasting IN Scotland.

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2 thoughts on “Someone else’s auntie

  1. I have many discussions with my pals in Birmingham. Recently I mentioned the 90-100,000 Scottish Independence supporters on the streets in Glasgow and Edinburgh also the near monthly AUOB marches in towns across Scotland. They have no or very little idea this is happening. Addtionally the EU election results where Scotland was all yellow apart from Orkney and Shetland. Again very little coverage. The reason is, I think simple if the BBC, ITV give airtime to these events and stories viewers in England will start to ask questions and the MSM cannot afford to have that happen. Control the media and you control the people?

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