Lies and laziness

It is impossible to overstate the significance of the fact that the Spanish government’s true position – as outlined in the statement by Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo – was known throughout the 2014 referendum campaign. It was known by the SNP. It was known by Yes activists. It was known by anybody who cared to find out.

More importantly, it was known by the British politicians who were peddling the notion of a ‘Spanish veto’. It was known by the journalists who colluded with those politicians in pushing the scare stories about Scotland’s post-independence status in relation to the EU. The information about Spain’s official policy with regard to independent Scotland’s EU membership was purposefully suppressed by the British establishment. All the apparatus of the British state – including tame journalists – was deployed to keep from Scotland’s voters information that was crucial to their ability to make an informed choice in the 2014 referendum.

When those British politicians talked up a ‘Spanish veto’, they were lying. When journalists failed to challenge those lies on the basis of contradictory information in their possession, they arguably behaved even more deplorably than those lying British politicians.

But voters are adults. They are assumed to be capable of informing themselves and properly considering all the available facts and arguments. Those who voted No failed abysmally in this regard. We have to believe that they simply didn’t bother seeking out information or listening to arguments. Because the only alternative is to accept that they were relaxed about being wilfully misinformed; happy to be deceived; content to be lied to.

No voters may not be culpable in the same sense as those lying British politicians or the journalists who colluded in the deception, but they are not blameless.

The reality is that the dishonesty of the British state’s propaganda was obvious enough to be seen by anybody who cared to look. And it didn’t take any kind of specialist knowledge to work out the truth that those mercenary journalist lackeys of the British state were trying to conceal. Many ordinary ‘citizen journalists’ were writing about it at the time . I make no claim to any kind of intellectual superiority. So, if I was able to figure it out, why weren’t those who voted No just as capable of doing so?

The fact is, they were just as capable. But they simply didn’t bother. They may not be guilty of the same kind of maliciousness as those involved in Better Together / Project Fear, but they are surely guilty of intellectual indolence.

And what of those who persist in their loyalty the Union despite the unfailing, malevolent mendacity of the very people they insist we should entrust with Scotland’s fate? What are we to make of people who demand that we accept a Union which puts us at the mercy of proven liars?

What are we to make of a Union which can only be sustained by deceit, dishonesty and menace?

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4 thoughts on “Lies and laziness

  1. The problem is that a lot of the No voters are willful in their ignorance. They know they can find other information, but, as a No voting friend said to me when I pointed out the other sources of information, “They would say that , wouldn’t they?”
    I shared emails, blogs and websites from various independence supporters with all the up to date information you could ask for, but the friend and others simply said ” I don’t believe that”.


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